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Dec 26, 2008

Water UFO or USO extraordinary maneuver over water

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Not much discussed phenomena which accorded in our water around the world. Which exhibit extraordinary maneuver over water, here we are talking about Water UFO'S or USO (Unknown submerge object). If we look at testimonies of eyewitness from back in 1954 till date eyewitness saw USO's at 4 different stages in & above water.

In 1st case (Image1 underwater) eyewitness suddenly notice a strange sight. A section of the water within there view appears disturbed. At first it is like the water is boiling, with bubbles coming to the surface, but within seconds the surface becomes more agitated and appears to be rising and flowing violently. Suddenly all this ceases as they faced with a “craft.”

In 2nd case (Image2 Water depression) the UFO is seen “just” above the water, its field acting as a plow while it invisibly moves water in the direction of the witness. In several cases where the UFO did not move in the direction of the witness, but simply continued upward, we find the terms “tunnel” or “hole” used to describe what was observed below the UFO.

In 3rd case (Image3 Water Mounding) which is important witness sighting in terms of understanding the total effect of the UFO upon water.We have here a fixed view of an effect, but also the beginning of what might occur when the craft moves farther up vertically.

In 4th case (Image4 Water Spout) it involves a UFO hovering over water. The witness describes a column of fog, mist, haze or water reaching from the surface to the object. The terminology generally used in the description is “sucking up water”. This column, I believe, is caused by the rotation of a field in a vertical plane that encompasses of the UFO. It can be similar to a person rotating a finger through still waters in a pot of water at a rapid rate – eventually causing a maelstrom to occur. Could this not be the cause of waterspouts?

And now with the help of unbelievable documentary which exhibiting the account of a Water UFO seen on Charisma's December 25th 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. Hundreds of witnesses viewed the craft demonstrating various unexplainable flight characteristics in the night sky which fit in above discussed USO at different height above water. This short documentary has some great testimonials containing interesting stories by very credible observers.


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  2. You say: notis how ufologists Knt evr Spel

    I say:

    Who gives a flying hoot about how these people spell. Perhaps they did not have the education you presumably seem to have gotten in your life, or, perhaps these people are not speaking English as their mother tongue.

    What DOES matter is that these fine people are trying to bring a message across by showing you genuine proof that extraterrestrial life is indeed not only existing, they are here and are among us.

    That is indeed very important information that needs to be spoken about as much as possible.

    Do you realize that these people are having a hard time filtering the REAL proof from the fake proof just because people like you are making fake recordings in whatever form that may be...

    Have a look at the night sky sometimes. And, I mean, a few hours. I bet you that you will see things you can not explain. Voila, you just saw your first UFO.

    For now, please don`t show the world your true roots or, with other words, stop making these hard working people look like fools.

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  3. I believe an unknown strange disturbing invisible spacecraft might hover through fog and the mist of water, and I also believe the eyewitnesses observing things like that, should get off the pot.