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Dec 31, 2010

UFO News : New Years Eve 2011 UFO Sightings Video

Update: New Years Eve 2012 UFO Sightings Videos

New Years Eve 2011 UFO Sighting Laguna, Philippines

While watching the fireworks on New Year's Eve at our house in Laguna Philippines, a strange orange ball in the sky caught our attention. We thought it was a Chinese lantern at first, but it's strange movements refute this idea. The exact shape of the object cannot be determined, it was globe/ball shaped with an iridescent orange glow. It was flying vertically and slowly, which means this cannot be a plane.

There's even a time it went still for a minute and then creep slowly up into the sky until it's orange glow cannot be seen anymore (our guess is that it exited the earth's atmosphere).

We googled about this strange event and we were pleasantly surprised that this strange sighting is often seen during new year's eve around the world.

Nobody can exactly tell what we've seen, but we consider ourselves lucky in witnessing this strange and amazing event.

New Years Eve 2011 UFO Sighting Over QC, Philippines

An unidentified flying object (top left light) appears and disappears in the sky while watching fireworks in White Plains, QC Philippines

Mt. View Hawaii New Years Eve 2011.

UFO or strange slow lights going across the night sky. It was dark so all you could see was the lights... Wow. Epic sighting. This is my first Unidentified Flying Object. What a trip! It looked just red fiery ball in the sky but when i uploaded it on my video program it was blinking colors. it was really dark so all u can see is the light.

New Years Eve 2011 UFO Sighting Over Australia

UFO footage from new years eve 2011...This is the first of a series of videos I shot with my new fujifilm camera! Although the images are not that great Im happy with the outcome.

At this point the UFO was dipping beyond a hill maybe 10km away, this was the first pass and the second and third passes were much closer!! These second and third videos will be posted after this one!!

Please forgive my ramblings as I was struggling with the autofocus, lens flare from the streetlights and just general inexperience filming the night sky (its not easy)!

Video - 1

Video - 2

The second of the UFO videos from new years this one was closer but I was struggling to keep the camera steady...The third video is much clearer but again Im just happy to have finally posted my first UFO videos after seeing so many (over 100 now) !! Thanks everyone and stay tuned for more!


The third and easily the best of the videos from new years eve 2011....I couldnt believe my luck!! I had just filmed a UFO make two passes to the east of newcastle and then this was coming straight over my head from north to south!!

If I can get a hold of a program to get rid of the shake there may be more of the pulsing that will show up but yeah, just happy to have got one on film!! Oh yeah, the other thing was that it gave me a good display as it faded out and I kind of dropped the ball at the end, I mean it was probably only about a kilometer or two above me and I got kind of excited and missed it fading out...I will do better next time!

New Years Eve 2011 UFO Sighting Over Las Vegas Boulevard New Years Party

Minutes after the New Years countdown for 2011 we looked up in the sky and we saw a bunch of UFO's flying and lighting up to a very bright white color that you are about to see.. You can see a weird sort of interference at the same spot the ufo is at...This was about a minute after we saw a bunch of them and thought to video tape... As you can see it makes fast movements and right before it flys off it gets very bright...

New Years Eve 2011 UFO Sighting Over Lincoln UK

UFO's coming over Lincoln UK New Years day morning - not fireworks or anything like that - lots came over traveling in the same direction out towards the east coast at a estimated height of 30,0000 ft.

They were silent and didn't make any engine sound and were all in some sort of formation,
Make you own mind up!

New Years Eve 2011 UFO Sighting Over Seminole, Florida

UFO's moving quickly over Seminole, Florida on New Year's Eve 2011!!! Saw them in the Northern Sky. Multiple sightings throughout the world!!!


  1. We just finished ringing in the new year in Ontario (Oshawa, about 50km outside of toronto) and went outside for a smoke. 6 of us were outside and observed a red/pink orb flying north over our houses. Each orb was followed by another and there was a string of about 10 of them. Each one moved fairly quickly until disappearing suddenly.

    Did anyone else report this?
    We took photo's with blackberry phones, but it was too dark & no pictures turned out.

    We are very weirded out by what we all saw. Very strange. It was definitely not a plane or anything any of us could identify.

  2. My friends and I went outside right after it struck 12 o'clock to set off fireworks when we suddenly saw this same reddish object going over our heads.

    It made no noise and was traveling quite fast. It was absolutely amazing!

    But the odd part is that about a minute later, another orangish reddish object came from the exact same place as the first one, looked identical to the first one, and disappeared in the same spot that the first one vanished in.

    Our jaws were dropped, it was so mysterious and magical!

    What a way to start 2011!

  3. Okay. Florida, 35 minutes ago. Four red, glowing lights moving in formation in the Pinellas County, which is St. Petersburg/ Seminole, area.

  4. I saw the same thing in Hawaii over my house it looked red and when i looked on my video program it blinked red greenish blue.

    I posted it up on youtube! www.youtube.com/siriusmessages or

    This is the first one i ever saw. and i think many others seen the same thing. it was at 830 pm our time so same time as u i think. Cali time.

    I am a true believer and always have been but never have i seen anything myself. thanks for sharing with everyone. SM

  5. In Hawaii, there were 2 strange lights in the sky then 2 more appeared and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

  6. My husband and friends saw this same weird thing!? I was going to try to video it, but didnt get my camera in time. It was the oddest thing just sitting there in the sky slowing going up until it disappeared.

  7. In Santo Domingo Dom. Rep. at 12:01 am 1/1/11 while filming fireworks



  8. Hi.In Poland I saw the same thing in Gdańsk city near the main town.It was about 11p.m. 12-31-2010

  9. My roommate and I were getting off work in Manhattan around 49th and 8th, right by the blue line, e, c, a, when we looked up and saw some very strange things.

    As we were walking down the sidewalk, at approximately 12:35 am, we saw a large group of unidentifiable silver/white objects in the sky.

    There were several lines of them and they were moving fast then slow, some even stopped.Approximately 9 to 12 of them formed pyramids in the sky then 3 also moved side to side as if enacting evasive moves in the sky.

    When we saw them they were between 47th and 50th street and closer to the east side rather than the west, where we were.

    I looked for other light sources and even saw a helicopter flying in the air above us for whatever was being filmed or watched. I was New Years Eve near Times Square after all.As we watched the formations and the objects move against the background of our solar system, they disappeared.

    Even after walking around the block and searching for anything in the sky that would indicate they were weather balloons or a mass of airplanes or anything but what we saw, they were gone. As if they never existed.

    We noted the time as 12:54 am when we decided to go home to Queens, Yes I understand we live where 3 of the captured UFO’s already are, and considered ourselves very lucky to see such an unexplained event.

    We both would say, since we had no time to count them or document what we had seen, there were approximately 30 to 40 of the objects that were in the sky, they came and went quickly, and we are not sure if anyone else even saw them.NYC, Manhattan, 47th to 50th street, east side location. Duration approximately 10 minutes.

  10. in Poland ,Cracow the same thing..

  11. We too in Redlands CA we saw 2 orange floating dots in the sky which were moving but it wasnt anything we could identify...was scary and im interested to find out what it was.

  12. Hi all,

    I live in Canada-Ontario in 'Oshawa' (it is about 50 km outside of Toronto). I also witnessed some wired flying objects traveling north-east from Simcoe Street at 12:16 am. There was about 10 of them (rounded with a yellowish glowing color). I have video taped them using my cell phone (not so clear because it was dark and the surrounding lights played a factor as well) but if any if you is interested I could email them those videos.

    I will be checking this blog regularly for any posts.

  13. Hi there, I live in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, about an hour from Toronto. My husband and I were in our living room talking when I noticed two, slow moving, orange glowing globe/orbs glinding and hovering about 500 to 1000 feet from our home. We ran out side to see these objects moving gracefully in ways we have never seen objects in the sky moving before. They moved at different speeds and didn't seem to be in a rush as the crossed the night sky. We watched them for about a minute or so, until they disappeared. It was wild and has sparked our interest in just what they were. We were not frightened by the experience, but we were intrigued to say the least!

    This all took place at midnight on New Year's eve (12:00am, Jan. 1, 2011).

    What a way the bring in this new and incredible year!

    Happy New Year to you all, and please do tell of your experience if you had one - we all want to know!

  14. Hey. Reporting from NW Washington, DC. I saw three orange-yellow lights around 1am this morning. There was 4 of us watching this event. The lights were together and then they split apart. I saw one of them disappear in the sky.

  15. http://www.caak.mn/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=8247333 Hi!they are evrywhere!on new years eve thousands of people saw 50-60 UFO's flying over our city-Ulaanbaatar Mongolia!

  16. My husband and I saw 4 of them, 2 at first, then 2 more, at approximately 6pm central time, today, Jan. 1st, 2011, in Nashville, Tennessee.

  17. I saw the same thing in annapolis ,MD i was looking out my friend window watching the fire works and happen to glance to the right and i saw 4 orange lights movin very slowly in the sky and they started to flicker and then they diappeared

  18. Miami, Fl the same thing a bit past midnight

  19. Very interesting

    Ufos like to watch fireworks too, i guess its a new race that was testing our defenses lol.

    This is good i hope its a good year for ufo videos, i really hope few people take good videos this year.

    Here are my assumptions:

    There not military there were too many of them at new years celebrations with some fireworks, different times at different areas around the globe.

    i m sure some one took really good video and hopefully it will leak soon, unless they sold it to one of the big brothers.

  20. I saw almost the exact same thing at a friend of mine's house on new years. the location was St. petersburg Florida
    However it made 2 passes over the house separated by about 25-45 minutes in between
    however it took almost the exact same flight pattern both times
    I've always been a skeptic of UFOs but I might be a believer now

  21. Hi i'm from Indonesia.
    My friends also saw the same UFO in the same time (new year eve)

  22. 4 orange lights...Charlotte,nc... Disappeared one by one... My wife thought I was crazy... Glad I found this

  23. I do believe in UFOs as in extraterrestrial vehicles but I take lights in the sky with a grain of salt. Technically they are UFOs (unidentified objects that are flying) but they could be anything, especially on new years eve. Balloons of some kind maybe.

  24. My girlfriend and i was out side right after 12:30 1/1/2011 when we say 1 red looking orb floating it looked like it was on fire it went by till we couldnt see it anymore fast and slow speed varied then 3 mins later 3 came in a line from the same direction and went buy at wierd speeds then we watched them till we couldnt see them anymore they where almost right above us at one point they looked like they was on fire. We are From Gun Barrel TX

  25. Saw the same red orb looks like a ball of fire ttarveling fast and heading north of us it happened around 12:15 am new years Eve. Florida riverview.

  26. Seen in S.Florida(Coral Springs-Broward County) just after midnight New Year's Eve, we were on our balcony and witnessed 6 pinkish/red/orange glowing orbs
    just suspended in cluster...4 disappeared leaving 3 glowing then down to one which remained still for few minutes, disappeared and reappeared several times and was gone! They were in the North sky!
    What an amazing peaceful feeling they left us in! Happy NEW Year!

  27. At around 12:35 am in New York City, I saw a fast-moving ball of fire moving object high in the sky moving North.

  28. Oslo,Norway. From 12:05 to about 12:50 we observed 9-12 orange light moving very fast from west heading towards south east. The last ones were heading to north east straight over us. We were observing these light from an appartment were we had a panorama view over all of Oslo city. They suddenly came to view over Holmenkollen(about 3-5 miles away) and was in less than half a minute later over us, completly silence. Some of them were traveling in group of 3 and were flying in a triangular formation for several minutes. I`m pleased to see that this was not just observed by us, but all around the world.

  29. Tte same issue in Romania on new years eve. Three orange lights. Moving over the city. Disappeared, coming back a few seconds/minutes later. Where moving very fast. Don't think a chinese balloon can move in this way.

  30. 1/1/11 Just after New Years, we were outside doing our small fireworks show, in rural southern Colorado USA.

    First, we see a small white object move quickly, southest to northeast. About a minute later, we see a GIANT yellow ball, with red, green & blue flames coming off it, move quickly, northeast to northwest. We live at 8500', and rural location makes our night sky very clear, and full of stars.

    We see meteors, even when there's no showers going on. This was the largest object I've ever seen, and we were all amazed and incredulous afterward.

    We decided it was an omen of a very special year for us! Some folks say 11:11 is the sequence that opens the portal to other dimensions/worlds! I hope so!

    Glad to know others saw similar things in the sky that same night/morning!

    Couldn't believe when I searched, found NADA on TV or internet except this site!

  31. Hey Florida did anyone in the Largo/Seminole area see the strange red lights tonight around 9:50 ? We all saw them in the direction of the gulf . They rose up the disappeared. The first 3 we saw were in a triangle form. It's was crazy thing to see ..

  32. From oshawa. We emptied the Crooked Uncle BAR(simcoe north) and 25-40 people saw the objects. I found a video on you tube. Just search "oshawa new years UFO"

    This could have been the mass sighting that had been predicted for october or 2010.

  33. I live in North Broward County, Coconut Creek, FL I saw 2 bright HUGE orange balls of light 1 directly below the other, They were not blinking they were solid lights, not balloons. I was in my car and just got home and stood there and stared, once the cloud cover went by they were gone. They were just huge, not a plane, just have never experienced this.

  34. Saw the same thing in the evening of New Years Day, Northern NSW, Australia. First one and then another about 5 minutes later. The strangest thing about the event was the total lack of noise.

    Our sighting was very similar, we videoed the event and when replayed in the video the lights appear to flash different colors. In the stills they just appear as fire/red glows. First falling from the sky, then flying level before departing directly away from us.

  35. I saw them too in sweden perfect formation. In my little town.
    Red glowing.

  36. @Anonymous

    I saw the glowing orange objects right after midnight in Warsaw, Poland. There were 15 or more objects flying from north-west over my house. They were flying in pairs, then next objects single. Moving fast and in same direction to the east. I have managed to record them on digital camera so I try to put the files on Youtube asap.

    Or contact me at: damnit81@wp.pl

  37. Saw a purple and green flashing orb right as the fireworks were going off. In the opposite direction. It looked like it was mimicking the fireworks. It hovered in the same spot went up and down for a bit then flew up and disappeared. North Conway nh

  38. My mom and nephew saw a huge red ball over Asheville nc between 11 and 12 on new years eve, glad you guys saw it too...

  39. In Savannah, Ga over historic district saw same thing. 2 orange balls glowing moving in weird formation. People around us saying looked like UFO. Not moving like plane or helicopter.

  40. saw about 15 of them here in northern california about 10 minutes after 12

  41. I was in McHenry, MD (Deep Creek Lake/Wisp ski resort) last night and saw these orbs with about 10 other people. When we noticed them about 12:20 AM and they appeared to us to be quite a distance away. They move around slowly and silently for about 5 minutes until they faded into darkness.

    Its cool to see that so many other people saw this too!

  42. January 1 2012, at about 12:20 after leaving a new years party going to our vechile we all saw 4 large orange glowing objects in sky. Never seen anything like that before. They moved very slow and stay close to each other. Everyone was amazed at this UFO's. This was in Cadet, Mo. in USA. Did any one else see this?

  43. reported in south florida

  44. @Anonymous

    OKAY wow u all confirm what i saw on new years eve and until 630 am in the morning, in Adelaide South Ausralia me and my friends were out on the balcony while we watched that same red light do the same things but there were thousands of the lights that were flying around blue/white lights red and yellow ones it was soo amazing i almost cried

    if anyone can help confirm this pls reply

  45. @skepta

    Please post your comment in relevant comment section :

    New Year Eve 2012 UFO Sightings : Global Report


    UFO News 2012 - Happy New Year To Our Readers


  46. We saw the same thing new years eve 2012, around 9-930 pm in cape coral Florida!

    1. I saw it too...NE Cape.

  47. I'm from Gettysburg comeing home it was about 7pm my boyfriend and I saw 4 solid red round shaped objects... Slowly moving all around each other but stayed close to each other... Then all 4 of the objects went into a straight line then one by one just disapeared!!! Very scary I just dont know what to think, I know I'm scared!!!