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May 16, 2009

Astrophysicist discovered "suspicious" Alien laser like signal coming from Gliese 581e

Indian origin Astrophysicist discovered "suspicious" Alien laser like signal coming from Gliese 581e

Dr Ragbir Bhathal is an award winning author and astrophysicist, who carries out research in Australian science studies, physics and astronomy at the University of Western Sydney Macarthur.

Last December on a clear night Astrophysicist Ragbir Bhathal at the University of Western Sydney discovered a "suspicious" laser-like signal coming from the coordinates of Gliese 581 e during a SETI sweep. Bhathal is still investigating the signal and scanning the coordinates for a repeat detection.

Instead, he's spent the past few months meticulously investigating whether the unrecognised signature was caused by a glitch in his instrumentation, a rogue astrophysical phenomenon, or some unknown random noise.

Even if he picks up the signal again - he's been scouring the same co-ordinates of the night sky on an almost daily basis since - the scientific rule book dictates he'll need to get it peer-reviewed before he can take his announcement to the world. "And that is a lot of ifs," he concedes.

The hunt for extraterrestrial life has been boosted recently by the discovery last month of a rocky world not unlike our own, about 20 light years away, which its Swiss discoverers have dubbed Gliese 581 C, the latest in a long line of planet discoveries during the past decade.

But he's a bit skeptical about it, which is good. Once he gets a repeat, then he'll be dancing..

As you've spent more than 20 years hunting for an alien signal, you think you'd be celebrating if you noticed a mysterious pulse suddenly rising up on your computer readouts. A regular pulse, amid the random clatter of the cosmos, suggests that someone very smart at the other end is sending a message.source

Update : NASA - Habitable Planet GLIESE 581 G Could Have Extraterritorial Life


  1. That's pretty exciting. I'd be really interested in any further findings. If it were intelligent you would assume that he could find it again. Either way, it's definitley interesting. Reminds me of that movie "Contact" :P Great post, thanks.