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Apr 30, 2010

M.I.B Group Against, Denver Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission Vote

M.I.B Group Against, Denver Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission Vote

The Mission For Inhibiting Bureaucracy - or M.I.B./Debunkers - recently registered with the city as a political committee against "The Denver Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission."

M.I.B. member Matthew Baxter and Bryan Bonner Debunk the existence of ghosts through the rocky mountain paranormal research society. but now they're working to disprove extraterrestrials.

They even claim to disprove Mr. Billy Eduard Meier case too.. But we here at UFO-Blogger ask M.I.B. and its member Matthew Baxter and Bryan Bonner first educate them self about Mr. Billy Eduard Meier by reading our post : Billy Eduard Meier, who beat NASA by 32 years about discovery of water on mars before trying to debunk him.

If Matthew Baxter and Bryan Bonner really interested in Extraterrestrials and need Alien DNA proof please read our post : Alien abduction sexual assault provided biological evidence of Aliens.

We think they are two ghost hunter wannabes who are desperate for publicity, so they can get into a ghost hunter-type reality TV show.

We wonder when will media start acting maturely and stop giving free airtime to such publicity seekers.


  1. Well, they debunked Meier pretty well. Won't be believing his particular brand of BS anymore!

  2. @Dick sorry Dickos ..you just a Asshole.. Did you watched Meier Documentary on above mentioned link post before start shouting here ...its showed you just a another fucking Moron Debunker....

  3. My! Aren't you fellows classy! It seems that the only way you know how to get a point across is to insult and name-call. Well done!

    Yes, this is Baxter and I have been studying ol' Billy for a lot longer than you think! I was a total believer in him at one time. Once his evidence started falling apart, I had to change my tune. If my intelligence makes me an asshole in your view, well fine. I am an asshole.

  4. Last Anonymous thank for confirming that you are Asshole :D

    Anyways i just finished watching above Billy documentary and i found he got really solid proofs.