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Jan 5, 2009

UFO disclosure by Barack Obama in 2009, According to New Web Bot 2009

Hi guys in recent year Web.Bot predictions are getting weight in main stream media because of its accuracy.And now officially New web Boot 2009 prediction are out.

And one of the Web Bot prediction for 2009 is “Secrets revealed” start to pour out of NASA and political offices !!

So did that mean President Elect Barack Obama will release secret UFO files to the public in 2009 ?. If we look at UFO related news and articles,Web.Bot 2009,archived on web more then 45% news coverage and the events themselves support the predictions. Its not even strange to believe because if we count number of ufo sighting over the last 13 years that m,any ufo sighting happen in single year in 2008.
Back in January 2008, Stephenville, TX UFO sightings which drew global attention worldwide.And then comes the David Caron Full UFO video,Stephenville,Texas,8 January,2008.Which cause a serious concern to Air Force and every one know about flip-flopping attempts by confused Air Force personnel to discredit the witnesses failed in light of MUFON April FAA radar reports.
Then we had the proposed Denver ballot initiative to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver started another global media blast.
On May 13, News came from Europe that Vatican astronomer Father Funes declared that it's OK to believe in extraterrestriall beings as 'our brothers and sisters' and that such beliefs are not in conflict with faith in God.
Next day on May 14, Britain released more than 1,000 documents on UFO sightings from the 1970s and 1980s. Also on same day May 14, a UFO crashed south of Las Vegas near Needles, CA that immediately attracted “men in black” and a secret military operation.
May 2008 became UFO Hot Spot month when on May 30 Denver press conference showing of Stan Romanek’s “Alien-in-the-window-video” which became a smash news hit and even broke page view records at UFO Blogger even.
On July 23, former astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell shocked the world with his interview on Kerrang Radio by proclaiming that the Roswell extraterrestrial UFO crash was real and so are government cover-ups of UFO phenomena. Further proof of this cover-up was the Oct. 20 release of more UFO files in Britain that included the story of US airman Milton Torres who was told to shoot down a UFO in 1957 near England.
And now finally, on November 5, President Elect Obama announced that John Podesta, an advocate of UFO disclosure, would co-manage the White House transition team. Even John Podesta has stated publicly, "I think it's time to open the books on questions that have remained in the dark on the question of government investigations of UFOs. Other key White House Cabinet members are like-minded.

After publishing of New web Boot 2009 and prediction of web boot that Secrets revealed” start to pour out of NASA and political offices.We are confident that 2009 is the year of Final UFO Disclosure and man who did that be is Elect Barack Obama.
Extract from Web.Bot Notes:
Web.Bot 2009 is the “Year of Transformation” Take a snapshot of where you were today and your life situation is likely to be significantly different by year end – to be changed
by this year’s pending events.


  1. Well, I guess it remains to be seen. Keep an open and critical mind, I say.

  2. Great blog. I have added to my show's Web site. Coincidentally, my first interview was with Milton Torres and the second one with Stephen Bassett (Obama Disclosure). Check it out: http://www.veritasshow.com



  3. NASA and the military have so destroyed their reputation with the public that finances their paychecks it's just pathetic. Most people think they are just a pack of liars. I've seen articles about the new hush hush rules they have to adhere to and it just further alienates me from those people. If we do make alien contact, I hope they have the sense to go directly to the people and NOT try to go to the military or NASA!

  4. Thats a very good wrapup of recent UFO world activity, Im impressed! Keep up great articles ;)

  5. Excellent post.

    Time to get the truth out. We need full disclosure now.

    The ALIEN Project

  6. well, it was on cnn today...they are deciding to open the files...

  7. CKane said: "If we do make alien contact, I hope they have the sense to go directly to the people and NOT try to go to the military or NASA!"

    So...here it is...I'm an ET thats been watching for a long time, and I wouldn't give your governments the time of day if your rock depended on it. 'Sides, they would only use it to rip the people off anyway.

    If you want some evidence that supports my claim go to alien.wolfmagick.com

    Please exercise your intelligence and be civil.

  8. I've been doing some research lately and videos, blogs, articles...everything is saying ET Disclosure will happen THIS November 27th!!!
    There's chatter about something possibly happening on November 12 but things are gearing up for the 27th. That's almost a month away!!!
    Supposedly a UFO is supposed to come down and introduce itself in front of thousands of people in Florida and then Obama could disclose on the 27th! They say they will reveal 2 technologies the governments have been holding back from the public: Free Energy and Anti-Gravity. They say that's why ET came down to Earth in the first place was to warn us of our dangerous ways and gave us technology that would have changed everything (50 years ago).
    Anyways, everything is described in this video...good luck! It's exciting to be alive during these times!

  9. Anpther web bot prediction is that on october 25 2009
    something will happen which will start a big crisis.they siiad it could be iran bombing or swine flu exterme leathlity.it 10 am and nothing has happened but that doesnt mean it wont happen

  10. Disclosure may never happen, but if it does, what assures us that it is not disinformation as usual? Let's say hypothetically that on November 27th something significant is revealed regarding UFO's. What makes us think that Uncle Sam or any other Gov't will play nice? Governments don't like to give away secrets. They will feed you with half truths. As to the web bot, I hope they're right, it's been long overdue.

  11. Uncle Sam has no choice to play nice. As a planet, we are utterly and completely defenseless! Webbot predicted that ET will display its existence in front of everybody...for them to see...so we`ll say Ok, it`s been seen world wide, it`s been televised etc...then Obama has NO choice but to come clean. The USA plays the biggest role in the whole disclosure...30 countries recently gathered within the past few years to discuss ET disclosure...it`s been happening for years. If ET wanted to destroy us, they already would have done it. Do your research and you should be prepared.

  12. I can't take this serious, this happens about every 10-20 years - same story; the Gov't will announce and/or there will be a landing on some specific date etc.
    Even if the Gov't revealed something, they have had 50+ years to make something up - basically what I am saying is in general the public is way behind the curve on any topic that has been secretive and manipulative (re; UFO's, foreign intrigues, 911...)

  13. The Annunaki, b'nai Elohim, Nephilim, or the biblical story of Ezekiel are all examples of these interterrestrial/extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings interacting with mankind throughout human history. They've been here far before we invented fire or the wheel.

  14. we invented fire? lol sorry to sound sarcastic here, but we, as in we human's didnt "invent fire" fire was alway's there. "we" just found a way of making use of it..... getting to the point though. personally i'm kind of secretly hoping that there will be some kind of Disclosure, i for one would love to be around to "finally" see the truth coming out...... but something tell's me we'll still be waiting for "the truth" for another 20-50 year. fingers crossed i get to see the truth in my lifetime ......... watch this space....

  15. I don't think obama or his administration has any control over it IMO.

  16. "I've been doing some research lately and videos, blogs, articles...everything is saying ET Disclosure will happen THIS November 27th!!!"......well then it MUST be true!!!!!!!! You just proveided undeniable PROOF!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Who knows? Lets not jump the gun. You know how slow things can move when dealing with Washington. Plus the implications, this will literally lead to, free energy, which will mean no more wars, oil industry, nuclear facilities, bad medicine, also the crumble if not destroy religion institutions, and a temporary depletion of our struggling economy. So I think we are headed into a long battle dealing with these problems. Mostly on the Obama admin. so what we need to do is to keep those letters going to congress,and spread the word on our end. We are going to need it, I mean look at health reform. :(

  18. I just read in another website that someone received a phone call saying that on November 17, 2009 Obama would acknowledge about the aliens. We are already on the 22nd. Let's just wait for it to happen.

  19. Yep secrets are "revealed" alright...MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING IS A SCAM!!!!
    Al Gore and ALL the fraudsters are BUSTED! Don't count on this administration revealing ANYTHING about UFO's or ET's. I'll tell ya when it will be revealed...when the angel of light is cast down to the Earth and set's himself up in the temple to be worshipped. 2 Thes. 2 I say sometime in summer of 2012 (that's from the binary code in a famous crop circle)

  20. I have read that the announcement may occur during his acceptance of the Nobel Peace prize on Dec.10th. If this is actually be planned for the 10th of December, then the UN meeting on Dec. 9th makes a lot of sense.
    Who knows...
    I saw three UFOs in the 1970's flying in a V-formation (no drugs, booze or mental illness involved, thank you very much). They were glowing light green, made no sound and were shaped somewhat like the aerodynamic, high speed aircraft that Boeing and NASA are now coming out with (30+ years later!)
    They may have been some sort of cruisers (for travel within the atmospere) from a larger mother ship that had traveled across the universe here, using space/time warping technology. (That's my theory). They may also now be habitating under our oceans in large ships. That's a lot of unchartered territory.

  21. He didn´t say a word. (...)

  22. Well. The funny thing is that on the day of Obama's speech there was a huge 'worm-like' hole in the skies. Here's the link:


  23. Lisen up people. We have been hearing about UFO disclosure for years. We wait in anticipation and then nothing. Its the 21st of December and it looks like this prediction aint going to happen.....just like the rest.

  24. Oh well, so much for that idea. It's 2010 and still nothing.

    I'm guessing at some point in the future we will be reading another 'disclosure is imminent' blog post

  25. Yeah i,m totally with you on Obama being the disclosure president but i think he will use it to get a second term on office.Here is my article.


  26. Three phases of planet exodus … 1 … at the very moment of a bright light flash … a small group of people will vanish from the earth, to be raptured aboard many different Star ships and Star vessels …. only to return to an alternate reality associated with this planet …

    They will be seen in the approaching multitudes of the Christos Star Galactic Alliance … those in this matrix will not see the event but will hear of this event … for this alternant reality is cast in the light of Earth’s original sun … which has often been seen as a second sun in the skies …

    2... A dark rift sweeps over the planet … during this time …. many more will be shifted into a second alternant reality yet associated with this planet … these two worlds will be separated by gravity of two set alternant frequencies … not only from each other …. but from the reaming of Earth’s population who yet remain in the original reality of Earth‘s surface ….

    These will be enduring some pretty rough times as the Earth/core facility goes through unstoppable changes … but at any moment they reach a compatible Positive state of Karma … they will see a portal light generated by their own individual aura which they can simply step through into the alternate reality ….

    At the end of a calculated thousand year span of Earth/core completing her changes … All living consciousness who yet remain in their alternate realities … will be collected in dream stasis … Earth is ground zero for a New Creation …. For the event of the Big Bang Creation …

    This is my message sent to the people of this planet … both celestial and none celestial …
    I am Isis Seed of David … linage to that one known as Jesus of Nazareth … I am kindred seed to Allah … I am one with the Master Creator …. I am Messenger … I am Isis Osiris



    ICEA You are not as alone as you may think or believe as you live and walk alone, you are not defeatist, this is your strong point, you are not evil, you are not a liar but you are honest and this is why we chose you for one of the most un-grateful endeavours of being the contactee of I the Guardian/Guardians of this Earth; and others not unlike that of yourself of whom are numbered billions even trillions who reside in many different universes which are just a thought away from you.

    But sadly you have yet to master the skill of patience for the benefit of others because they are not where you are even though you have mastered if not all of those of which appertains to your work of contactee of/for us. This is often frustrating for you as you see the blank look that often comes your way as to share the knowledge to others personally, but in this instance it does not matter because they will become as you sooner than later but not so much in their lifetime in the physical human container/body.

    Your endeavours yes your persistence as you work in this vain with and for us will be rewarded more so because you are not greedy or selfish; considering you are informing the people of the Earthly nations of that we require freely with the goodness of your heart; and this will never be a stumbling block in your progression in the physical but more so in your true reality when you take your transmutation; that of which millions of people are very concerned about even afraid of because of their misdemeanours as they continue to be offensive in their physical on Earth lifetime.


    Yes the time is coming, in fact is nearly upon us as we complete our plan through mind manipulation/telepathically unto those of our choice to open a dialogue so best suited in carrying out our intentions in disclosure, in this instance allowing information to be open to the masses of people on Earth, the information everyone is waiting /champing at the bit for as you express your feelings, and thirst for knowledge regarding our reality in disclosing who and what we are, we have been waiting for many years to carry this out but because of so many different reasons, of the unknown factor which can be fear and uncertainty. But over the years we have been taking you on this journey of enlightenment and know you are ready for us openly. Therefore we will take the people in power and knowledge to come forward as through mind manipulation and other means to open the dialogue in informing you that you are not alone on EARTH/OF THE UNIVERSE as many of you or some of you do think and or believe.


    TUESDAY 18TH JAN 2011

  28. We have to have an open mind about this phenomenal reality. We must use logic and common sense. We are energized by one sun amongst millions. Each star is emitting potential life creating properties to their respective orbiting planets.. the conclusion must be that there must be other planets which have similar properties as our Earth. Each of these planets can therefore have different degrees of advancement like our own earth with respective countries. This coupled with the thousands of compiled evidence from various highly respected sources which are credible to the highest forms of government have to be conclusive to the notion that this is reality..