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Mar 27, 2009

Project Redstar - NASA Own Proof Of life On Mars

One of the most astounding and incredible videos you will ever see - for it is history in the making. This video offers INCONTROVERTIBLE EVIDENCE of an extraterrestrial base on Mars. 

This is volume one in a series of three, that probes the depths of the greatest mystery ever to confront the human race. Who built these structures? 

Why are they so much like those found on Earth in both scale and shape? 

Why do we have such a mixture of structures, like those found in the Middle East, India, Mexico, South America and Egypt? 

What are the high technology structures that are clearly seen there as well? 

More questions are raised than can be answered in a two hour video, which is why VOLUME ONE concentrates on the structures, and offers a deep probe into each of the obvious buildings at this incredible archeological site. Complete with the actual photographs, ink lifts, artist renditions, computer renditions and animations, you will take an astounding tour by air over Tithonia City. This video release is the PROOF POSITIVE that we are NOT ALONE, and that there is an EARTH-MARS CONNECTION.


  1. This film is phony as a three-dollar bill.
    ALL the photos are covered up with printing.

    Who can see anything at all, for over seven minutes into this nine-minute film!

    It's deception, all over again. More trickery and deceit!


  2. Please delete my previous unkind comment. I got back to the video producer, and I find out he's okay!
    He's real!


  3. See, I'm phoney as a three dollar bill!

    Thanks for showing the world what a flake I am!


  4. Since you're leaving these up, let me link you to three stills I took off your video:

    I get really frustrated when I'm trying to see what's in a video, but there is printing all over the top. In this case, human figures are all but visible with the printing in place. And I wonder, why is that printing being allowed to hide the details in this video? Maybe you can answer.

  5. Now the ball is in your court.

    : )

  6. I wanted to see the video but al of them are removed Is there some other addres to watch them
    John van den Ende

  7. Apparently not.

    I can't find it anywhere.

    But I did put up a large Moon album at

    You can see what NASA has left hidden.