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Aug 30, 2010

Fleet Of UFOs Filmed By Japanese Satellites : JAXA

Fleet Of UFOs Filmed By Japanese Satellites

Down below footage was videotaped by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency/JAXA satellites.

Earlier this year we had reported about how lake look-alike craters was spotted over Moon by HDTV Cameras of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency too.

In another incident in Japan last year, Japan's X- first lady had claimed to rode on a triangular shaped UFO and went to Venus.


  1. can anyone translate, and also tell me exactly what im looking at(perhaps an answer from japans aerospace agency?), its real easy to look at this and call it a ufo fleet if you believe in aliens/ufo's if you know what i mean, and wheres the source, can you please link where the video originally came from, because when i google the incident all the websites direct me to ufoblogger(which is more than happy to label a glowing light in the sky as a mysterious ufo), all im saying is that people like myself who are on the fence need more confirmation

  2. Dear

    We also like to know more about this video...but sadly right now we don't have any further information about same.

    As we received above video via our contact us forum..

    We are looking for someone who can translate it.

    Right now we are searching for bilingual Japanese forum where, we could link up this video and ask people to translate it for all of us.


  3. Translation : Actually the video says that it was photographed by the endeavour space shuttle, while passing Tokyo bay.

    Its look like invasion to me...


  4. There are NO dangerous alien craft out there. This is the "end times" and all these craft are from the "higher heavens". www.abundanthope.net

    And yes to another poster, these ARE craft and the BIG one is deliberately putting on a light show for the cameras! Some of these craft are up to 3 times the size of earth.

  5. Yes there ARE dangerous craft out there, Candace. Do you even know what the "higher heavens" are? That crap is just a part of a dis-information project aimed at disarming people of the reality of ETs and their technology. If you want to get spiritual then research incarnation (not re-incarnation). Aliens all have one thing in common: to manipulate humans for better or worse.

  6. WoooW

    Candace you really worry me, first a craft 3 times the size of earth, hmm i think everyone around the world would be able to see it, 2nd i believe in higher power and creation but i also believe in science, so even if those crafts could be demons or angels or whatever, but also we have to consider that there actual aliens that have manipulated our believes so we can be led like sheep to our doom, while waiting for a savior .

  7. ET devices in shape of a saucer, pewter metal in color, have been around since may-june of 1945. Telpathic communication was experienced, but no beings were observed. Hypnotic amnesia and screen memory obscure the abduction event that left bleeding cut on left inside of right knee. As one of their first abduction "customers" at age 10, I dont think they had perfected their technique yet. Stop the denial. Tell the Truth. Read MONEY:The 12th and FINAL RELIGION.