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Jan 22, 2011

Argentina Air Force Website Hacked To Protest Against UFO Crash Cover-Up

Argentina Air Force Website Hacked To Protest Against UFO Crash Cover-Up

Anonymous hacker hacked the official Argentine Air Force (AAF) website on January 20th to claim information about a unknown UFO crash in January 1985 in the city of Mendoza.

The AAF hacked page lasted a few hours on Thursday and now the website is back to normal again.

In his complaint, he indicates that on January 26 , 1985 their was a cigar-shaped UFO crashed in the area of Papagayos . And a large number of military personnel and foreign national were sighted after that incident.

Even the daily Los Andes had also reported the tremor shook in the region ion same day and the people connecting this to UFO crash.

Down below is full text translation of the hacker message screenshot posted above:

Do you know, exactly what had occurred on January 26, 1985?

After a brief research conducted with people of the region, they said that day they seeing something, both in heaven and on part of the area where something has fallen, the place was surrounded by government agents, without naming those military foreigners.

Through the report of another person of high trust, whose name I do not think to provide, was sent to the area where, he told me he saw a cigar-shaped craft and beings within it.

Worst of all, there's a video of this accident.

Its a case of lie and hide.

We hope this project they are working to address issues of UFOs in Argentina, not end up being like the rest, where you hide all sorts of information and, especially, train disinformants.

So far the Air Force spokesmen, did not responded on the issue. source

We like to inform our readers that recently, The Air Force of Argentina have already formally announced the formation of a committee to study the UFO phenomenon.

We request our bilingual readers here at UFO-Blogger to please post the English translation in comment section for better understanding of above event by visiting news source page.


  1. Dont let ufo crashes stray us from what is important, n dont let ufos keep us lookn at th sky. Governments hav admitted that ufo's exist, th argument now is who is operating these ufo's. If anyone wants disclosure, n wants to kno how far governments hav gone since they realised ufo's existed. They should stop lookn at th sky, sit at a computer, n open You Tube up and search "classified bill". N here we, th civilians, r lookn at th sky n stil tryin to prove ufo's exist?!

  2. Stop looking at the sky, & start looking over ur back! We fear what we dont know & dont understand. But what we have to realise is, if they have been here for a very long time, there may be a chance that they have intergrated into our home's, they may be our husband's, our wive's, our children. We need to be concious that there is a chance if our government's and these alien's have hidden the truth for so long. If these alien's are superior, if some of them look almost exactly like you & me, then who can/could stop them?

  3. to the above guy, its true extra terrestrial will ALWAYS i mean ALWAYS be superior humans. doesnt matter what offensive weaponry we have. we could have a (much more properly designed) death star and it will just get screwed in a few seconds. however the real threat is not the extra terrestrials. the threat is humanity. and i wish people would stop hiding the truth about UFOs or extra terrestrials. secrecy to this degree is very bad for us. it causes problems to a massive degree, way more massive than if the truth was told

  4. CM23009

    ha, you crack pots really split my sides. If you people really knew anything about whats going on behind all the smoke and mirrors thats put out there to spin you guys around and make you believe in alien intervention, you'd probably cream your little conspiracy loving pants.

    its bigger than you think, its been going on for longer than you could imagine and the chance for you little people to do anything about it has long gone.
    so line up for your barcode and sub-dermal implant and quit wasting your time looking at the sky. its already happened and your to late to stop it.