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Jun 9, 2008

Transparent Humanoid in Veracruz, Mexico?

Photograph Transparent Humanoid Veracruz, MexicoDown below report about transparent Humanoid comes from a TV program called "grandes misterios del milenio" from Mexico, aired on Sundays in a station that belongs to Televisa.

The guy who shot the footage and others who were there are saying the thing attacked them.
This event took place on March 10, 2007 in a small town named Ixhuatlan del Cafe in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. Octavio Melo is a young coffee plantation worker who was driving his Jeep at 11:30AM through the plantation's road when he saw something strange ahead and stopped the car. It was a ghostly figure moving slowly at certain distance but he knew it was not a human being. Octavio took his cellular phone and through the windshield he took three photographs and also two video clips.

According to Octavio the strange being crossed the road not walking but like floating and looked somehow transparent. Octavio was very scared and did'nt move and just continued recording on his cellular. After the being dissapeared Octavio remained on his car for some minutes thinking about what he just watched. Then he walked to the place but found nothing. The cellular phone shows what Octavio Melo saw. 

Closeup Photograph Transparent Humanoid Veracruz, Mexico

Update : Youtube deleted the video.

Down below is translation of above deleted video.

Location Transparent Humanoid Veracruz, Mexico

The reporter starts by asking the other guy what he has to say to people who say this is a fraud.The guy answers that the people has no reason to create a fraud and he also says that his idea is just to make the case known.

Then the reporter says that, without a doubt, this case will have great repercussions around the world and that it will be added to the list of cases where these entities have been reported, and that they look like being closer to us everyday.


  1. Weird, Weird video. It almost looks like it turns it's head and looks at the camera in the end.

    On the lighter side of things it kind of looks like Randall Boggs from the movie Monsters, inc.

    The character can become translucent.

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  3. You remember the original movie Predator? The actual Predator had that crazy cloaking device he wore. Well those things remind me of aliens with similar technology.

  4. Puerto Rico, Mexico, Chile and Argentina seem to be the craziest places on the planet in terms of all manner of weird things happening. I mean they see all sorts of humanoid type beings, chupacabras, and gnome-like things. There must be some sort of energy portals that allow all these to slip through, back and forth...

  5. one cannot make an informed comment on the first video, as its compressed beyond recognition, to be able to make a judgment we need to see it in its uncompressed form... those artifacts make it impossible to appreciate correctly.

    the second one I've seen the original uncompressed, is as one poster suggested , a plant waving in the wind, being so close and out of focus, the thing looks semi transparent

    the first one, one cant be so sure of, reflections, projections, and the like...

    it has been noted, we need a better video!

  6. what the guy said about the energy portals is totally true..mexico and all of south america has treasures beyond our wildest imagination...

  7. I hate to be a wet blanket, but that could be a cloud of midges (they spin around like tiny tornados, and when they dispere they leave no trace on the ground)
    Having been bitten by the rotters, I'm familier with their habits.

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  9. The only thing I felt was, that this looks like a lost being. Not caring anymore about what's happening around him.
    His energy is very low and I feel that he is in pain. I hope he finds some peace.
    Just my take.


  10. could it be... be... real?

  11. No doubt its a piece of dust on the camera or a scratch. By moving and panning the camera in the opposite direction, the photographer made the scratch walk across the grass.

  12. i think this may be the consciousness of a person either remote viewing or having an out of body experience

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  14. Wow!
    when I first saw this I didn't know what to make of it.
    But after hearing David Icke's interview with Credo Mutwa, I have a theory on what it could be.

    Credo Mutwa spoke of beings that had One Leg and where eggshell white and almost transparent as if they flicker in and out of reality.
    Credo Mutwa calls these beings the equivalent of the Men in Black for the ExtraTerrestrials.
    When an African tribesman caught, harmed or killed an E.T., the One legged creatures would visit the individual and torment them.

    He said they wore black robes but in this kid's cellphone video you can see the odd shape and weird jumpin movements when it walks as if it had only one leg.

    Could these be the same beings?

    I saw this video with Jaime Maussan in Laughlin when they first showed it.

  15. Obviously a hoax. Taken with a small cell phone video camera. Grainy, bad image, hard to make out. Easy to fake. Hoax, nothing more. No reason for the guy to fake it? How about what's happening right this second...his 15 minutes of fame? Right, hoax.

  16. Looks like one of the characters in the "Baldo" Latino-themed comic.

  17. It's obviously a smudge on the windshield of the vehicle. I've seen many like it. It's nothing more.

  18. As much as I believe in the paranormal, and I've certainly written quite a bit about UFOs, it does look fake.

    However, for all I know, the thing is real and that's what it looks like from a recording off a cell phone.

    We need more information about this. As others have said, that area of the world seems to be a hot spot for the unusual.

  19. The video reminded me that this "humanoid" walks just like the characters do on "South Park".

    No "knee-bending" at all...just a hopping motion.

    A very UN-convincing video.

  20. maybe it's a ghost and not an alien


  21. I believe it to be a smear on the windshield giving the effect of movement. The camera is unsteady in the witnesses hand. My opinion only. I agree- there needs to be a better picture and video.

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  23. orionsbow sounds a deliberate disinformation campaign and he only joined this month most likely after seeing this article. and its REAL funny that he even named himself ORIONS-BOW......

  24. The veil between this world and others is growing increasingly thin, hence we can expect to see more and more crossover events.

  25. It could be a loogey



  27. It's obviously just something on the windshield.

  28. FAKE!

    I don't know why I even wasted my time with this BS.

  29. Wow. Hard to believe that such a lo-res image so clearly shows the ropes holding up this very badly made prop.
    The guy can afford a cell phone but not fishing line?
    I've seen better special effects on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood!
    What a piss-poor effort.

  30. Is a damn scam..Why didn't the person get closer with the camera, let me guess he was afraid. yet if you steal a wallet from a person he is ready to chase you down and beat you up and are ready to go to the zoo yet he/she is afraid of something transparent...And you are telling me that the people of the country side who are very poor if you follow mexico news, suddenly have a $600 camera they bought in 1998..Yeah right..The other day a guy came on tv having a UFO peek on his window, yet you are telling me he didn't get closer with the camera because he was afraid and there is a glass window closed..Yeah right..I am sick and tire of this stuff done by retards who only want attention...

  31. I'm always suspicious of anything Jaime Maussan brings to public attention. He was also, if my memory is right, the promoter of the infamous and admitted (by the people involved) fake "alien by the telephone pole" video - also taken by cell phone...where the boys were playing soccer, the ball rolls towards the pole and the alien peeks out. Maussan has also been involved with other frauds as well.

  32. Looks like some kind of crudely made traction device dragging and bumping a bent pole along with some rags draped on it.

  33. Obviously fake. There was a Blog a while back showing how to make your own "ghost" out of chicken wire. That's exactly what this guy did.

    Here's the site:

  34. Holy fuck balls, that's creepy. But about as real as the extensions attached to my scalp. Looks like smoke in a bag being pulled to the right. Twatever!

  35. Quality isnt good enough to tell...but...
    First pic (of something that looks like a toon character complete with ponytail).How is it possible to reveal this much detail from such poor quality footage?
    Actual video appears (to me)to be not the whole entity, but muscular left arm/shoulder of poorly cloaked being. No scientific documentation/analysis to prove other than fake. Shame.

  36. Check out Pigboy!

  37. Looks just like cat miin, action figure from star wars revenge of the sith. Check it out. Weird, huh?