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Jul 10, 2010

After Cigar shape Spaceship now Saturn Rings Got Giant Propellers

After Cigar shape Spaceship now Saturn Rings Got Giant Propellers

Last month we had informed our readers NASA scientists Alien Life Exists on Saturn Moon Titan .

And later on we had also reported DIA Remote Viewers 'saw' Extraterrestrial on Saturn moon Titan :according to CIA documents.

And now had reported that a Ggant propeller-shaped structures have been discovered in the rings of Saturn and appear to be created by a new class of hidden moons, NASA announced Thursday.NASA's Cassini spacecraft spotted the distinctive structures inside some of Saturn's rings, marking the first time scientists have managed to track the orbits of individual objects from within a debris disk like the one that makes up Saturn's complicated ring system.

Back in 1996 WRXF-FM in Charlotte, North Carolina featured NASA scientist Dr. Norman Bergrun, whose book, "The Ring- Makers of Saturn," reveals that NASA's voyager space-probes of Saturn's rings took photographs of an elliptical (cigar-shaped) craft, length estimated equal to Earth's diameter, orbiting in Saturn's rings. Dr. Bergrun said that large apertures could actually be seen in the side of this craft.

Huge cigar shaped object clearly shown following a definite path in an orbit along the edge of Saturn’s ring. Pic: HST WFPC2, Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI).

Confirming data was published in the February,1996 issue of "Science News' (vol. 149, No. 5, p.71), which reported that the Hubble Space Telescope photographed a large elliptical "satellite" orbiting Saturn's rings. In a follow-up photograph, it had disappeared. Two other very big, very bright, orbiting objects were photographed May 22 and August 10, 1995, but by Nov. 21, had also disappeared. When asked why NASA had not managed to get a photograph of the huge craft previously, Dr. Bergrun said, "They have a tendency to hide." The NASA scientists said that this giant craft is apparently doing something, possibly exerting an attractive force on Saturn's rings
When asked why NASA and other governmental agencies haven't released this information before, Dr. Bergrun answered that the 1958 Space Act states that the public will be informed regarding results of space photos and data only if it is determined that suit data are not a threat and that a craft this huge would have been considered a threat and deemed to have great military significance. Thus, it would fall under "top black-budget, military-intelligence agencies."

*Operation Right To Know, a civilian volunteer organization dedicated to ending the UFO cover-up, recently relayed an insider report that a military-intelligence agency now controls NASA.

by Richard Boylan from Perceptions August/September 1996
Operation Right To Know


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