Jun 27, 2008

NASA launched Blackswift hypersonic scramjet or HTV-3X

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Hi guys,NASA just test fire its NASA Blackswift hypersonic scramjet or HTV-3X publicly."Blackswift was previously rumored to be a super secret hypersonic scramjet-based aircraft co-named HTV-3X, essentially a 21st century version of the SR-71. Today NASA has unveiled the real Blackswift (video link), which uses pulse detonation engines (PDEs). A PDE is essentially a modern version of the old V-1 buzz bomb engine. This engine requires significantly fewer moving parts and achieves much higher efficiency than a turbofan, and is technically able to go hypersonic without any kind of 'dual-stage' engine."

I think many UFO sighting could be cause by this plane in secret takeoff because NASA never came in public to show off until they already test fire it.So many ufo sighting could be cause by it but we dnt have to forget that "10% of all UFO sighting are real UFO" So keep watching sky ...
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  1. yes thats true not 100% ufos are man made!!