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Jan 30, 2009

Pentagon monitoring Nick Pope UFO shoot down disclosure closely, 30th January, 2009

This week Colin Andrews posted an article on his web site which claimed that British Royal Family and British Ministry Of Defense asked him to remove some UFO and Crop Circle related document from his website.

Nick Pope who was criticized by Colin Andrews to help British Family and MOD in downplay regarding UFO, Crop Circle investigation when he was working as Ministry of Defense’s UFO desk for three years Nick Pope even confess about same. On 24th January Nick Pope disclosures in Sun article that under top secret Government directive RAF pilots have tried to BLAST UFOs since 1980’s.

On 27th January David Cameron who is a Conservative Party leader told media that “We will publish secret UFO files if I become Prime Minister

Because of all these reports, disclosure and UFOs news buzzing in international media and Pentagon headquarters too.

Intelligence groups are logging on websites which are carrying out the "shoot down"story. Nick knew what he is doing and our websites is also getting interesting traffic from Government agencies.

Several International intelligence agencies paid visit on UFO Blogger immediately after posting Nick Pope's Disclosure news. We even got hits for Pentagon, NNIC, DHS, US Air Force, US Army and NASA eve

But what amazed us more is when some one from Google HQ itself looked in our blog [Snapshot] after intelligence groups hit our site. And with in few hour our UFO Blogger YouTube account got censored.

Down below are the actual images from these "Intelligence" logs, which occurred almost simultaneously:
If this is happening then this is really on a planetary level. And if so, then why can't we look at this as a matter of not only National but as well planetary security “or to avoid airplane crashes.”

Veritas UFO and Exopolitics talk show host communicated with Nick Pope and he told them that he was authorized to report the news. Why are these groups so interested in knowing that they don't know already?

It sounds to us that as if they are in disagreement with Nick and the British Government continued dissemination of UFO files.

What could possibly NASA and these US military branches find out that they don't know already? Are they concerned that Disclosure is actually happening faster than they anticipated?


  1. Well, they may be interested in public reaction to such news. Plus, they're just people too y'know.. they work at these places, but when they're having coffee and donuts in the morning they probably check up on this stuff.

  2. But is it just a coincidence that with in few hours all having coffee and donuts all the sudden :)

  3. i think they are watching every single information regarding nick pope Shoot Down UFO disclosure

  4. They're either checking the peoples reaction or debating how to censor the internet in the future haha.

    The thing is, I'm not surprised to hear that airforces have tried to shoot down unidentified things in their airspace, they should do that. They're checking your blog because anything that involved shooting high velocity, exploding projectiles at what could be potentially AnYtHiNg is a matter of nation security and not the type of thing one likes being mentioned to the public.

  5. hahahaaa omg thats great I bet you love it dont you..what a rush, to know they got you tagged and enem care about what is said just goes to prove the fkrs got something to be worried about...we get them on AE too, but I bet Alex Jones gets more hahahaaa everybody all to gether

    NAA nananana rofl NICE ONE

  6. Just like they say, I was having my coffee and reading up on what I enjoy. Just cause I work in the Pentagon, does not mean I am looking at your site for work.
    Come on, get a life will ya. One of those IP addresses was mine and I can get in trouble for using a Govt computer for non work related viewing. I enjoy the site but if you continue to release IP data i will of course stop viewing the site from work.

  7. Lets all be realistic. Just for a moment, lets imagine that all UFO material were made public. Now we can all be happy right? But the catch! The catch is that if all UFO materials were made public, folks would realize that entities or rather cultures and governments exist outside the realm of our planet. Folks would also try to contact them for themselves (having gotton communications information from Freedom of Information Acts). Now once we are hapilly trying to and contacting these beings, we understand that our troubled world is flawed. Governments can no longer control people, because people hvae found a different government on a different planet. This may sound far-fetched but to the Aztecs, the Spanish civilzation was from another world.

  8. "On 24th January Nick Pope disclosures in Sun article that under top secret Government directive RAF pilots have tried to BLAST UFOs since 1980’s."

    This is a very situation. How would u like to wake up one morning and find out that a very select few people have suddenly involved the whole planet in an interplanetary war? Think about the consequences....what type of weapons could they have if they have the ability to get to our planet in the first place? We cannot let the "few" be making decisions that affect billions of people on this planet. These idiots in the government/military, the shadow government - whatever u want to call them , might one day have to tell us - "Sorry, we know we've been denying the existence of ufo's for all these years but now we're in a war with them. whatever u must do to protect yourselves and your family. please forgive us." Think about it.

  9. Goodfellow AFB is in Texas, not in Virginia. I think that most ufos are experimental aircraft with new propulsion systems possibly involving electromagnetism, the sr-71 and stealth were flown for decades before being divulged. But there are plenty of unexplained sightings such as the 4 similar diamond shaped ufos in the ufo blog on you tube. It is also similar to the ufo desribed by USAF Security Police in Rendalsham Forest which was warehousing nukes. That information was not leaked untill uncovered in the Freedom of information act years later. It is generally known that ufos have appeared all over the world wherever there are nukes or nuke facilty plants. In my oppinion, technology and the widespread grassroots videos all over the world will force the governments hand. Their dilema is trying to explain to the world why they have kept it secret, and how not to leak experimental propulsion systems and still maintain national security. Keep in mind that the government cant even determine what to do with the prisoners at Guatanomo bay, and the public expects them to divulge full disclosure in an intelligent and organised fashion? Also, millions of people falsely believe in superstition and organised religion, on their knees praying to a big man nailed to a cross and bleeding. Do you think they are capable of intelectually contemplating different dimensions and extraterrestrials? I firmly believe in the existence of UFOS, just playing the devils advocate.

  10. I have a theory, as a difference with other times, there is the internet now. This makes a huge difference, there is the awareness and also there is the will of the public opinion to demand to know the thrut. If the Et´s (or whatever they are) know this, they will have more presence everywhere as a way to respond to this cry for knowledge.

  11. I cant wait untill the day the public actually know what is going on regarding UFO's. I has to happen some day...hopefully

  12. Nothing pisses me off more than people turning their noses up at UFO sightings and dismissing them as non-since.

    You have almost infanity ( from our persepctives) of space in every direction. Yet we're the only floating ball that has anything on it.. out of the countless billions upon billions of floating balls..

    and to make it even worse.. the mock they idea.. they go on to praise their jewish zombie, talking snakes and women made from ribs..

    So you'll believe something thats obviously total bullshit, but not something thats possible..

    I dunno.. But i think it takes a much bigger LEAP of faith to deny the existance of other life-forms than it does for the masses of brainwashed fucks on this planet to believe in their "gods".

  13. @jillh10 woah asshole, just because someone has religion in their lives does not mean that they're stupid or don't know shit about science or that we are likely not alone, does your biggotry extend to blacks and gays or just people who believe in god?