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Aug 20, 2010

Israel Manipulating US Media : U.S National Archive

Israel Manipulating US Media : U.S National Archive

Secret files declassified in America have revealed covert public relations and lobbying activities of Israel in the U.S. The National Archive made the documents public following a Senate investigation.

They suggest Israel has been trying to shape media coverage of issues it regards as important.

Now you can also download these file from down below date wise links :

Archive - On November 21, 1962 The Department of Justice.orders the American Zionist Council to register as an Israeli foreign agent.

11/29/1962 | 12/10/1962

Down below is really good Fox News report about "Israel Spy Network" how they are listening every call we made here in US.


  1. People must remember that in FACT, the Jews and Zionists are the most HIGHLY racist people on earth. They are Masters of Deceit and Manipulation.

    They have their army of disinformers and propagandists. i.e. Megaphone, JIDF.

    However, our army of truth tellers will in the end bury them.

    911 was inside job Mossad/CIA

    When the American people eventually find out the truth, all hell will break loose.

    Zionazis like homelandsecurity fan better get a bullet proof vest.

  2. Ok im even surprised that Americans themselves have found out about the Israeli lobby and even more so not only have they found out - they have also declassified obtained information about it. This is fishy - i have a feeling that this has to be also a cover-up of something bigger.

  3. This sort of thing is happening in Australia with our polly's getting free holidays in Israel and their husbands getting high paying jobs with jewish owned Aust. companies.

    even other members of our government are linking who in our government is getting what from Israeli interests and their stance on the ongoing Palestinian Holocaust cover up.

    this "influence" which is called lobbying should be seen for what it is, bribing our governments into Israeli interests and wars. this must end now.

  4. Martial law hasn't been fully declared, constitutional rights haven't been suspended and you still have the illusion of democracy and free speech.

    It's acts of terror that have brought us to this point. Admittedly they have been inside jobs but why make it easier for them by committing the acts yourselves. Terror is a counter-productive response.

    They are sitting waiting for people to act in such a way so they can finalise the plan.

  5. Never again , that's what Israel keep saying ,I say enough is enough , if you dare to to say anything or disaprove with them you become an antisemite and a nazi . Come on we are tired of that pull another card.

  6. WooooooW

    I already know all of this and i m surprised from the response that some people are starting to wake up, there is hope after all.

    Its not just Israel, its a lot of powerful cooperation that signed on and jumped on the wagon, look at the end result, tax payers paying the bill, people of Iraq broke there oil is sucked dry, Who made all the money.