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Jul 19, 2009

Images of Alien Hybrid Surfaced in UFO Conference 2009

Images of Alien Hybrid Surfaced in UFO Conference 2009

These images surfaced this weekend and, supposedly, were smuggled out of the UFO Congress in Nevada in February 2009. I was not there or privy to any of this information, so I'm going on what little information I have found or heard today.

This creature was found in an undisclosed location in Mexico and the people who found it tried to keep it captive. They stated it chewed one it's hands off to get free was also screaming loudly. Out of panic, they tried to drown it. After 30 mins. they took it out of the water and it was still alive, became very violent and louder then ever. They again put it back in a bucket of water to kill it for fear of it getting away. After 45 mins. they again took it out and it was angrier then ever. They did manage to kill the creature after securing it in the bucket of water overnight.

The feet are identical to human feet, it has the same amount of teeth and vertebrae as a human and the skull appears to be similar to the 'Star Child'. This is believed to be a hybrid but created by humans in research and escaped. Reports of similar beings, about 2 feet tall and seen in the same area, are trying to avoid human contact as much as possible.


I realize that this presentation was made by Jaime Maussan and that many ufologists and critics, especially here in the US, have branded him as unreliable because of some questionable sightings in Mexico City. But overall, I consider Maussan to be a very serious researcher despite the dubious actions of others...Lon source

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  1. some sort of monkey/chimp fetus maybe?

  2. It's a baby capuchin monkey.

  3. If this being is for real along with the story, I'd definitely stay as far away as possible from humans after what they did to this thing.

    1. yes it is sick and evil how human beings can be so evil 2 a creature,just because they were scared.shame on u u mexican arseholes!

  4. @Anonymous I agree with you. It's some sort of chimp.

  5. I read this story apparently scientific research shows that the DNA components aren't like anything here on Earth so it makes me think it could be of alien origin

  6. alien or not..what was done to it was downright cruelty.disgusting, shows one thing..some humans are nothing but evil and they should of been punished for what they did to this living creature. it makes my blood boil with anger when a living creature be it human or beast is hurt JUST because of how it looks.