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Apr 22, 2009

UFO Disclosure 2009 : Stephen Bassett ultimatum to President Mr. Barack Obama better disclose by May 31, 2009

UFO Disclosure 2009 : Stephen Bassett ultimatum to President Mr. Barack Obama better disclose by May 31, 2009

In his statement on UFO Disclosure in Fifth X-confrence 2009 this week Stephen Bassett given ultimatum to President Mr. Barack Obama .

He said : "Obama better disclose by May 31 or else another country probably will before then.."

And just yesterday Scientists of the Geneva Observatory in Switzerland disclosed that they find the most Earthlike planet yet... The new Alien Earth like planet is 50% bigger in size of our earth and predict planet should be either rocky or covered with oceans.

But its going to be very difficult for Mr. President to disclose (Even Web Bot predicted UFO Disclosure) anything because back in 1980s all alien technology shifted in the hands of private contractors.

Many private firms have key interests in ensuring these secret Ufo files are kept to themselves because they contain trade sensitive secrets and businesses will defend anything that can give them a substantial advantage over their competitors. Anti-gravity UFO alien technology are in demand by firms specializing in aviation, propulsion and military defense systems.

We think some one from European union(France,Germany) or Brazilian government could come forward and disclosed about UFOs and existence of Alien race.

One thing for sure.. coming few months are very crucial for UFO and Extraterrestrial existence disclosure.


  1. Hi
    UFO Blogger thanks a lot for sharing this !!!

  2. i think the US is going to let disclosure come from anything but its own mouth because of all the ethical implications all the technology that probably has been used for the advancement of weapons and profit sharing instead of the quality of life ... medical leaps...

    all the science that has been deliberately held out of our reach

    no to mention having to flat out admit that our choke hold we purport to have over our own planet and country is completely outmatched and we are not the ones who get to dictate and have the uncontested say in what happens on our planet, and the whole time we consider our wars to be vast they are actually civil wars that have to be pretty embarassing to a universal community

  3. Not an ultimatum (thus the aside). Rather it was a heads up as to PRG's advocacy timetable. You don't threaten or give ultimatums to governments. It doesn't work for citizens. Hell, it doesn't work very well for governments. Steve Bassett

  4. Richard D. James5/19/2009 09:53:00 PM

    ...I cant wait to see those who suppressed everything and sought control through subversion get dragged onto the streets for sport to a worse beating than the one Jesus Christ got.

  5. we still waitin'..

  6. So... every government, worldwide, is in on this hide-the-UFO's thing ? You guys aren't really serious about this... are you ??

  7. What we need is for someone who is in contact to break their NDA and arrange for a meeting with a pannel of Public figures not associated with government but who are trustworthy people. Newscasters would be great if they weren't censored by the networks.

    You could say that i'm a liar, but think about this... There are millions of billions of galaxys in the universe, each galaxy has billions of stars, and each star could have a few planets like ours does or could have more than ours has. In the UK lottery each week the chance of you to win is 14 million-to-1 but someone wins!, even for someone that says life on other planets is a one in a million chance and that we are special... we are special but out of all the millions of Billions of other plannets out there it would be disgraceful to think that we are the only one with life on, no mater how intelligent the life is on the other planets. and ignorance doesn't solve problems. And as long as the governments around the world believe that we prefer to be ignorant on the subject of Aliens and Aircraft in the sky that are not our planes, flares, or the moon reflecting off of swamp gas, they won't feel the need to reveal all. We need to relieve them of their burdon and arrange for other means of contact rather than through governmental channels.

    Is it that The USA and UK and other governments around the world have done something so terrible to these races that they can't tell us about it?

    If anyone has something truely useful to say on this subject and not simple slander/ bickering then please add to this. or if people would like to hear some more on my views then my e-mail is osborne.g.richard@gmail.com and please no junk/hate mail if you don't like something then do as the governments always do and look the other way if it doens't suit you.

  8. The time will come. Races we consider alien will not intervene in our affairs until our own governments reveal all or at least give the 'They exist speech' or at the very least the 'they do exist but they haven't been here' speech. As if we wen't to an alien plannet we wouldn't want to change their history, but we would want to observe them and have them notice us and contact us first. It just so happens that radio conversations are most likey a thing of the past for races that can travel vast distances in the blink of an eye. Moat likely they would be using the space outside of matter to communicate, as for one there wouldn't be any spacial distortion so signal and quality wouldn't degrade, and only when we can learn to utilise this space can we hear them.

    We've seen it all before, and the point being is... if you had a power supply more powerful and safer than Nuclear energy, why would you tell the other countries about it when they're still working on nuclear or attempting to even start on retreiving dark matter. The same with so called Anti-Gravity tech, why share information on these vehicles that can intrude on other countries airspace without detection when you can build them yourself and use them for your own means 'reconnaissance, transport, diversions'. They call it Plausable Deniability. And as long as the UK, USA, France, China & Russia continue their manipulation of the struggle for power/equality, disclosure would come from one of the considered 'lesser' powers (one that can't veto on a discussion of UFOs in NATO and wants the public to know) unlike the previous 5 'Super Powers'.

    Imagine the harm that could come if the Yakuza or the mob could do with a spacial mass-distorion device able to remove an object from space but still being able to observe space, you could quite literally walk through walls, or travel without worrying about inersia or hitting micro-meteorites that would otherwise damage your 'vehicle/ship', unlike satellites which stay in geo-synchronous orbit.

    Oh i could go on but it all boils down to how to stay on top, and the way it has been since before religion began, keep your secrets secret so that others can't follow in your footsteps. Juat imagine what the world would be like if China released super conducting 'anti-gravity' aeroplanes and sold them to the world market, they would be there first so they would be able to get most of the profits, but then straight away that would then be followed by the USA who have been working on the same thing for 50 years and been keeping it under wrapps until such a day came to show their superiority. so uummm America would be able to get out of their debt to China if they disclosed first...?, If only they would reveal the information now, wouldn't that be nice :)

    But as always, Governments around the world will keep their secrets secret until someone in the public domain invents the same thing and can get a patent for something the governments around the world already have but don't want to talk about. Then little by little these inventions will come to be used for things other than National Defence, but not for a long time as lomg as disclosure isn't given to the people of the world.

  9. I feel like I need to get something off my chest.. so here it goes

    ahh too big to put in, will do in 2 posts if ok?..

  10. From anonymous:
    "Is it that The USA and UK and other governments around the world have done something so terrible to these races that they can't tell us about it?"

    Or maybe the usa and uk made a deal with an 'alien race' such as humans in exchange for technology.. I don't know. Or do I?

  11. Well... It's long after May and 2009 is nearly over. No disclosure. So much for your "prediction" ... I want disclosure as much as the next guy, but making unfounded predictions every year is just plain stupid.

  12. my name is jeffrey todd atwell and i submitted letters to the fbi and white house of sensitive ufo knolege. if i meet early demise then look into it. i havetried to protect myself through a number of ways, but we all know of the govs power to keek this a secret from the world public. thank you, todd atwell

  13. To jeffrey todd atwell:
    If you have sensitive UFO information, the best way you can protect yourself is to go high profile with it.
    Put ALL the information into a forum post, or use spam techniques to get it out to a million people. That way they can't suppress the information by harming you.

  14. it's not so much that they are keeping all this hidden from us for local (meaning our local planet) political and economic reasons.... think on this. What if they've been in contact for the past 500 yrs or whatever, and certain members of the human contingent have already been off planet... trading on the galactic level. What if the human race already has status off planet, that would be a major reason for a cover up... the elite got theirs... now just dont tell the peasants we have been off-world. just "what if-ing" here...

  15. Give me ONE shred of evidence that UFO's are here and dealing with the yanks (god forbid).

    I'm not talking about the past (Sumerian/Mesopotamian) records.
    I'm asking for ONE, just ONE tiny bit of conclusive, tangible proof that they are here right now and I swear that I will quit my day job, setup my own website and become the loudest voice yet to demand disclosure.

    Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

  16. @ Heath , Please have look at down below link : http://www.ufo-blogger.com/2008/07/alien-abduction-sexual-assault-provided.html

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