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Nov 25, 2008

SIOANI -The Brazilian Air Force UFO Reporting Project

Original case investigation files from SIOANI

Brazil is always a UFO sightings hot spot and alien activity too.Here at UFO BLOGGER in past we talks about Alien Dark Side-After Cattle mutilation now its Human mutilation.And now we have really good insight reports about SIOANI a large scale and transparent UFO reporting a joint project done by Brazilian Airforce and Civilian.

Back in 1969 a group of high ranking officers of Brazilian Air force which was created in the 4th COMAR of Regional Air Command in the neighborhood of Cambuci, São Paulo.

And end result was creation of the first national and official group for Ufology research: the "SIOANI" - System of Investigation of Non-Identified Aerial Objects.

The main operational office of SIOANI functioned at Park Professor Oswaldo de Vincenzo n. 200, and it was headed administratively by Major-Brigadier José Vaz da Silva.

Many cases of landings, sightings of UFOs and even crew members as well as pictures of alleged flying saucers were investigated at that time by Major Gilberto Zani de Mello and by Lieutenant João Edney Carvalho Ribeiro, who were directly involved in most of the investigations.

Soon, in March of that same year, the first bulletin of SIOANI was published, with 22 pages. It was restricted to the members of SIOANI and outlined the statute and the guidelines of that group. According to the bulletin, the concept of the system was: "The combination of human and material resources, destined to the scientific investigation and research of the Non-Identified Aerial Objects phenomenon."

In the second SIOANI bulletin, with 30 pages, published in August, we can get a glimpse of complete descriptions of dozens of cases of several kinds of close encounters. In all, 58 cases were reported in Brazil, most of which had the innermost parts of São Paulo as stage.

According to records in 1972, the activities of SIOANI was ended, and much has been argued about the reasons for that. Some ufologists speculated that this happened because of a change in the country’s government. Others believed that the 4th COMAR lost interest in the continuity of the investigating group, and that the collected material was forwarded to the 4th Sub-Command in Brasília.

Some years ago, ufologists Claudeir Covo, president of INFA - National Institute of Investigation of Aerospatial Phenomena, together with Osmar de Freitas, president of GEONI - Group of Studies of Non-Identified Objects -, visited the 4th COMAR and were informed that all SIOANI material was indeed forwarded to the command in Brasília.


SIOANI had the participation of several military and civilians that were representatives in different parts of the country and who collaborated sending several reports. As this happened during the time of the military dictatorship [in Brazil], I think that it was a very positive opening.

Ufologists such as Antônio Pedro de Souza Faleiro, registered as IOANI - Investigator of Non-Identified Aerial Objects — n° 12 and his father Antônio Souza Faleiro (IOANI 11) collaborated sending their case reports that occurred in the city of Passa Tempo, in Minas Gerais state.



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