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Nov 14, 2010

US Senate Bill S.3804 - Allows Government To Shutdown Whistleblower Websites

US Senate Bill S.3804 - Allows Government To Shutdown Whistleblower Websites

Stop the Internet Blacklist Oppose US Senate Bill S.3804

Just the other day, President Obama urged other countries to stop censoring the Internet. But now the United States Congress is trying to censor the Internet here at home. A new bill being debated this week would have the Attorney General create an Internet blacklist of sites that US Internet providers would be required to block. (The first vote is scheduled Thursday!)

This bill giving the government the power to shut down Web sites that host materials that infringe copyright is making its way quietly through the lame-duck session of Congress, raising the ire of free-speech groups and prompting a group of academics to lobby against the effort.

The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA) was introduced in Congress this fall by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT). It would grant the federal government the power to block access to any Web domain that is found to host copyrighted material without permission.

Critics say the bill is both a giveaway to the movie and recording industries and a step towards widespread and unaccountable censorship of the Internet.

Opponents note that the powers given the government under the bill are very broad. Because the bill targets domain names and not specific materials, an entire Web site can be shut down. So for example, if the US determines that there are copyright-infringing materials on YouTube, it could theoretically block access to all of YouTube, whether or not particular material being accessed infringes copyright.

Activist group DemandProgress, which is running a petition against the bill, argues the powers in the bill could be used for political purposes. If the whistleblower Web site WikiLeaks is found to be hosting copyrighted material, for instance, access to WikiLeaks could be blocked for all US Internet users.

Though the bill was delayed in September after an outcry from activist groups, it now appears to be back and potentially poised for quick passage in the lame-duck session of Congress.

This is the kind of heavy-handed censorship you'd expect from a dictatorship, where one man can decide what web sites you're not allowed to visit. But the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to pass the bill as soon as they get back after the election -- and Senators say they haven't heard much in the way of objections! That's why we need you to sign our urgent petition to Congress demanding they oppose the Internet blacklist.

Take a Action Now

Sign Urgent Petition against S. 3804 : HERE

PETITION TO THE SENATE: Censoring the Internet is something we'd expect from China or Iran, not the U.S. Senate. You need to stop this Internet blacklist in its tracks and oppose S. 3804.

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  1. What has happened to freedom of rights - freedom of speech, Liberty in general. Those who believe THEY are the PTB could be in for a torrid time when the People have had said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH......

  2. The world is full of too many sheepeople for them to say "enough is enough". Blissfully unaware of the control TPTB have over them. There'd have to be a mass "awakening" for there to be any push back. Thing is that right now we're the minority. We all no how the sheepeople treat minorities.....

  3. This is completely unsurprising. The government has always fought to control all new forms of communication. They did it with television and radio and now they are gunning for the internet. After all control is the main reason the FCC was created.

    The only way to implement this plan is with a china style national firewall. With that in place the can limit access to what ever sites they want. Enjoy the last bastion of freedom of speech while you can.

  4. I'm an author of e-books. Are you aware of the illegal resale of millions of dollars in e-books? It's being done blatantly. Not only does the author lose the revenue from the illegally downloaded book, but so does the publisher. Publishing is in trouble because of this. Fiction is an important art form. People who spend their lives creating it should be compensated. Can you come up with a better way to stop the pirates than top take down their sites, and sites that allow them to resell?