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Feb 28, 2010

Strange Light ring over Chile prior to 8.8 Earthquake

Strange Light ring over Chile prior to 8.8 Earthquake

The Downbelow sunset video was videotaped the night before earthquake

News Report : Sky Changing Colors

Same Kind of Lighting were also seen over China Earthquake, Haiti Earthquake as well.

China Earthquake:

Haiti Earthquake


  1. I believe that these quakes we're all CREATED ,these are the triggers towards creating a NWO.
    HAARP most likely ?

  2. Who was politically upset with Chili, and with China? Those look like HAARP or other scalar energy weapon signatures pumping energy into the earth at those points, triggering the quakes. This has been a predicted weapon capability. Now it LOOKS LIKE it's here by these unnatural, energy and resonant-pattern producing phenomena. The evil of man's heart & mind is showing no limit.

  3. Predicting earthquakes with radon gas
    Maggie Koerth-Baker at 3:47 PM April 7, 2010

    Radon gas may leak out of fault lines in greater quantities prior to an earthquake. In 2009, an Italian man claimed to have used radon monitors to predict a quake near his hometown of L'Aquila. Success with the radon approach has been—like all attempts at predicting quakes—rather hit and miss. But a physics Nobel laureate hopes to change that with a new, improved radon detector that easier to use in the field.

  4. I think I can shed some light on at least some of this, based on some research I am doing on my own.

    The light ring before the Chile quake, the change in sky color after the chile quake, and the strange light clouds prior to the China quake all have the halmarks of Aurora-style plasma discharges. You get these kinds of things when the magnetosphere is disturbed to the degree that cosmic rays are able to penetrate deeper into our atmosphere than normal.

    It is my contention that major quakes disrupt the convection currents which create our magnetosphere, which allows this sort of 'earthquake light' to appear. You'd only see this during subduction quakes, however, as transform-faults would not have a direct affect on the currents. The China, Chile, and Haiti quakes were all subduction-zone quakes.

    Of course, I could just be a crackpot, wearing a tinfoil hat. Pursue my ideas at your own risk.