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Apr 14, 2009

Former employees of Area 51 are breaking their silence April 14, 2009

Former employees of the mysterious Area 51 are breaking their silence April 14, 2009


  1. This was my email to the LA Times:

    Congratulations on getting five former Area 51 employees to spill the beans! Unfortunately for Ms. Jacobsen, she is being used to spew the same fabricated drivel that we have been spoon-fed by our government for the last 60 years or so. The OXCART explanation does not even touch the thousands of UFO sightings that are occurring all over the world every year. The real witnesses that are coming out are telling a much different story than the five gentlemen she interviewed. I was almost pleased to see the media finally having the brass to break the biggest news story in the history of humanity, but it didn’t take me long to realize she had been provided with witnesses who either have no real knowledge about the truth behind Area 51 or else those “former employees” have probably seen a significant pay raise very recently to go public with some pieces of information regarding some insignificant projects to keep the public off the scent of the real story.

    What makes me so sure about all this? As someone who has seen an Unidentified Flying Object over my own home in Shorewood, Minnesota, this OXCART disclosure is not going to discourage me from seeking the real story. If what I saw was this Top-Secret OXCART aircraft, then this particular aircraft can not only fly at 3x the speed of sound, but it is also a large black triangular-shaped craft with a bright light on each corner, it moves slowly across the sky without making a sound, and it spins in a counter-clockwise fashion as it moves in a straight-line trajectory. This whole thing is about to boil to the surface (the TRUTH, that is) and these 5 employees are an attempt by the powers-that-be to put downward pressure on the growing movement for disclosure.

    I recommend contacting the REAL military and government witnesses who are prepared to tell the REAL story. There’s a little organization called The Disclosure Project headed by Dr. Steven Greer who has gathered over 400 former military and government officials and employees who have first-hand knowledge about the facts. Make contact with them and maybe your news agency can write a true story with some teeth… a story that doesn’t involve our government lying to us… a story that, when unleashed, has not only the potential to give the struggling news industries the boost they need, but also the potential to start getting this information out as well as the technology so we can nip this Global Warming and Energy crisis in the butt. It’s the logical thing to do, not to mention the right thing to do.

  2. Yes, we all kinda figured stealth technology had a longer life span than history records. Just imagine what they have flying around now!

    Other than that, the interview is a bit torturous. It's like, "Oh btw, I'm interviewing these guys. They think alien rumors are hilarious."

    Haha.. alright?

  3. @Anonymous People,People ! The media is the government! Why waste your breathe? All an all . We need to keep in mind that this is our U.S.government. Military -Whatever. It`s not like there the enemy. Intelligent citizens /people . Know the truth(in general). I doubt the majority of those ONLY READ OR TUNE IN TO THE MEDIA. Once in a great while for entertainment purposes. THIS COUNTRY AS WITH MOST is screwed up because of our society believing any of which it is feed. I don't understand such behavior.Although considering the species. IT IS QUIET COMMON.