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Apr 22, 2009

Scientists find Alien Earth like planet and it may be habitable !!

Scientists find Alien Earth like planet and it may be habitable !!

According to latest finding disclosed by Scientists of the Geneva Observatory in Switzerland they find the most Earthlike planet yet... The new Alien Earth like planet is 50% bigger in size of our earth and predict planet should be either rocky or covered with oceans.

Is it coincident or step toward disclosure?? As just yesterday Stephen Bassett, head of the Paradigm Research Group (PRG), which hosted the X-Conference, said that the truth about extraterrestrial life is being suppressed because it is politically explosive.

He said : "Obama better disclose by May 31 or else another country probably will before then.."

This Earthlike planet spotted outside our solar system is the first found that could support liquid water and harbor life, scientists announced yesterday.

And while astronomers are not yet able to look for signs of biology on the planet, the discovery is a milestone in planet detection and the search for extraterrestrial life, one with the potential to profoundly change our outlook on the universe.

The new planet is about 50 percent bigger than Earth and about five times more massive. The new “super-Earth” is called Gliese 581 C, after its star, Gliese 581, a diminutive red dwarf star located 20.5 light-years away that is about one-third as massive as the sun.

Possible waterworld

Computer models predict Gliese 581 C is either a rocky planet like Earth or a waterworld covered entirely by oceans.

“We have estimated that the mean temperature of this super-Earth lies between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius [32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit], and water would thus be liquid,” Udry said.

The scientists discovered the new world using the HARP instrument on the European Southern Observatory 3.6 meter telescope in La Sille, Chile. They employed the so-called radial velocity, or “wobble,” technique, in which the size and mass of a planet are determined based on small perturbations it induces in its parent star’s orbit via gravity.


  1. Very Interesting.

  2. I give up. You're making up news.

  3. Are you crazy what will happen when you get to know official that alien do exist i think you will differently freak out my friend lolz...

    Anyway check out internet its all over right now .....

  4. I agree that extraterrestrials do exist, but I am not sure our government is quite ready to let us handle it. We need more people to be vocal about it publicly. I believe that the proof is all around us but is kept a mystery or unclear by those with a special interest in keeping it secret. Perhaps the new administration will bring something to light. We need to move on and put this issue behind us so that it can pave the way to actual contact.

  5. As a believer in life beyond our planet, I can imagine that a finding such as this could be true. whether or not this story is true is up to each reader. But, because I do believe in alien life, I also believe that a Planet exists that supports such life. Is it a planet that could maintain human life? That is a question yet to be answered.
    Mathew Longworth

  6. If you seriously believe that we are the only planet with life in the universe, you have some serious denial issues. If you believe in god then you believe in another life form since we were made in 'their' image.. their being alien or not from this world aka the heavens. I don’t believe in the commercial god we portray but I occasionally have a look up at the starts and it is a f#$%k'n big place out there plus have a look around.. it doesn't even look like WE belong here!