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Feb 26, 2010

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  1. Is this some kind of "stargate"?


    Did you saw this cameras?

    Wach some videos, for example 2011-03-13. 18:43

    1. On June 6th of 2012, a massive explosion rocked northeastern Michigan for hundreds of square miles. The epicenter as mapped out according to reports of the blast on Facebook was the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center, home of a new drone facility where the Air Force will be conducting R&D, manufacturing, pilot training, and presumably operational missions. The Air Force denies any knowledge of an explosion at the base.

      The ACRTC has been abuzz with all kinds of strange activity, with videos of sounds in the sky accompanied by lights, UFOs being videotaped over the base, harassment of citizens by black helicopters, and sightings of foreign troops in town becoming more frequent.

      Another blast a few weeks ago actually caused property damage, and in this episode of The Truth Is Viral host Bob Powell speaks with the homeowner, who lives right next to the base, about his experiences.

      Northern Michigan is not alone when it comes to strange sounds and lights in the sky which are often accompanied by booming noises that are familiar to military veterans as high-explosive detonations. Activist Post writer Brandon Turbeville has written about explosions very similar to those described by residents in Michigan that he himself experienced in South Carolina late last year. Turbeville also relays his experiences in this program during an exclusive interview with The Truth Is Viral.

      I have video evidence of everything I have stated, plus the eyewitness testimony of 5 different individuals and the off-air statement of the Alpena County Undersheriff confirming the explosion.

      Read The Rest Here: http://bobpowell.blogspot.com/2013/09/strange-sky-sounds-mysterious-blasts.html

  2. UFO fleet sighting over mountainside - NEW - Philippines 9/14/2011


  3. http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/americas/united-states/110919/uars-nasa-satellite

    I don't like the odds either, also the 23rd seems to coincide with other strange astral phenomenon IE. the passing of a comet.

  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15078419

    This trader has allot to say and one particular point he makes is governmnets dont rule the world, goldman and sachs do.
    If you cant play the link, youtube Alessio Rastani.
    This was on British News and now he is being branded a hoax.
    He says that certain individuals were preparing for the economy crash and he dreams of such events.

  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-15262297 - This article reminds me of an ancient astronought theory about using sound waves to cut stone and possibly lift them into place. This doctor is using them to heal bones from fractures. Perhaps this form a small link into the theory.

  6. yes you people want aliens i used o be former nazi haunebu engineerist for the top secret german arcata that has no longer left tracers of tself besides people who have lived and survived time hitler bacame quite obsessed with back engineering an aircraft that scince the 40s has yet to have been out beat in a race between aircraft i have only film reels to show medals uniforms comedations for my work i have the designs ,photos and ect. with me today

  7. the earthquake in Virginia 2011 was not an earthquake but an atomic explosion from us gov to an alien base dip in to earth located in Virginia the base is been there for more than 2000 years they claim then they were aggressive type and they have to do that they are saying that the largest Ufo base is located in between India and Pakistan and they know exactly were it is this is the truth this is not my imagination people they saying this are people that work for gov keep it real

  8. New footage from NASA 2012


    Trust me, this is the most amazing footage you will ever see.

    This is not hoax or fake news.

    We kindly ask your attention to this research book which confirms the artifacts previously seen in the eye of the Mona Lisa paint. The book is already printed in Turkish. However 60 pcs. of embedded micro pictures has been extracted to day light from the tablet ( Mona Lisa ) by way of interference waves detection. Hidden story about the ISEOUS ( JESUS) has been submitted upon the comments to the pictures and figures. Book is Turkish at the moment, however may the pictures are worth to see even any comments.

    Research and obtained results relays on the scientific interference ways application.


    The Secret of The Mona Lisa has been revealed. An astonishing research has been published. Hidden rulers, Annunakis dominant strategy. Da Vinci's logger, Tablet: Mona Lisa will open the new gate for our future.


    Tablet:Mona Lisa


    Book has printed in Turkish. Other languages may be available.

  10. Hello,

    I own a YouTube channel named: FindingUFO. Where I upload UFO sightings recorded by myself and by other people around the world. I have now over 1,800+ active subscribers.

    I have visited your website: www.ufo-blogger.com. I liked your website a lot and I want to embed most of my videos on your website if possible.

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  11. I saw 100% an alien object (18.05.1986) in ┼Żloukovice, Czech Republic. Duration: 15 minutes. First sight: among the stars. Flight: zig-zag, without noise. It had lights and lasers. It took 1 minute on me (distance 700 meters). It floated four minutes, laser in action. Then flight zig zag direction space. It was floating in ISS height about 8 minutes headlight has rotated. After departure into space.