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Aug 21, 2010

Wikipedia Infiltrated By Israel Zionist History Editors

Wikipedia Infiltrated By Israel Zionist History Editors

An army of zionist editors have just been trained to edit wikipedia pages! A first-of-its-kind course opened this week in Jerusalem: "Zionist Editing for Wikipedia." The patriotic "Yisrael Sheli" (My Israel) organization, which recently organized the demonstrations outside the Turkish Embassy after the flotilla incident, was motivated to open the course in order to address Israel's public relations problems.

The course, which was organized with the help of the Yesha Council, conducted a one-day seminar, and will continue online.

The strategy and goal of the course is to educate and enable an 'army' of editors of Wikipedia, giving them the professional skills to write and edit the online encyclopedia's content in a manner which defends and promotes Israel's image.

The participants of the course were chosen from a long list of candidates, with 80 students in total slated to participate.

Seminar workshops were led by professionals and senior Wikipedia editors, and included an overview of the Wikipedia project and practical training on web editing, writing, and values.

Organizers said the initial seminar was a success, and there is a great demand for more meetings in the future.


  1. A few years ago there was an excellent article there on Marie Antoinette, very detailed with many interesting links, it brought to life pre-revolutionary France, it was very objective and educational. However it was changed, whittled way down with the usual "let them eat cake" stuff. I was disappointed that it was changed, because whoever wrote the first one had to have been an unbiased historian with expertise in French history.

    An unbiased like a terrorist,the PTB's don't like them.Zionists have their reason for editing history.

    That is correct, and I am now most likely considered an antisemite or neonazi because I wanted to find out info on my family, and found that horrific story instead, and instead of hiding it or denying it, I posted it.