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May 23, 2008

Why doesn’t our Moon rotate ?

The most astonishing thing about the moon is that only one side of it faces Earth.This goes against every law of gravitational pull and motion.And more astonishingly, no one seems to notice or have a clue!
The Facts: No one standing on Earth looking at the moon has ever seen the other side. Doesn’t anyone notice that our moon is the only object in the entire solar system that doesn’t spin (rotate) as it travels around it’s planet or sun.

Now lets all think about this for a second. The Earth and all the other planets spin (rotate) as they travel (revolve) around the sun. The other moons of all the other planets spin as they travel around their planets. What the hell is going on with our moon and why the hell isn’t it spinning!!!! More importantly why isn’t this all over the news, and why the hell doesn’t anyone notice this obvious mind shifting fact. This never even comes up in the populous minds. What about the “question seeking” scientists and Astronomers all over who seem to be un-effected by the strangest object in the entire solar system.

Any time lapsed picture will always show the same side of the moon no matter when you look at it.Need more proof? Search moon images at Google.To top it off, the odds are around 1 in 50,000 that the moon would so exactly fit inside the sun during a solar eclipse when viewed from Earth.

So, when we have an object over our planet that isn’t spinning.

The next questions any forward thinking person would ask would be why, how who (or what), and when. Why it’s like that, how it’s like that, who (or what) made it like that, and when did it stop spinning. Why may be the strangest story ever told. We here at real news think the other side of the moon is home to giant network of space ports with Stargate technology and knowledge. It’s reported to be an artificial Earth watching station by those “in the know”. The mind blowing reality that our moon’s orbit is being controlled and nobody seems to have the slightest clue is like some far out science fiction movie.

Proof of alien on the Moon.

Moon Base Footage

NASA Brushed Alien moon base

What about the multiple insiders reporting waterfalls, forests, and 1/3 the gravity of Earth so you can jump around a bit? Don’t forget the warp holes and the Galactic Network base?

We don’t want to go too far, but what we do know are the very strange facts that are listed on the previous page.

The documented proof that our moon is not spinning, and is actually “anti-rotating”, is a big fat sign to people saying: Welcome to the Future.

Strange things happen when we go to the moon!! When Apollo 13 went to the far side of the moon they were broadcasting live to the entire planet. If you are old enough you’ll remember the grand spectacle and you’ll also remember that all of a sudden they said, “Houston, we have a problem”. …then all broadcasts stopped. The real reason why is available with a few Google smart clicks.


  1. First of all, the Moon does in fact rotate. It makes one rotation about its own axis in the same time period that it makes one orbit around the Earth. That is why we always see the same face.

    Secondly, the reason the Moon shows the same face to the Earth at all times is that it is tidally locked to the Earth. This is not at all unusual in heavenly bodies, and hardly a violation of gravity or motion. It is a well documented phenomenon and fully supported by science.

    Other examples of tidally locked bodies are Pluto and its moon Charon, the moons Metis, Thebe, Io, Europa, Ganymed, Calisto Atlas, Triton, Miranda, Titan and Iapetus to mention only a few. Most major moons in the solar system are tidally locked.

  2. Pete and Repete3/22/2011 10:43:00 AM

    Great post Andreas, a good dose of reality is exactly what this article required.

    Although it's been over 2 years since you posted this, maybe one day you will see at least 1 person appreciated it.


  3. Why would these "tidal forces" be perfectly constant in a way that we only saw the same side of the moon? I would think that these forces would slip/adjust occasionally which would allow us to view the other side of the moon (or parts of it). What am I missing?

  4. Man, even with science supporting this. I can not wrap my head around this. Ahhhh its driving me crazy. I keep thinking for some reason that the size difference between the earth and moon would somehow make this highly in probable. I dont know. Shits crazy to me. Plus we just had a super moon. Which wont happen agian for another 30 odd years. My point would be if the super moon is the closest the moon will be that means the moon is on a constant changeing orbit. Which in fact means that the moon moves closer and futher from earth right, right. So...... the moon being closer to tne moon would change the amount of gravitational pull. The closer the moon, the more gravity the moon is subject to. Thatwould make the moon increase its spin rate while ours would stay the same. The only way i see this working would be if the earth was getting closer to the sun the same exact same time as the moon is getting closer the earth. Which would increase earth rotation speed to the exact speed as the moons. WHAT........