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Jan 7, 2009

New Evidence Of Life On Mars

According to Andrew D. Basiago he got the evidence of Life on Mars. Andrew D. Basiago say about his discovery of life on Mars in NASA photograph PIA10214, which is a panoramic montage of a series of snapshots of the Martian surface that were taken by NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit in 2007

Andrew D. Basiago has written a letter to the president of the National Geographic Society "I am writing to inform the National Geographic Society that I have discovered life on Mars," and asks that his findings be published in National Geographic.

This photograph was the focus of public scrutiny in January, when two anomalous human figures were spotted on the far left edge of the plateau. The figures were quickly dismissed as a natural rock formation resulting from erosion by wind, water, and time.

According to him on December 7th, Basiago made his discovery. "I was astonished by what I found," he said. "There, on the Red Planet, were beings in blue bodysuits and the abstract artwork of a Martian civilization. I was looking at the first evidence of life beyond Earth!"

Here ON UFO-Blogger we are sharing his interview on exopolitics this week. 

Listen it HERE 
About his academic creditability he holds five academic degrees, including a BA in History from UCLA and a Master of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge.

Andrew d. Basiago the Discovery of Life on Mars


  1. I find this very interesting that people say.."I'm not buying it" as if there isn't enough real alien evidence out there by now "Disclosure Project" anyone? and that's only coming from America...the land with "the best kept secrets".Over in the UK they are releasing shit loads of evidence from there archives of suppressed knowledge concerning this phenomena...have any of you done any real hard research in the fields of the sumerians and the immense knowledge that they held?knowledge by the way our "empirical sciences" are only now catching up with?What about the "fact" that there are crop circles that are created from beings of light?This phenomena btw has also been proven to be true through the use of our empirical sciences (physics) and documented human yes at this time in human evolution it is only those who choose to stay enclosed in the world that has been manipulated and manufactured for them that refuse the truth..for is the time of the awakening.

  2. a rock
    very small one

  3. i think that there really is life on mars.I've been studing mars for a long time.

  4. Yes a bacterial life could be

  5. There sure is life on mars. We can see it. It does not have a body

  6. Hello here :-)

    I have found an interesting post concerning Laura :

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    Her declarations come on the 50th anniversary of President Eisenhower’s famous Farewell Address of January 17, 1961, in which he warned the American people about the untoward influence of “the Military-Industrial Complex” on the US government.

  7. @Anonymous Maybe what we are looking at are the remnants of clay figures that GOD used when he created everything. He fooled around with countless combinations and the ones that he liked he created, the ones he didn't like are now only seen on Mars where he discarded them. Think about it.

    1. Oh please. I also believe in God but you're embarrassing yourself. *eyeroll*