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May 21, 2009

The Bermuda, Dragon Triangle and UFO Connections

The Bermuda, Dragon Triangle and UFO Connections

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is a region of the northwestern Atlantic Ocean in which a number of aircraft and surface vessels are alleged to have disappeared in mysterious circumstances which fall beyond the boundaries of human error, pirates, equipment failure, or natural disasters. Popular culture has attributed some of these disappearances to the paranormal, a suspension of the laws of physics,(The Philadelphia Experiment/Project Rainbow ) or activity by extraterrestrial beings.

Dragon Triangle

Less known, on the other side of the world, there exists a similar area of ocean known as the Dragon’s Triangle. The Dragon’s Triangle follows a line from Western Japan, north of Tokyo, to a point in the Pacific at approximate latitude of 145 degrees east. It turns west south west, past the Bonin Islands, then down to Guam and Yap, west towards Taiwan, before heading back to Japan in a north north easterly direction.

Both areas share stories of missing maritime vessels and aircraft, reports of malfunctioning navigational and communication equipment and tales of drifting, crew less ghost ships.

Down below is really good History Channel video documentary discussed about the connection between The Bermuda Triangle, Dragon Triangle and UFO's.


  1. The part about the Ancient UFOs/USOs in Japan was really good. But it seems like dangerous waters are what sink the ships.
    Certainly a lot of UFO sightings though

  2. How far is from the The Dragon Triangle to The Bermuda Triangl?

  3. @Gene

    what i have learned was that the ships radars and other mecanical parts stoped working and thats why the ships sank.

  4. what about the crew less ghost ships?

  5. im doing my tropicana speesh on this..... its freaky @-)