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Dec 28, 2008

NASA Can't Be Trusted Over UFO Disclosure Says, European Space Official

Dr. Peter Creola, a retired Swiss chief delegate at the European Space Agency (ESA) and head of the Swiss office for space policies, has joined forces with those who demand the truth about UFOs. ESA is the European version of NASA. On the topic of disclosing the truth about UFOs, Dr. Creola said "you cannot unconditionally trust NASA.”

Even Robert Fleischer, Coordinator of Exopolitics Germany praised Dr. Creola by stating “There are not many European high officials who dare to step forward when it comes to the reality of the UFO phenomenon As chairman of the ‘Ariane Programme Board’, he played a key role in launching the first European carrier missile ‘Ariane’ and has been involved in numerous key projects of ESA.”

Now here we have Dr. Creola recent interview published in “Mysteries”, a German magazine:

Question: In your opinion, would a scientific investigation of the UFO phenomenon and the propulsion systems used by UFOs bring new possibilities for terrestrial space activities?

Dr. Creola: Of course – not only for our space activities, but maybe even for the future of mankind! I always found it astonishing that sightings of silent crafts, which are obviously not bound to our gravitational laws, are being ignored by science – at least officially.

Question: Do you think that the US space agency NASA is covering up evidence about UFOs?

Dr. Creola: Well, NASA is part of the government system. Whatever is the official policy also applies to NASA and has to be carried out in that fashion. If, for example, the official line is not to comment on certain topics related to UFO sightings, or if some of these sightings involve National Security, then NASA will obviously follow that doctrine. Indeed, in this case, you cannot unconditionally trust NASA.

Guys, Dr. Creola’s comments are consistent with whistle blower testimony from the Disclosure Project and other high ranking former government leaders around the world. Let’s hope his courage and honorable intentions will inspire a similar effort at NASA in the U.S.


  1. thats just typical of nasa and the us goverment.,or i should say the us shadow goverment.its maddening that all this information is out there and people still wont even consider the possibilities.people arnt generaly stupid?or is that a stupid question.lolol

  2. Wonder if they will ever reveal the truth about the underground bases, secret cities / alien laboratories / alien military / plus the thousands of aliens living within the crust of the earth, and the many, many missing men, women and children held captive for food and experimental experiments, which has been [since the stupid US government signed these treaties to allow them in, in exchange for their technology] and still is going on to this day. Thousands of humans are abducted each year... When and if they do, we will then find out who the real controllers of this planet are, and they are certainly NOT HUMAN !

  3. Extraction...
    "Humanity is not about to be invaded. Humanity is not in the middle of an invasion. Humanity has been invaded! The invasion has taken place, and is NEARLY in its final stages. Great invasions do not happen with thundering smoke and nuclear weaponry. That is the mark of an immature society. Great invasions happen in secrecy.

    "You throw a crumb out here and there. You bribe the U.S. government with a few tidbits -- a Stealth bomber, a Star Wars system. You encourage the government to think that the UFO researchers indeed threaten the security of this great secret they have. You tempt and tease the Soviet Union with a laser system far finer than any their own scientists could think of. And you always keep that subtle inference just on the borderline of consciousness that the elusive will-of-the-wisps termed UFOs may in fact exist, yet you persistently repress this borderline perception, and make it seem so insane that there is a social stigma attached to declaring one's conviction that the phenomena are in fact real.

    "While all this confusion is going on, the Grays are gradually changing you over. The inner core of the CIA is deeply controlled by the Grays. The CIA see the Grays as a path to greater scientific achievement, as a way of overpowering the Soviet enemy (Note: since the overt breakup of the Soviet Union, the Grays may provoke a new "Cold War" with another Superpower, possibly China? It has also been suggested that the 'Bavarians' engineered the dissolution of the Soviet Empire because at the time their agenda called for a merger of the East and West into a Bavarian-backed New World Order. In other words for this to occur Russia had to become less 'Communist' and America had to become less 'Capitalist' so that they could both merge somewhere within the realm of "Democratic Socialism", with more than a little 'help' from the UNO or United Nations Organization. - Branton) full article -