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Apr 27, 2010

Indiana man abducted by reptilian Humanoid and given a choice to accept mission with implant.

Indiana man abducted by reptilian Humanoid and given a choice to accept mission with implant.

A few days ago I spoke to Mr. "C. L." who suggested I report this incident with you, and then speak with a Mr. Sam Moranto. Around December I was working away from home on a 24 Job site Operation in Indiana. I resided in an apartment 20 miles from the job site in a adjacent small town. One night I went home at an odd hour for my shift, and instead of a 7 pm to 7 am shift, I worked till 3 am. I went back to my place, and was in bed an hour or so later.

The next thing I know, I woke up sometime just before the sun started rising after having an extremely intense dream. A dream that I was somehow abducted from my rented second floor apartment, and taken aboard a alien craft. Everything in my memory is very foggy but there are specifics that are quite vivid. Unlike the usual abduction scenarios that I have head of, I was brought aboard a ship (I have no idea how I got there) but felt at peace and calm. I wasn't forced into some examination, nothing was forced upon me. Their faces are distorted in how I saw them at the time, and in my memory. Of the 4-5 aliens that might have been there in the room with me, I can only remember the face of one of them.

A Reptilian type, or a race trying to disguise their appearance to me by looking Reptilian. But the one that I remember was looking intensely at me. It was big, probably 6 and a half feet tall, muscular, with a body suit over his chest that looked like metal, and like some superhero's costume, it outlined the strong pectorals and muscles of its abdomen. It looked very strong, as if it could pick me up and throw me a hundred yards. It was a light shade of green on the front, and the color darkened as it went to his backside. Its outfit was of a yellowish color. It was intense, no emotions on its face. But I could feel it being slightly hesitant towards the desicion by the others to give me this mission.(obviously by now I have done enough research to look at photos/drawings and read up a little bit on different alien beings that are supposedly out there).

They spoke at length to me about some very important things, much of which I cannot recall. I am a pretty fervent mediator, and they asked me to do a 'standing meditaion' for them, which a few seconds into it, they seemed pleased by what I could do.

In the process of our discussion, I was asked to help them, fully given a choice. Apparently, I agreed to their mission and then they showed me to a stainless steel type of tub, and showed me this small yellow and blue submarine looking device. It was about an inch tall and 3 inches long, and with a push of a button a thin long spiraling wire came whirling a foot or more out of the tip of it. On the tip of the long wire was a scary looking triangular shaped barb.

I was more amazed than shocked, but as I was told to get into the tub that was full of some gelatinous mixture. Though up to that point I had been calm, I was beginning to get rather nervous, but I reluctantly got into the tub, and they put the little machine into the KY Jelly type substance and it slowly, but relentlessly, came at me. Once it was close enough to me, I tried to push it away with my hands but it just kept coming. I had a undeniable feeling that it was trying to get to my 'johnson'. Once the thing was imminently close, I have a blackout in my memory. The next thing that I remember is that I am out of the tub, away from it and back to being calm. They are telling me to ready myself to go back and that they will erase my memory of the incident. I was confused as to why they wouldn't want me to remember everything that I was supposed to do.

They told me, look for a sign in the sky, then they gave me the idea that memories of this event should eventually come back, and even more info would possibly come back with time and effort on my part. The next thing I know I am back in my apartment. I woke up slowly, I wasn't startled or even thinking about the dream though I knew I had dream-it.

I then had a cigarette, and went to the bathroom to pee. While standing there in the bathroom light, as I was peeing, I notice something peculiar on my johnson, but thought it to be a regular old vein or something...but when I touched it, it felt hard like a thin steel cable, about a 1 mm thick. It seemed to be about 2 inches long( I was to investigate further in the coming days and find out that it is much longer, even going under my pelvis bone) I was perplexed by it, but thought that I was not going to do anything about it at the moment, so I might as well try to sleep and deal with it later. I'd keep an eye on it as I wasn't at home and didn't want to go to any doctors round that area, and then I went back to bed, as I felt exhausted.

Upon falling asleep again, I had a dream, a very vivid in color dream. In the past I have had a good handful of prophetic dreams (dreams of my wife before we met, the death of a cousin, etc)...and this dream was of that caliber in detail to me. I wont bore you with the details, but let's just say that the gov and the feds were after me, and it might have been tied to me having this mechanism looked at by a doctor or untrustworthy person.

I have a wife and a family and I cannot put them in jeopardy over this. That is why I wish to keep any information I tell you a secret. But it doesn't end there...When I woke in a cold sweat from the dream of being tracked and chased down, I kept hearing this noise outside my apartment door. I actually heard the noise earlier when I had been up before, but was so tired then, that nothing could have stopped me from sleeping, But now, as I tried to go back to sleep, the noise was irritating. So I opened the door to my apartment to see the two large windows at the top of the stairs were totally pulled open, and this is on what must have been the coldest, windiest night since the last winter they had down there. I found it very odd, but made no particular connection to anything. By now the Alien dream I had prior was not even something I was thinking about, like any old dream one might have.

So here is where the last string from this life changing night gets tied...That next night at work, when I plugged my computer in and went to my yahoo home page, there was a headline that immediately stood out to me. I clicked on it. It happened to be the Norway Spiral clip, that had just happened on Dec 10. While I watched this clip, I was suddenly frozen with shock, flushed with fear, and remembered that I was to see a 'sign in the sky'. Seeing the, at that time unexplained incident, suddenly had me remembering the odd implant in my 'johnson' and the upstairs windows that were oddly flung open in the middle of the night, and the crazy dream/abduction I had experienced.

So there is the short story of that night. There is actually much more to the story, but I'd like to at least make contact with you, before I go more into more detail. Things have happened since as far as what this 'thing' in my johnson does. All sorts of unexplainable things have been happening, one of which, is that I no longer get sick. In fact many ailments that I had previously, persistent heartburn, gastritis, even 2 bad teeth that needed crowns have disappeared. My wife has been sick twice, and even while being with her all day, I have not caught her sicknesses The one constant, is that this implant is still there, ever present.

Though in a way, I am doing my own studies of how this affects me, I would entertain the idea of having some trustworthy people do some examining of it. Nothing too crazy like trying to remove it, I fear it would be impossible to do without endangering my life. What I can tell you, is that it wraps round the tip of my johnson, and must go all the way back to my spine, because a week after first getting the implant, I suffered from horrible almost debilitating lower back pains for a month. The back pains then simply vanished, and I have yet to have any since.

I recently went to a urologist to have the implant examined, but oddly enough, the implant has slowly been sinking deeper into the flesh of my Johnson, and is now almost undetectable unless my johnson happens to be in an 'excited' state. Most particularly, the day I went to the doctor, the implant was seemingly gone. The urologist couldn't feel anything, and to his knowledge what I explained to him didn't make medical sense. Yet, later that night while having love making with my wife, sure enough, there it was again.

Source : MUFON Case Number:22974

Note :

The above description given by abductee Humanoid matches with Drac’s .The have a reputation of being cunning, highly intelligent, and very warlike creatures. They have been connected to the Roswell cover-up and Dulce Caverns in New Mexico, as well as to underground military bases supposedly in connection with our government and MILABS. They have webbed fingers, nails which resemble talons, with various shades of dark greenish grey scaly skin, and have reptile eyes in various colors. They have the ability to shape shift and mask as human. They seem to feed off human energy, off of our fear or other highly charged emotions. Several sources claim they are the original inhabitants of Earth and were driven from the planet by the visiting Adamic / Evadamic (humanoid species) race who may have been part of the Anunnaki and headed for the Draco Star System, many thousands of years ago and will return to take over earth again.


  1. as crazy as it sounds. It feels believable to me. I have had some mild encounters with reptilians myself...and the ones I encountered were not nice guys :)

    Although good ones do exist- and they are trying to help. It sucks the universe is so multi-faceted, and we have such little knowledge of anything that we can't decipher what is what for ourselves. One has to experience it themselves.

    These beings are not as bad because they gave you a choice. The negative ones do not.

  2. This story would carry some credibility if we had some medical
    documentation of the "Johnson Implant", and a followup by Indiana
    MUFON. Otherwise, it sounds like a drunken disinformationist's idea of
    a joke.

  3. I agree with anonymous. More evidence is needed before a story of this magnitude seems credible. Because if it is true, it's a helluva incident.
    Then again, after spending my formative years in Indiana, the "Reptilian" might very have been just one of the locals. :)
    I jest, of course.


  4. I hope that CL's Reptilians are actually good, but time will tell. I suspect the Reptilians are attempting to gain CL's trust by helping him remember only the "good" things they do. Do you know of any good doctors that "hide" their procedures from you? Anonymous people are too frightened to accept that CL's testimony could be true. I know that alien implants can "move" within the body, but people dismiss that because they don't want to believe - humans don't understand. I know that certified medical practitioners will not provide evidence of "unknown operations" taking place on people. Our Authorities are good at knowing who's being abducted and keeping as little as that public as possible, discrediting anyone who dares try otherwise. That, with all the frightened people who willingly slander someone they don't' even know, helps keep all this information from being believed or understood by those wanting to know more. Yes, perhaps you may not understand until you experience it, and then you can decide for yourself if it's real, and whether it's good or bad for US.

  5. Haa...I am CL, and I found it not too surprising to see my story here on the web. I do have documented proof of it on ultra-sound. The fact is that since April, the reptilians have been communicating with me using by using the implanted device. They use the device to know my every thought.
    There are no benevolent reptilians. It might be hard for people to understand or believe when I say this...but I always have had very strong paranormal traits. Before the abduction I was just waking up to ones that were undeniable. The reason they abducted me, was that they fear what people like me can do to them, and what a soul such as mine will do as it wakes up the masses to the idea that we are under the reptilian infuence more than we could ever know. The Reptilians are a race that is here taking over humanity. By means of our politics and financiers and all methods of control, they are attempting to imprison us in a world resembling Orwell's 1984. Why, because they feed off of our fears. Much like we eat food for substance, they eat human energies. Anger, fear, and despair are their favorites. They have failed again and again at making me, a 'paranormal', their most powerful type of feeder, into giving them what they want. The mission they spoke to me of, all an ellaborate lie to try to keep me under-foot. Through their clarevoyancy they tried to make me believe I was the next Messaih, when I did not believe them, they tried to frighten me, when I did not fear, they now try to steal my energies at night, through dreams that are distressful or sexual. They are creatures of the 4th demension. They can be right there standing at your side and you wouldnt know it. They have structered the DNA of many and kept specific bloodlines in power because they use those people as hosts to possess and to make their agenda happen.
    Unfortunately, and as I tell them frequently, they have screwed with the wrong guy. I am on a mission now, to break into that plain of the 4th demension and take them on in a place where their powers are less and human 'paranormal' powers are significantly greater. I search for anyone who is also considerably 'paranormal' and has learned to harness their energies. Meditation is key.
    Do not just believe what your senses tell you is the truth. There is a reason why the world around you is structured to keep you thinking that fame, money, and power are all ideas we should strive for...the human being was made for something much much greater, and if stuck on these lower levels of thought, we will never achieve it, all-the-while we make these creatures more powerful. Wake up people!

    1. I agree with what the Reptilians are trying to do. I to would like to fight back and if going to them is the answer then i need to learn, as we all do...enough is enough. They hide from us and do all this stuff to us from behind the curtain, it is because they fear are real potentual...are soul. We are stronger...we just need to wakeup. ITS OUR TIME NOW AND THEY KNOW IT!!

    2. this is amazing. i need more. i not sure i was abducted. but deffinatly have some implant...i find they communicate with me. my bf may be one.they pose human. they do suck energy.fear is the favorite. rage next. i need more info..more stories like this too compare...

    3. revolutionxxnow@gmail.com6/07/2013 04:26:00 AM

      I can help you....well that is to say i understand you and would like to assist. I have a great fascination for the reptilian race....but I too seek to expose them...let me know if you really want to talk about this more. -Brian

    4. Hey revolutionxxxnow i would like to talk about something that happened when i was 10, could you email me? thanks for your time

    5. Phenomenal!! Be grateful they gave you a choice or even spoke to you. Possibly changing the approach provided a bigger opportunity for food? Experiences have given me inner peace without question as I never felt uncomfortable. I'm from Indiana and they showed me, my 12 year olds twin as they took her.

    6. Been a long time since I wrote this and had my interview with the mufon guy...and for as long of a time as it has been since I wrote this article, it seems like I was that much of a different person when I wrote it. I, for better or worse, am a different man from the ignorant boy who suffered such an inter-dimensional atrocity. I have suffered so incredibly much, that I have gone from a scared little sheep to a courageous lion who no longer suffers from the emotion of fear. The implant was booby trapped, just for a booby like me...and has since then has caused me great harm. It has changed my magnetic/electrical field has seriously inhibited my ability to envision and especially envision colors. I must feel all my energy work, I can no longer envision it. It is an odd mix of wildly powerful negative aspects and bad because nothing is natural anymore. I am either just a mere pin-cushion for the pleasure of torture of these inter-dimensional fucks, or I am, being made into a type of weaponized human, awaiting some strange day when I will be activated and sent into the world to create an army and attempt to take on ALL that is wrong with humanity. Of course I will fail, I will die, and so will the millions of people who felt my truth and joined sides with me...and in the end, the new world order will reign supreme.

    7. I can't believe the positioning "CL" ended up taking on this (if you really are CL) and getting sucked into the Fear Matrix concerning Reptilian beings. You said before:

      "I could feel it (one) being slightly hesitant towards the desicion by the others to give me this mission..(obviously by now I have done enough research to look at photos/drawings and read up a little bit on different alien beings that are supposedly out there).

      They spoke at length to me about some very important things, much of which I cannot recall. I am a pretty fervent mediator, and they asked me to do a 'standing meditaion' for them, which a few seconds into it, they seemed pleased by what I could do.

      In the process of our discussion, I was asked to help them, *fully given a choice*."

      Let us not forget that statement as it is very powerful, indeed.

      As to the comment about who would erase someone's memory. Someone who is compassionate (even if a person chooses something) it might be too overwhelming to deal with right away, or at one time. When I have undergone human surgery, I am put under anesthesia and I'm thankful for that.

      Here are a few links that might be helpful to others. This xenophobia towards other ET races needs to be looked at. Condemning a whole race? And, please be advised that there are zillions of Reptilian races out there. There are only certain ones that have interacted with us. Like you said, he could have thrown you one hundred yards, but he did not. If they wanted to destroy us, it's clear they could have done so by now. Humans have to take responsibility for their own mistakes and poor choices on this planet. CL- If you are a mediator/diplomat such as myself, then please remember this part of who you truly are at your core.:) Although, I doubt the person speaking here is CL because what he wrote above was more enlightening and even neutral in some ways with a curiosity and not a fixed position.;)

      Here are a few links for people to contemplate.

      Some other food for thought is this: Everyone has heard about the Mothman, correct? I believe from research and experience that he is a type of black Draco. People have blamed him (in ignorance) for the collapse of the Silver Bridge being one example, but I believe that Dracos have a form of precognition and have, actually, tried to warn people of danger. There is even some who claim to have seen Mothman before 9/11 and were warned about this occurring, as well. Andrew B. Colvin sees them as Garudas and as more of a protector type. I have had contact with those from Alpha Draconis since I was a child and they have showed me nothing but love, loyalty, honor and an integrity that I wish I saw with more humans. There is an agenda behind why Icke started what he did in planting a negative seed about them. I urge people to think outside of the box and I hope some of these links do help open some eyes to the fact that many of us are having positive contact and a whole lot more that is extremely enlightening and co-creative. Thank you for listening.

      When we are trapped in fear, we are trapped in ignorance and can never rise above our own inner chaos as an observer to the Truth.


  6. THANK YOU! For recounting your story. I believe it 120%. Yes, the implants DO move. I tried to pull it out, it sinked deeper in and a few days later felt it spreading (like a web) at my chin.

    I worked with an architectural association in San Diego and the executive director, a "Former" Navy Officer, is absolutely one of these Monsters! And I am NOT kidding! Shape-
    Shifts...the whole bit! She also had a very peculiar smell/ oder.

    She was extremely intimidating and evil. With an incredible ability to persuade people to do what she wanted. She would sniff and stand very close (an attempt to intimidate/ cause fear) I thought she was a lesbian ….but the things that happened later told me it was something else.

    I have been subjected to govt sponsored stalking/land line phone/email// cellphone/ computer hacking/ apartment break-ins, etc. At first I thought she put my name on a list for Gang Stalking/ Organized Stalking as all the harassment are exactly the same. But with the implant (bruises found on cheek and bridge of nose), finding myself unconscious on the floor after smelling some weird gas, and the constant trailing…MILABS and/or ALIENS.

    To your incident. They will tell you anything to get you to "sell your soul" to them. There is a Great Prayer of Protection by Michael Relfe.

    Good Luck to ALL Spiritual “Peace” Warriors. You are born with Free Will, they can’t take that away from you even if they try to kill you. One thing I KNOW they absolutely can’t stand, they can’t stand for us to be LOVING, HUMAN TOWARDS ONE ANOTHER, COMPASSIONATE AND KIND. Smile at them, Laugh at them, Blow them Kisses…that really gets under their scaly skin. John Lennon was RIGHT by the way, when he came up with the idea for a “LOVE/ PEACE” Bed-in. If we don’t play their game, then there will be no game to play.

  7. This is crazy stuff. Crazy sinkholes, earthquakes, volcanoes, atmosphere collapsing, oil everywhere, hot as heck, SRA, NSA, chemtrails, morgellons, mind control - okay, I'm sleepy now. But anyway, yeah, a friend turned me onto this site called Good stuff. Rumors have it that therapists run the site and are going to release evidence of a global mind contol program soon. Also, they are allegedly offering a book written by an ex patient who is a multiple, and is clairvoyant. Who knows? Peace out - Sasha.

  8. Holy shit I'm a believer!!!
    I'm in teach me your meditating ways.
    Spread the word, seriously everyone is so damn oblivious to whats happening around them. It's so fucking annoying.

  9. This story is 100% accurate. ANYONE who cannot see what's going on in our world this very day obviously is very blind and close minded. My only hope is that the human race wake up and realize how much potential we have. Instead of killing eachother over government made wars (all part of the reptilian BIGGER plan) to keep the hate, anger, saddness ect flowing strong. There is absolutly no vaid reason to kill another human being or living thing. We have been misled to think it's ok to kill animals and eat them. Just think... our clear disregard for cattle or chicken, we slaughter them, clear them, cook them and feast. Be warned there are reptilians out there and reptilians hiding behind the human form regarding us like we do cattle. It's sad the world we live in. So much that people need to know and learn has to come to light. I have had things happen to me for as long as I can remember. As far as becoming of what needs to be done to stop the influence of these demons because let's be real and honest that's exactly what these reptilians are... demons. Seeing everything going on in the world from day to day and seeing how it all fits together just like a puzzle. A lot of things is almost like I have seen it before. Sad for me to say that because it's not all nice peachy things. More or less death, horrible disasters ( weather related and more), changes with our planet and solar system. We need to band together get our information and our intentions for people to stop the hate and killing. If people don't have the information how can they even make a conclusion? If anyone would like to speak to me further feel free to contact me... Also CL, I am here if you want to talk I have had VERY similar situations happen with me, I would prefer to speak to you in private via e-mail maybe even over skype if you're up for it. I also have x-ray of implant in my lower spine. Like I said I would be much more comfortable speaking to you in private....My name is Courtney and you can contact me if interested in speaking further at e-mail address :
    God Bless everyone and always remember we Don't have to be under any influence other than our own. We live in a free will zone where we need to love one another then we can truly reach our highest potential.

    1. revolutionxxnow@gmail.com6/07/2013 04:41:00 AM

      That was just came off acid trip got back into the reptilian vein of info, as it is a topic very dear to me....I don't quite know how they connect to me...but I know they exist....I know they are alien...well the dracs right I mean the earth reptilians they're cool its the other ones we have to look out for. They fees off of of of me....this I cannot allow. Not if I am able to stop it. And I am, we all are. Courage. Honor our human race...theyre real and they want us bad......they want pur lives....but I want theirs lets give em helll before anything they're scared of us. Stand with me fuck em bro this our planet this my peoples planet you gunna have to kill me to take my ancestors lands....reptilian resistence. Message me. Its real

  10. Dulce Caverns

  11. People of the world...our home...its time to wakeup...time to stand together as one...with take back what is ours. We will not be minipulated anymore. We are the human race of earth and its time everyone starts looking at it like more killing each more hate on each other...LOVE your fellow brothers and sisters for we are all gods children...and only with love for each other will these reptilians and others be unable to hurt us anymore...ITS TIME!!

  12. I made another post just recently and it was quite extensive and I hope people will see it. The other thing people have to realize is that there *are* astral entities that feed off of fear and take energy and so often they get confused with Reptilian beings. I wanted to mention that, as well. Also, from my understanding, the Dracos were here long before we were.;) You will, also, see throughout many cultures how Reptilian beings assisted mankind in their development, more so than any other ET race... they seemed to care the most. Hopefully, my longer post will be approved and seen, for contemplation. I appreciate this story and the information given. ~Amanda

  13. I had a dream once that aliens surrounded my bed and opened my back up like I was a machine and then said her batteries are low and then I woke up. Also I've encountered strange things in the sky as well. Of course no one ever believed me.

  14. Where are we supposed to report reptilian sightings to?

    1. Hi, Courtney!

      I have just had the fortune to read about your experience in the article above. It was bizarre and strange, to say the least.

      Would you be kind enough to accept an interview on Skype? (IF you are comfortable and interested)

      PLEASE kindly respond to my comment as soon as possible!

    2. Hi, Courtney!

      Would you be kind enough to respond to my comment, just to have myself assured that you are not a Government "shill"?

      The internet is swarming with spies from the Illuminati!

  15. Shortly after Fukushima, I saw a 7-8 foot tall Draco standing about 50 yards from my house. It looked at me for a second and then flew off. At the time, I thought it was the Mothman or Death itself but it seems much more likely to be a Draco because it was draped in long grey robes. This is the beginning of the story though, much more happened the same day involving Montauk chairs, HAARP, cell-phone towers, PRISM etc, time travel agents...