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Apr 11, 2009

Web Bot inventor developed new Swirlies software to study Crop Circles

Web Bot developed new Swirlies software, which could unlock Crop Circle hidden messages

An international ad hoc group of programmers and Cliff High have been working on the crop circles and spinning them at various frame rates.

In past Dr. Haselhoff also offers scientific proof that at least some crop circles are indeed formed by balls of light/UFO'S. His research and evidence was even accepted after peer review for the Internationally recognized scientific journal, Physiologia Plantarum.

Using the programming language C++ and a backend graphics library called QT, Cliff High, Igor and George Ure of the Web Bot Project at Half Past Human created a program that allows anyone to manipulate crop circles into any geometrical pattern called Cereal Swirlies in an effort to further understand the phenomenon.

The open source Swirlies software code is now available for download and distribution as High is hoping that his team will receive help from fellow programmers worldwide to further the process.

The software will not only allow the spinning of the crop circle images at various frame rates (where we already have seen different information appear) but in addition, eventually it will provide for flexibility in setting the axis point. So, in other words, you'll be able to spin crop circles in various directions.

Cliff happens to have the graphics expertise to do some alpha testing of frame/spinning software and he's got a group of programmers in Germany and elsewhere who are collaborating on the project.Cliff is reporting some amazing if not world changing results.

In a latest development what seems to occur is that when spun around various center points different information is emerging from from crop circles.

In Europe, where another member of the loosely connected team is spinning other circles, the researcher reported dropping into something like an alpha-state trance for a couple of hours and, upon emerging from it, he reported that his arthritis of many years has stopped hurting.Another says if a black and white image is spun, colors emerge.

At SourceForge.net you can look in on the Linux work ongoing. The project there is "Crop Circle Symbol Engine".

We're not sure where this is going to lead, but it could be one of those 'chance' events that could lead to a real breakthrough in how humans work.

The crop circle in the down below video was reduced to a black and white image/jpg and then spun in the software available.There are various and differing speeds. Most crop circles have these hidden images in them when run (except those made by humans with boards and string).

You can download the zip file of the executable Windows program and some sample swirlies at HalfPastHuman as well as the link to the QT site to download the complete huge library of graphics support. We advise any programmer reading this to participate in this project, as this could be the catalyst to provide the answers we have been searching for.


  1. You might be missing something. Don't spin them like a record (about a point),....

    think 3D.... spin them about an AXIS, like you spin a coin on a table.

  2. Crop Circle Researcher Dr Jonathan Sherwood was studying this phenomena before he died last year ,and was contacted by a Nobel-prize winning scientist from Russia(female) to complement him on his work,mathematics etc .
    He believed the principle of spinning the crop circles as swirlies is an intentional part of their design by whatever intelligence(s) created these geometric wonders,which do appear to have a purpose as this new sphere of study is proving.
    And why initiate other research away from this huge new area of study Matt when thosands of these patterns have appeared in the UK alone in the past decade and a half.
    (Someone always try to throw in 'red herrings' and 'smoke screens' when astounding research like this comes to light.)
    My advice is "Go for it!
    you are on the right track "
    Incidently Dr Jon said the 'positive' induced effect from the Crop circles comes from spinning them clockwise not anti-clockwise (anti-clockwise is the 'negative rotation' or effect)

    Keep up the good work with your site guys!


  3. A few points I would like to make

    I think that you should spin them at the exact speed that makes them appear still replete with discernable shapes in the newly formed pattern. Perhaps there are multiple speeds at which this can occur on any given glyph, each with a different outcome and subsequent meaning.

    As an alternative maybe they are supposed to create an animation?

    Spinning on an axis, or multiple axis', for the same effect would also be optimal. If this is the intention of the creator then it is suffice to say that these glyphs are 2d representations of a 3d object/s. So why not create the glyphs as 3d models using Blender, Maya, 3dsMax etc... ? Use the 3d package to create the spinning animations and output at a framerate equivalent to human cognition.