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Mar 29, 2009

UFO landing filmed by ufologists in Ukraine, 2009

UFO landing filmed by ufologists in Ukraine, 2009

The residents of the Ukrainian town of Senelnikovo in the Dnepropetrovsk region had been seeing strange objects in the sky for weeks and were at a loss as to explain what they were. Many were suspecting that they were UFOs controlled by aliens. Talk of a UFO landing base near the Black Sea had been going on for decades.

A town resident called on a team of Ufologists headed by Mr Vladislav Kanuka, a veteran Ufologist with decades of experience, for help.

The Ufologists arrived at the scene last month and waited with a video camera near the railway station, a spot where many had seen the UFOs from.The Ufologists struck gold and at least one UFO did not disappoint them. A very bright pink orb was seen and the Ufologist agreed it was following a controlled trajectory. They managed to capture the craft on film as it landed in nearby woods.

On realizing the object had landed they made a rush for the landing spot but midway the engines of all three cars they were travelling in conked out! When they managed to restart the engines the cars started sinking in mud. They were only able to reach the site in the morning and found no evidence of the landing.

Now the discs are seen by residents almost every day and once panicky residents are no longer scared: they have accepted that aliens use a spot near their town as a UFO landing base.Vladislav Kanuka remains thrilled by the success of the mission.



  1. use a fraking tripod!!! damn ufologist!

  2. Those are Sylphs, which Jose Escamilla has been filming for decades.

    They're alive, multi-dimensional.

    Here is a NASA moon-photo of an astronaut meeting up with a Sylph on the Moon.


    They're not UFOs at all; they float because they're only made of Light.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxjLLPijlBk

  4. http://www.u-tube.com/watch?v=HxjLLPijlBk

    go away with your dirty tricks - or at least get a grip in animating! You wouldnt want to animate the object so that the pan from the camera is before the actual movement of the object. - i dont know what you want to say, maybe you didnt even know its faked.

  5. "use a fraking tripod!!! damn ufologist!"

    yeah, why is every video shaky to the point of not being able to see anything? that's what makes it suspicious... was it really a problem to hold a friggin camera in a hand and shoot the damn thing???

  6. FAKE!!! The camera cant stay held still for more than five seconds. I also like the use of a simple ufo toy thats lights up but if your going to make a fake video atleast put some effort into it.