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Jun 12, 2008

The mysterious Falkirk Triangle

Hi guys, as you know and we already posted in past about Bermudas Triangle which is famous for Ufo’s/Uso’s in the world Second know is Philippines Triangle for its Uso’s then we have less know Alaska Triangle .So here we not going to discuss any of them but a new unknown triangles which is Falkirk Triangle.

Falkirk Triangle is an area from Stirling to Fife and the fringes of Edinburgh, Scotland which t is the scene of numerous UFO sightings. A survey published reveals that 300 UFOs are seen in Scotland each year -- four times as many as in France and Italy, which appear to be aliens' next favorite destinations. When you think of the number of sightings in Scotland compared to the size of its population, it is phenomenal guys. Some people have encountered shimmering discs just yards away from their bodies, while others said they had been attacked by UFOs.

The most famous such incident occurred in 1979, When Bob Taylor, a forestry worker whose brush with outer space led to a criminal enquiry. Twenty-five years ago Mr Taylor was working at Dechmont Law, a hill near Livingston. As he walked into a large clearing he saw a circular object. Two more spheres dropped out of the larger object and started rolling towards him. At that point he lost consciousness. When he woke up twenty minutes later he felt terrible. The police, who investigated the incident, found strange marks in the ground at the crime scene. They expressed themselves "completely baffled" by the incident, which they treated as assault.

Down below is a video documentary about an investigation into why UFOs may congregate in Scotland by discovery channel.

To watch full 44 mint documentary you need to download veohtv i know its annoying but we cant do anything about it because that the only way to watch it full but its worth it to download veohtv Comments required about this story.


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