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Jul 15, 2008

A Suffolk man who saw ufo's in past is a Alien hybrid?

Hi guys this one is the most stunning but true story about a man who saw ufo's in past and now a "Alien hybrid"!!

Yes we are talking about Terrell Copeland who is a ex-Marine who witnessed a massive triangle-shaped craft hovering over a Suffolk shopping center late one night in 2005 & seen UFOs over Hampton Roads too.

Copeland says that close encounter was followed by another sighting last year which he videotaped - "an orb of bouncing light that pulses different colors".

Copeland put the video online, and it wasn't long before a mysterious man knocked on his apartment door. Copeland said the man identified himself as a military contractor and began asking personal questions, ultimately asking if Copeland "was ready for the truth" and stating that the government has a "personal relationship with 'ET.' "

After that, Copeland said, he began experiencing what's known in UFO circles as "missing time" - minutes or hours that unaccountably vanish - and episodes of temporary paralysis, when he was awake and aware but couldn't move.

The national TV, host Bill Birnes declared the
Copeland to be a "hybrid" - a product of intergalactic breeding who is being prepped for direct contact with his alien relatives.

His story wound up drawing the attention of the "UFO Hunters" team as well. TV types showed up in Suffolk in November, and Copeland became part of an episode called "Alien Contact," which first aired in April.

On the episode, Copeland's video was compared with one taken at Lake Erie by Michael Hill of Cleveland, who said he has not only had multiple UFO encounters but also has been abducted by their occupants.

Next, Copeland and Hill were ferried to Massachusetts General Hospital for testing, where it was discovered that both have elevated levels of the enzyme creatine kinase, normally associated with muscle injury.

Mere coincidence? Show host Birnes speculated otherwise. Perhaps the men's mutual condition is the result of extraterrestrial contacts that have altered their physiology. Or perhaps they've had numerous encounters because they themselves are unique.

"I've got a funny feeling," Birnes told Copeland during the episode, "that you are being recruited and there is a branch of the government that you're being recruited for - that somehow, some way, you are a hybrid between "ET" and humans."

That announcement startled Birnes' sidekick Pat Uskert, who pulled his boss outside: "How can you conclude that the guy's a hybrid?" Uskert asked Birnes. "I mean, don't you think you're going off the deep end a little bit?"

"That's heavy," Copeland says. "It's not surprising to me, though. After all that's happened these last couple of years, it could be true."


  1. Wow... amazing. Hybrid's among us!!
    presumin they've ruled out that the extensive training to be a marine wouldn't have caused the muscle trauma to elevate the creatine kinase levels? & that its not any other medical thing like hyperthyroidism... that is!! Why recruit an ex-marine tho...? that begs alsorts of questions about selection, don't ya think?

  2. Elevated CPK levels could be associated with brain damage and brain damage could be associated with psychosis. I'm not saying this is the case, but it's something to look into.

  3. It takes one to know one - Birnes must be must be a "hybrid" too. I also had a crazy cousin that I think was hybrid - he was really weird.

    I think Birnes lost it a long time ago and the fact that Copeland actually entertained the idea of being a "hybrid" shows that Copeland may not psychologically be wrapped too tight either.

    In reference to the elevated creatine levels, maybe they should have asked Copeland if he works out and takes the stuff as a supplement. Alot of people who work out use it for muscle mass.

    The part of the show where the UFO investigators said that the two UFO witnesses had elevated creatine levels and therefore there had to be some kind of connection was also a little deceptive. They said Copeland's actual creatine level but only stated that the other witnesses' level was "elevated" but not by how much. In any event, I have to go, I am late for a trip to Mars.

  4. Somehow I doubt they'd take a black person to obtain a human-alien hibrid.

    1. hahahahahahahahahaha good one

  5. OH Dell...Why make such prejudiced comments?
    I am a Black person who has had many encounters. I was born into a proud but poor southern family,but never felt that I was a part of that family. I loved them,but always wanted to go "home." Home to me was England although I have still never been there. I was very wary of sharing this information with anyone, again because of prejudice(racial), and prejudice(against experienciers).
    I,too,experience lost time lapses and contacts during times of meditation. I once asked aloud..."I wonder what those crop circles are?" Immediately telepathically someone said"They are made with energy...do a research on energy." I never did.
    I have three children. Two are normal. My son is different. When he was very young,he told me that he was an 'ambassador.' He is 30 now and he spends a great deal of time in projects for the betterment of mankind and helping diverse people gain understanding about the human condition through film and publishing. Dell...Learn..(groan...).

  6. Why is he wearing eyeglasses? Couldn't the aliens make a guy with good vision at least?

  7. I am not a racist and i am also a black man but the truth is the truth. I read an article in a well respected science website and it stated that sceintist's had done a great deal of research to see if diffirent race's have diffirent iq level's in other word's which one's are the most smartest and which one's are not. The result's that they came up with was the following:

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    3. The Afro Carabean's including African's, Jamaican's etc had the lowest intelligence rating and not only that they were substantially less intelligent than the white's and the asian's.

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    What i do not understand is that why would alien's choose a black man who is from the dumbest race and make him a hybrid. This is total bullshit.

    Later's man