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Dec 29, 2010

Statue of Liberty A secret Illuminati Symbol - Brad Meltzer's Decoded

Statue of Liberty A secret Illuminati Symbol - Brad Meltzer's Decoded

Best-selling author Brad Meltzer & his team thought they knew what the Statue of Liberty stood for. But now they learn that America's most powerful icon of freedom might actually be loaded with secret symbols put there by a sinister group bent on world domination.

They investigate claims that the Illuminati, a secret European society loosely affiliated with the freemasons, turned every inch of the statue into a coded message, from the torch Liberty holds high, to the rays emanating from the crown, even to the precise height of the statue itself.

Things get even stranger when a highly regarded numerologist shows the team why he believes the statue is really a monument to the all-powerful number 7. As they evaluate these unsettling claims, Brad & the team are forced to reconsider whether one of America's most enduring symbols is really who she appears to be.

Please check the above documentary part 4 video at 6:14 and you will learn where this so called expert / Debuker loyalty lie !

Down below is screenshot of part 4 video at 6:14 :

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  1. it's nice to know i'm not alone with this knowledge anymore. i was accused of being on drugs or just plain crazy for years. i only just got a computer. the "aliens" and "ufo's" are illusion produced by technology powered by demonic/satanic "powers that be"? i'm sure glad i know that when "the smoke clears" our side will be Victorious! Jesus Christ will be King. pray for all those who r being blinded, naive', lied to, or just ignorant. and for those who are simply scared into submission. thx. He Is Risen!! from tulsa, ok

  2. Jehovah god is the real god... one I call my father. This illuminati stuff has no effect on him at all. He is god. Almigh powerful. Satan and his demons will be destroyed. Jehovah's name itself is powerful. Nothing Satan says or does could stop the ruing of his life. That's a promise. I love jehovah he can do whatever he pleases sos Satan is history and already dead to his eyes as well as mine