May 7, 2009

Sweden disclosing its UFO x-files on May 9, 2009

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Sweden disclosing its UFO x-files on May 9, 2009

One of the most interesting cases, when two people saw a flying craft topple and fall in the lake Nammajaure in the early 1980s, "says Clas Svahn who is chairman of UFO-Sweden.

After UK and Denmark now Sweden is going for UFO x-file disclosure. According to Swedish Newspaper reports of UFO-observations in Sweden began to be collected systematically in 1973 and since then the plant archive.

The archive will be open the ninth and tenth in May initially.But if someone wants to come and see another day, they can hear themselves. The reason we did not show the collection before is because we did not have staff, but you have now on a part-time, "says Clas Svahn.

The chairman of UFO Sweden Clas Svahn mentions one case of special interest, a case from 1980.Where two people were out on the trip in a national park in late July.At the lake Nammajaure they suddenly saw a cigar-like craft that came flying and landed on the lake. Slowly declined since the bottom. The couple reported the incident to the military, but no dives have been made in the lake so the craft can remain, "says Clas Svahn.Source
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  1. Keep in mind this is not the government of sweden....just an organization

  2. Exactly, I heard on an american radioshow that it was the government that released it... :-(

  3. For those not aware of it, UFO Sweden and chairman Clas Svahn is working along with the debunker organisation in the US!! It´s a big lie that secret ufo-files is revealed for public eyes. X-files of Sweden are still kept hidden away!