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Jan 1, 2009

Moon Rising Video Documentary,2009

Hi guys this year on January 22, 2009 The World Premieres of "Moon Rising & Moon Views" take place at California.Join Jose Escamilla, the stars of Moon Rising and a variety of celebrity guests to view two films destined to be two of the most talked about documentaries in 2009 and for years to come(as per director of the video documentary).

Before premier of this new video documentary critic already bashing him up. According to one critic "Jose Escamilla is a con man and a thief if i remember correctly ..... ewvideo/1203/Jose_Escamilla Interstella r UFO_Movie/is an example of the footage he is ment to have stolen, the wierd "tinfoil" like craft filmed with a telescope by a british imo anything this guy is involved in is dis-info there is plenty of info about this but for the life of me i can recall the name of the other party involved.
So guys what you think about this new Moon Rising video documentary ?


  1. i think the guy whose name u cant remember is JOHN LEONARD WALSON....who posts vids regularly on youtube,+ accuses this guy of stealing them,,,the guy said he took it to a hollywood film director who offered him $millions,but the deal fell thru,so no cash apparently changed hands...and rightly so

  2. im not a critic and my words have been used out of context in this blog
    they were a reply on
    this guy also pushes the "rods" stuff
    which i know from personal experience is just insects in flight
    filmed with a digital camera
    which is why i call him a con man

    i own a sony vx2000 and i have seen this effect myself when filming last summer it was a fly not some wierd creature.

  3. Moon Rising craters for UFOs. I have written a hubpage and made a Youtube video debunking his UFOs on the moon claim.

    youtube video link: