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Jun 17, 2008

New Photographic Evidence of Structures On The Moon

Guy,As you tube get criticized on lot of ufo blog & forums about it censorship on sensitive ufo videos but still they have really good Hi definition video too which we think we hav eto share with you here before they also get censored .This time we are brining you "Evidence of Structures which could be alien base on The Moon".This possibilities strengthen by interviewers and discloser by NASA ex- employees as well as contractors too.

Karl Wolf, an Air Force sergeant who was assigned to the National Security Agency, said that mysterious structures were discovered on the far side of the moon when the United States was mapping its surface before the 1969 lunar landing. Those photos too were culled out of the public record. The Pentagon does not comment on UFOs, except to say they do not exist and that such objects really are high altitude balloons, swamp gas or military aircraft.

Evidence Apollo 11 found UFOs on Moon

Apollo Moon Nasa Strange Structure

And here is the New Photographic Evidence of Structures On The Moon which could be alien origin as it get reported that their was an ufo watching Apollo landing over moon in above video documentary.

So what you guys think about it, people are taping it by them self because now days affordable technology makes it possible to do so.So what ever coming out in media is unbrushed footage. Comments required ....


  1. Great Article, Great footage.

    Isn't NASA supposed to go back again?

    Are they going to bring guns and shoot whoever is already there so they can put their gear and structures down?

    1. It won't happen. We were run off of Luna (Earth's moon) because it's already occupied, by a very nasty bunch called the Domain (the little grey guys.) They aren't friendly, and don't welcome company or competition. Same is true of Mars. NASA seems to stand for "Never A Straight Answer." To see the results of our own investigations, kindly check out "Conversations With Fraulein Maria" on Kindle Ebooks.