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Jan 10, 2009

Latest NASA report support Hopi,Mayan and Web Bot 2012 Predictions !!

This week NASA got a latest report on Sun solar Storm.Which is carried out for NASA by the US National Academy of Sciences.And it said what Hopi,Mayan and Web Bot talked about Predicted for 2012, a big solar storm catastrophe

According to Hopi prediction" Sun will get Harder".Mayans said catastrophic "Solar Event" in 2012 and Web Bot also supported the same.

NASA report concluded that"The sun operates on an 11-year cycle
, with the next "active" phase due in 2012 likely to present the nearest danger."

In this video Mr.Jay Weidner's talked about what he think about Web.Bot 2012 prediction about catastrophic event's.

As you already seen the video, here is the another piece of information which is relevant and meaning full to above video.

Fox News:19th December,2008: Magnetic Field Hole Could Cripple Communications

But isn't kinda strange that only blogs like ours and few online media sites talking about it.No main stream media picking up the story till now !! Ever where we find news about GAZA catastrophe ...

Is it a deliberate attempt to create crises to divert our attention from world biggest catastrophe of all time which we have to face in coming less then 50 months.

Few months back we all ready reported about how Norway is preparing itself for the global catastrophe in 2012 .

Norway has begun storage of seeds in the Svalbard area and in the arctic north with the help of the US and EU and all around in Norway. They will only save those that are in the elite of power and those that can build up again: doctors, scientists.

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, situated halfway between Norway and the north pole, has the capacity to store 4.5 million different seed samples. Since each sample will contain on average 500 seeds, around 2,25 billion seeds may be stored there. They are being held in the Arctic storage facility in case a future disaster wipes out food crops. The location has been carefully chosen to provide maximum protection to the seeds. T he underground vault has been built as a 120 meters long tunnel inside a mountain, at about 130 meters above sea level, and permafrost and the thick rock will ensure that the samples remain frozen, even without electricity.

NBC News : Tour of Doomsday Vault

So now all the above events and News making out sense to us ....what do you guys think about it?


  1. Is it that disastrous? We would have trouble with cell phones and cable TV and we would be using candles to see at night, but it wouldn't kill us. It is more a catastrophe for the money makers and the police than for the common man. We should be prepared, but it's not the end of the world.

  2. Actually CKaye, it's the end of the world, certainly as we know it, because we'll lose more than our cell phones, the internet and lights.

    If the solar event is at the worst end of the scale, it will knock out power generation capability right across the planet, fusing or even melting any wound copper (electric motors, generators, transformers) and blowing out microchips. No electricity means no refrigeration. No refrigeration means no food in the cities. No electricity also means no water infrastructure including water purification, sewage treatment, or any means to move sewage out of populated areas.

    Nothing to drink. Nothing to eat.

    On top of that, it will effect transport. Anything that relies on electronics will be immobilised. No cars, no planes, no helicopters, because you just won't be able to start the engine. The only engines that will work are basic diesels, and there aren't many of those around any more.

    Think of it like Katrina, but everywhere, and with absolutely no help coming from anyone for months, or possibly years.

    Is that disastrous? Yes. I think you could say that qualifies as disastrous, or catastrophic, or even apocalyptic.

    Am I being alarmist? Maybe, but when there's a 50/50 chance, I think a little alarm might help people sit up and take notice.

  3. The effect of solar cycles on other planets as confirmed by astronomers is cataclysmic. The magnetic core is essentially stopped. Seas literally rising and mountains literally crumbling. Serious s**t.

  4. Even if it is a minor solar event, many are missing the point. Our earth scientist cannot make predictions that well about future solar events. Should this be the case that the crop circle makers can make accurate solar predictions, then it indicates strongly they are not man made.

  5. The point here is that there will be civil unrest. And that's a huge understatement. What do you think will happen if/when no one can pull money out of the bank, when money is no longer a form of currency? What about when no one can log onto a computer or start their car? Everyone will panic. There will be millions of people trying desperately to steal food and clothes and water. People who would once smile at you on the street will be waving kitchen knives or whatever else is on hand in order to protect themselves. People look on the internet and find lists upon lists of survival gear, but the question is: how are you, personally, going to handle a situation that can only be described as social anarchy?

  6. We just fly a cable up to the sun and short circuit the solar activity. Run the cable to a waste planet like Yeranus and let that planet fry. I think we should start making the cable today, we could confiscate little cars that are getting flattened by trucks and melt them down for the metal.

  7. The Mayans did not make any sort of predictions for 2012: of about 15,000 Mayan texts already read, only two were found having references to their calendar. None of them had any specific reference to prophecies for what for us would be 2012.

  8. to blogger i am an artist and a dreamer, i have also invented things that i can not menchen now. i put all my talents together and created something ! i can nt seem to find a single intellengent person that will beleve in me. i am no one spechail but what i have seen my hands make have me at a dumb ayw. what im asking is how do i tell the people.

  9. Are we slowly approaching end of the world 2012 predictions! Does 2012 truly spell doom of mankind in coming times! Will mankind truly suffer at hands of God Almighty or is it a man-made calamity, resulting from our actions of past... negative karma indulged by humanity in past few decades!

    If doctrine of karma dominates in cosmic system... sufferings undergone by Japanese at hands of nature in present earthquakes and tsunamis... does it result from karma performed by masses in past! The awaited doom of mankind in 2012... Is expected to be almost 1000 times more than what is suffered by Japanese in present... when death of 1200 million people awaited mankind!

  10. I'm really scared for "the end of the world", but everytime a disaster happens like the recent Japanese earthquake they say that the Mayans said the same thing was going to happen but why don't they go ahead and say what's going to happen any major catastrophic events that were going to have and save lives of people. If they knew the earthquake in Japan was going to happen they could have evacuated Japan and save thousands of lives. That's why I dont believe the worlds gonna end 2012.

  11. hed for the highest peaks and store food and water but eventually you will be taken by alien biengs for intense examinations my advice is to die with your loved ones

  12. Almost there!!!just store enough food,enough water,enough candles & enough PRAYERS!