Dec 15, 2010

US Crawling Internet Ahead of Upcoming Wikileaks UFO Disclosure

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US Navy Network Information Center Crawling Internet Ahead Of Upcoming Wikileaks UFOs Disclosure.

In our previous article on Wikileaks and UFOs, we reported that Wikileaks upcoming UFO disclosure documents, may contain Cosmic Top Secret files.

In the article we also reported that is receiving unexpected visitors logs as well, many people emailed us and asked about the authenticity of the news and some Debunkers had even criticized us by calling attention grabbers.

Now we have decided to publish one of the Log, in which US "Navy Network Information Center or NNIC' searching the term - Wikileaks UFO

Down below is screenshot of alleged log :

Note : We are hiding the IP address and Host Name , to avoid web hosting termination on the name of national security.

Another relevant article :
Pentagon monitoring Nick Pope UFO shoot down disclosure closely
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  1. I applaud you ufo-blogger - now it's time for the people to wake up and evolve, before it is too late and realise how we have been manipulated by the Elite (The ruling et's and their minions) for the last 60 years (this time around)...please keep up the good work... There are many in your corner.

  2. yeah US gov is scared of those information beign leaked out... as it would show for how long where they lieing and were many people they had to kill in order to keep up that secret... then they locked the chief in jail and started to look for the UFO informations mostly in order to be terminated before people read it and learn the truth... what if there were infos that US has alien tech that allows anti-gravity, most pure energy sources that would end the era of oil, coal need, could heal cancer and other sicknesses or produce food enought to feed the starving.... not mention what shock it would be if they learn that military for years is already on mars... building bases and bunkers in order to save their asses in danger while leaveing everyone behind to die.... those infos would couse rage and I guess some heads in the gov would fall becouse of it... people would be pissed and gov would lose power and that is what they fear the most ^^ to lose control over our lifes...

  3. lol U.s. Military caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Nicely done mate and keep up the good work.

  4. hahah so funny FU TPB where waking up your time has passed boya! ufo blooger your the best!

  5. I'm the owner of and I just searched my stats because of your posting. You may want to dig a little deeper. I have visits from NASA, NNIC, the national institutes of health (a government agency), the army, and some other suspicious places. Just sayin'.

  6. I send everyone I know to your site.... Why in history has the struggle always been to convince others of the problem? The second hardest thing is making the change once everyone is on board..... a truly free american questions his leaders past the ballot.... sadly most dont even make it that far....

  7. Damn! The US Military is still using Netscape...

  8. Not saying your wrong, but how do you know it's not just some bored soldier? I look up UFO news when I've got nothing better to do, he or she could be doing the same thing. My point is that you just don't know.

  9. @ Last Anonymous if that's the case how will you explain this article :

    Pentagon monitoring Nick Pope UFO shoot down disclosure closely.

    Do you still believe all these logs in above article from Gov.agencies also came from "Bored Soldiers"?

  10. I thought it was odd that i couldnt watch the stan fulham interview cuz it was removed... internet censorship maybe...

  11. I´ve been following your threds on wikileaks and UFOs.

    I can only say that denying human race from knowing "the most impotant answers" in humanity (these are "are we alone in the universe?" and "where do we come from?") is a much bigger crime than document leakage...

    The embarassement will be unrepairable...

    Let´s cross our fingers wikileaks wont use this UFO bits as a trading deal.

    Sorry for my poor English. I just wanted to contribute to the debate.

  12. Shocking! They're still using Netscape as a browser??

  13. There is no reason for the governments to fear backlash from the majority of people because they have been grooming them for the day of disclosure. The technological advancements that have been made in the last 60yrs are proof enough of that. They have been grooming them for the time when people, out of fear will ask for those govenments to do something about the chaos that might ensue afterwards. It's Heglian dialectics to a 'T' (present a problem- expected reaction- offer solution). Unfortunately the solution will be our forfeiture of basic rights... People won't be able to wipe their butts without prior approval. However, the one thing that they know they should be afraid of is that people have within them a power greater than any government could exert. Some may say that it is love, but that is on the same sliding spectrum as hate. Compassion is the fusion of these two diametrically opposed concepts. Compassion is what will free our minds and hearts... Compassion is neccessary for survival. Cut out the bull that they feed you, cut out the bull that you feed your self and see reality with the true eye of compassion.

  14. I think that we as humans are not ready, due to our immature behavior toward one another. Recent events in Arizona should give you an example. However I would cherish the day when collectively we discover "we are not alone". Maybe then we will stop fighting over dumb things beyond our control. (Race, Culture, Sexual Orientation, Gender, Religion, Evolution) I am the son of a Minister that agrees we are not alone. Thank you for listening.

  15. More bizarre claims from UFO cranks. Listen, folks. They aren't there. Wishing and hoping doesn't change that. Lets make a bet. When the UFO disclosure comes and it just shows more of the same junk will you change your minds? Didn't think so. Thats how cranks think. No evidence will change their minds and no lack of evidence will make them have the slightest amount of doubt.

    Please be a little more skeptical. It will serve you well.

  16. @ Anonymous - posted February 6, 2011 11:33 AM

    So, are you saying that Dr Edgar Mitchell, the 6th Apollo astronaut to walk on the moon, is a 'UFO crank'?


    Would you care to debate his mental status with him personally, instead of issuing blanket statements about potentially millions of seriously scientifically interested people worldwide being 'cranks'?

    Just sayin....

  17. OMG, do you actually hear how errogant, unintelligent and ridiculous you portray yourself as here? You actually beleive the human race on earth is the only life in the universe? I also assume your wife washes your clothes, makes your dinner and cleans up after you. Wake up and join the 21st century and take off your blinders. These beings/entities are by far superior to any of our primitive senses of sight and awareness. If they wish to be unseen, that is how it will be. A day will come and that is up to them, not by man.

  18. All truth's shall be revealed in these the last days of mankind. No stone shall be left unturned. But the truth shall set you free.

  19. Im sorry but I was skeptical about ufos until I saw two of them, around three years ago. Now whether these objects were of alien or military origin, I do not know but they were domed shaped and looked just like a flying saucer. I imagine there is much citizens do not know, and I do believe they exist, that we have free tesla energy available to us, (which the govt and oil companies will not allow), and that we are not running out of oil. So dont bash someone simply because YOU havent seen them.

  20. OH I believe our Government has had contact with aliens since before 1947. I also believe they have back engineered alien space craft and have anti gravity. MOst of the ufos we see in the sky are most likely OURS!! There are also aliens because I have seen two of them close up and have seen 8 or 9 flying ufos. WE also have free energy which Nicola Tesla invented because he wanted the people to have access to FREE ENERGY. The Govt wouldnt let this info get out becaue the gas companies couldnt put a meter on it. Our companies are greedy and selfish and couldnt let us have free energy because they would go out of business. WEll, we are going to have it sooner or later because we are not drilling any longer thanks to the clowns in office now, who dont know their head from a hole in the ground. They are not honorable, educated men like our forefathers but are only interested in power for themselves and are obsessed with money and selfish motives, imo. Haarp is also another invention of NIcola Tesla thought the govt will never admit it. This man died in poverty and after he died the govt went into his rooms, and absconded all his plans and devices. This man was a genius yet they didnt recognize it until after his death.