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Jun 4, 2010

Alien Implant Removed and Scientifically Examined on Camera by US Doctors

Alien Implant Removed and Scientifically Examined on Camera by US Doctors

For years, Dr. Roger Leir was in contact with the patient Ron Noel from Thousand Oaks, California, USA.

Finally when Ron Noel made it to his clinic, in early testing with ultraviolet light Dr. Roger Leir had discovered strange marks on his body which looks similar to animal tagging. According to him the symbols serve to highlight the alleged, perhaps a kind of stamp of ownership as you do with cattle.

According to Dr. Leir these objects are composed of a metallic substance that can stimulate the generation of bone cells on the surface so there is no rejection, no inflammation.

These objects also emit radio waves, even a radio frequency of these objects is identical to a radio deep space frequency.Noel objects have transmitting at the frequencies of 137.72926 MHz and 516812 GHz. According to Dr. Leir implant is not radioactive but its emit a very strong magnetic field with reading 5.5 milligauss

Complete Alien Implant Removal Video Documentary Down below:

Ron Noel Hypnosis session with Hypnotherapist

Alien Implant Removal Video Footage :

Dr. Leir in down below video extract the chip after more than 30 minutes proves to be a sort of metal in symbiosis with living tissue, a nanotechnology that surely would make the fortune of the pharmaceutical industry.

The chip contains carbon infrastructures, remember reading that you are doing experiments to build nano-scale transistor using carbon-based structures that have the ability to conduct electricity, but keep in mind that while we are talking about frontier technology, according to Ron Noel from past 40 years he had this implant in his body.

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