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Nov 25, 2008

SIOANI - Maria Cintra & Leôncio Nunes Viana Case

According to the Maria Cintra Case and Leôncio Nunes Viana case.The Maria José Cintra, resident in the hospital, saw a ship and its crew member.

Major Zani and Maria Cintra In September 1968 major Zani along with subofficer Aragon, sergeant Brandani and lieutenant Carvalho, of 4th COMAR of São Paulo and also sergeant Horst, of the garrison of FAB, headquartered in Bauru, visited Lins hearing several witnesses and filling out numerous reports of the cases that happened there.

On September 26 the military men went to the Clemente Ferreira Sanatorium,along with of Mr. Job Silva, administrator of the hospital, to interview servant Maria José Cintra, who experienced an exceptional case involving a UFO crew member and the landing of a spaceship, during the dawn of August 25, 1968.

In the previous night the doctor in duty of the hospital and other employees spent some minutes admiring a ball of light that moved in the sky.

Mr. Leôncio Nunes Viana, occupant of bed 59, 44 years old at that time, said that at night he went to the bathroom, because he couldn’t sleep due to his disease (tuberculosis) and when he returned, he sat down in the bed with his feet over a chair. At this moment he saw frightened that a yellow light illuminated his window and part of the room.

The object irradiated lights that varied between yellow, green and red, staying at a distance of approximately 150 meters and the height of around one and a half meter from the soil.

Leôncio said: "The lower part was round and topped by a transparent dome, grooved like a paper basket and I saw three people close to the device using white clothes and with slow movements. The phenomenon lasted some minutes and the light turned off later."

Maria José Cintra, better known as "Dona Mariquinha", told that around 4:30 AM she was sitting at her bed praying, as she usually did when she awoke. She was thinking about making coffee when suddenly she heard a very strange noise outside, as if it was a car braking.

She opened the blind, leaned over outside, saw below a lady standing and said: "Is it for internment? You lady wait a little bit, as I will open the door in a moment". Then, she dressed the coat and when going down she asked the stranger again if it was a case for internment. According to Mariquinha the woman was a bit taller than 1,60m in height and didn’t speak well, it was not possible to understand any word that she said.

The visitor dressed a blue brilliant coat with long sleeves as if it was a tunic, a lead colored belt and a hat in the head of the same fabric (similar to the glossy gobelim), showed a very beautiful 20 cm recipient, all brilliant and with a fine craftsmanship. Dona Mariquinha thought that the visitor wanted water and they went together to the drinking fountain, which is located in the lobby, distant about 30 meters.

When they arrived at the place the woman removed a mug of 7 cm of height and filled it with water, drinking afterwards. Then, she remained looking at the parked cars of the administrator and the doctor in duty.

When Dona Mariquinha gave the bottle with water, the woman tapped her shoulder and said: "embaúra, embaúra, embaúra’‘.

Already in the exit door of the hospital the strange woman, instead of exiting the normal way, went among the flower beds. Dona Mariquinha saw a dimmed light and then a device floating at about 70 cm from the ground, in the shape of a pear. "There was another person inside the object, that gave his hand for the woman to enter through an opening. The object made a buzzing sound and took off vertically", the servant said.

She retreated and began to scream: "Oh! It’s the flying saucer, it’s the flying saucer!". At this moment, desperate she began to cry, had spontaneous urination and went back to her room. Later she told the events to the administrator and his wife.


Cintra reenacting the event


The following day the administrator and other employees noticed in the waxed ground the impressions of the servant’s shoes joined by other strange marks, of a pointed shoe that didn’t have heels.

There were also pieces of scorched grass and a depression in the soil with an approximate diameter of 1,5 meters to 2 meters, with a depth from 15 to 20 cm. According to the administrator, the heat was felt during the whole morning of that day.

The officials of the Brazilian Air force photographed the place and collected samples from the depression caused by the landing, later sending them to the Technological Institute in São José dos Campos. After a long time vegetation hadn’t grown up in that place again.



  1. Very, very interesting, but I would like to know more details: for example, how old was the woman, her features...