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Jan 2, 2011

Blue Orb Infused By White Light Energy and Changing Shape

Blue Orb Infused By White Light Energy and Changing Shape

The following is the unedited and as yet un-investigated report filed with MUFON.

MUFON Case No. 27204 : According to testimony "I was a child of about 8 years of age. I had strong religious beliefs and spoke to God often. In retrospect I think this was partially due to a personal crisis, after which I became withdrawn and sad throughout the rest of childhood."

I often had trouble getting to sleep, or waking for periods of the night. At such times I would talk to God. This particular night on November 30, 1966 I became very distressed, and was crying and begging God to help me - to let me see him, or take me up to heaven now. I stared up into the stars and asked something like "are you there? Can you hear me?... please listen to me...etc.

My eyes noticed a particular star seeming to twinkle more than others, my window faced North, and the star was somewhat to my right (North/East) and well up into the night sky. I asked "Is that you making the star move? Please show me something to be sure. I need to see you , even if I have to die." At that point, the "star" moved visibly toward me, clearly moving at a steady rate, with purpose and toward earth, toward me.

I thought perhaps I was about to see an angel. My tears dried and chilled as I opened the louver windows to get a better look and be sure I wasn't imagining things. Suddenly, what I had thought was a star (or came from one) was right outside my window , less than 2' from my face. It was a perfect blue sphere of radiant energy.

I did not notice any heat, and was too little to know if what I was feeling was some kind of energy from it, or whether it was my own bodily response to shock. The orb emitted a very subtle vibrating sound, a quiet humming is the closest I can approximate, but it seemed organic rather than mechanical. The orb seemed to slightly contract and expand, in an out or so.

It looked like nothing I had ever seen or heard of. It was a beautiful blue infused by white light energy that was like millions of pulsating tiny strings or rays of electricity or blue fire. I was both shocked and riveted. I stared at it hovering outside my window for several seconds, and finally formed the thought "Is this what angels really look like?"

Above image of blue orb is just a recreation of what he might had seen that night..

At that point, as if it heard my thought, it passed through the window. Though somehow substantive itself, it did not change as it glided right through the panes of glass into my room, hovering right next to me about a foot above my mattress. I backed up a little (I was on a top bunk bed, so there wasn't much room to move), because I had the feeling I probably shouldn't touch it. It came along on the right, beside my head and then began to change shape.

As it moved slowly and deliberately (parallel to me) down the right side of my bed, it took the shape of a falcon or hawk... It was still composed of the same blueish light, but it was more diffuse, a little less bright as it took on an expanded and different form. It seemed to be trying to communicate something important to me. I got the impression this is something I should pay close attention to, and always remember. I also had the impression it was thinking that to me.

Then as it continued slowly on, it changed and took the shape of some kind of dog, sort of wild looking, but not a wolf or coyote. Then it began to change again, but as it did, it went right down over the edge of the bed. I thought it had disappeared, but suddenly it reared back up over the end of the mattress, appearing as a cobra with its neck flared out fully, sort of standing up as they do. That was the first time I really got scared.

It was the suddenness of reappearing in another form that scared me. Then it was gone. I waited several minutes staring into the dark room in fear. I finally got the courage to clamber down to the floor and run to the bathroom to turn on the light.

I had no idea what to make of it, but assumed God had sent a messenger and it was up to me to figure out the message. I had the idea it would become clear later in life, and that for now I had been given some kind of answer, maybe even a promise. It never occurred to me that this could be a UFO. Whatever it was, it seemed to be an individual.

Recently however, I have seen some documentaries about UFOs and also about Paranormal Investigations which mentioned several types of encounters similar to mine. I also came across some ancient Hindu descriptions that may be a similar thing called a blue pearl. Very recently I have been watching the series "Ancient Aliens," and some of the content really intrigued me with regards to understanding my blue orb visit.

I ended up searching the inter net, and finding out that the Egyptians had star maps indicating the place of our origins associated with Orion, and the Pleiades. In examining details of graphic depictions of these, I learned that RA (who seeded the earth) was shown as a man with a falcon head and an orb above it. Also, Anubis was another god, who was represented as a man with the head of a jackal. (Finally, I found a wild dog that looked like the one I saw that night, it was large like a wolf, but more aquiline and not furry as a wolf, and even more intelligent than a fox or coyote).

Anubis is associated with the traveling of the soul between life, death and rebirth; he is also the one depicted as the judge of souls (shown weighing the heart of the deceased against a feather, meaning the heart must be light and unburdened in order to pass into a new life). Last, I found out there is a Goddess represented by the cobra. Her name is Wad-jet. She is associated with the colors green and blue. She protects other deities and the Pharaoh.

She is shown either as a woman with a cobra head, cobra with a woman's head, simply a cobra, or an orb with the head and tail of the cobra wrapped around (positioned above the head of whatever deity she is protecting). She is shown either at the foot of the pharaoh or above his head, and her symbol became part of the pharaoh's crown for that reason.

It may be very tempting to assume I m not a rational person, and that this was simply a vivid dream or wild imagination. I know it was an actual occurrence. I am a very rational person, and have never had any type of psychosis. I have had other unusual experiences in my life, but none so compelling as this one. I am an artist, retired government analyst, beekeeper, and jack of many other trades. I would like to know if you have heard of cases similar to this.

I would also like to know if those in your organization have ideas about what this entity was trying to convey to me. Over the years, I came to think that perhaps the animals represented three stages in my life: childhood, adulthood, and old age. (Because of my art training, I thought perhaps the falcon/hawk was a symbol of my relative isolation during childhood, the dog a symbol of loyalty and commitment representing the years raising a family, and the cobra symbolizing wisdom (as in some eastern culture) to represent the years after menopause. This was the only message I could extract from it.

However, I have begun to wonder. After learning of star maps associated with specific entities from the stars, that take the form of the falcon, jackal and cobra I have begun to rethink Gods message and messenger(s).

Seen in that context and reviewing the order of events, it seems I may have encountered a being from another star system. This entity transformed from an orb, to a falcon or hawk (RA the God who seeded Earth, to the jackal (Anubis, the God of traveling between life and death and rebirth), and then to a cobra (Wad-jet, protector of other gods, often appearing as an orb above them). What could that mean?

I was begging to see God, or at least an angel, and I was answered with this being of light. If I were to pursue the line of thought that this could in fact be a direct answer from those who seeded this earth, I am still left wondering what is the message. I insist on clinging to the idea that there is a message because the orb didn't speak, but it did convey thought to me, and appeared to perceive my thoughts. I am sure this is something I was meant to ponder, while assuring me that there was more life beyond this one, and that I was heard when I spoke my thoughts to God. Orb, Falcon, Jackal, Cobra Orb, Ra (aka Horus), Anubis, Wadjet Perhaps the orb was my guardian angel (angel, entity whatever; it was a benevolent being) carrying a message.

The message is either about actual entities Ra, Anubis and Wadjet; or these represent a picture of human context in relation to our creators or ancestors from the stars. If the latter were the case, it could mean that RA indicates the seeding of the earth and/or the present life I am living; that Anubis represents a guardian to allow passage onto another life, provided one is spiritually prepared or maybe even a go between the worlds, whom one may give and receive information through; and then the last, Wadjet, a reassurance of protection, and perhaps the source of the orb. I don't know this isn't getting clearer yet.

Perhaps some of those in your organization who subscribe to the ideas presented in the series Ancient Aliens would be able to shed more light upon this. Or maybe you can tell me if there are cases similar to mine I do not think this is like the Marfon lights or whatever they're called.

This thing was a living being of some kind, very powerful and good. Also, I don't know much about astronomy. Based on the fact that my window faced North, and that the star came down from the sky at say 2 or 3 o'clock (North/East and up about midway from horizon to straight up) is there any way to know where it came from? Unfortunately, I don't really recall the time of year, but I remember when it was all over with, the louver windows were very cold when I closed them in southern California, that would seem to be winter.

I also am uncertain of the exact hour. I do know it was several hours after me and my siblings were sent to bed (9pm), and then about 11 I heard my mother go to the bathroom, brush her teeth and go to bed, and then I heard my dad watch TV until after some comedy show that ended around midnight so I guess maybe it was 1:00 a.m.

There are more things I would share about this if someone seems to take it seriously and have an understanding and information that might be helpful. But I'm already way out on a limb sharing this.

Assuming someone has read this, thank you for your time. I am reluctant to give a blanket release of info to 3rd parties. However, if someone specifically wishes to respond to this message, I may be willing to give a partial release, if it is both necessary & beneficial.


  1. i feel that you are right in that wad-jet is your guardian angel, and that you were protected by wad-jet in a past life when you were a pharoh. But maybe now you know who it is, just focus on returning back to our True Source because as you probably know we've all had many past lives.

  2. This s truly something amazing. I have not heard of anything like this while reading lots of articles of unexplainable events. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I had something very similar happen. This happened back in 2005. I awoke one night with an orb of the same description as yours floating in the corner of my room up by the ceiling. I stared at it for a while, i wasn't scared and strangely this orb seemed familar. I said in my mind to it, 'hello'. Instantly the orb grew brighter and bigger as it glided towards me, surround me, with me now inside the big bright orb! I then felt myself lift up and was now travelling inside this orb. Reality changed before me, and i was now flying over a very large city like London (I actually live in a tiny country village). It was night time and this city i felt was not of this world, maybe a paralell world, and was filled with bright lights coming from the large advertising screens on buildings. There were so many skyscrapers, this city was greatly populated. I was really enjoying these moments, felt so light and free as we flew in the night sky. i had no communication from whatever it was that was giving me this journey and stangely i didn't ask any questions or speak myself, which is unlike me, who is forever curious. My gaze turned to look at one of these large screens - i saw myself and my family playing with the dogs or something mundane like this in my home, a situation that had happened a few days ago. I was horrified as thoughts of the Trueman show entered my head, i didn't like the thought of being a study case. I guess it was these thoughts that abruptly ended the experience as i went into panic - the next thing i jolted with a bump on my bed. I kicked myself once i had calmed down for ending this amazing experience - i would have like to have known where i was being taken. I have had many out of body experiences throughout my life - but i would not put this in the same catagory - it was totally different. I have not had this happen again so far.... Wanted to share this as this goes with the above account.

  4. When I was 14, I awoke to a bright blue light in my room. There was a blue orb floating outside my window. It was just like the one you described, except I have no memory of what happened after I went to the window. This happened three nights in a row. I would walk to my window because this orb woke me up, and then I'd just wake up in my bed the next morning as if nothing happened. I cam to find ten years later that this happened to my neighbor too, and his mom actually saw it and got her rifle. Next thing they knew, it flew off and there were black helicopters shining searchlights in their backyard. Crazy crazy stuff.

  5. In any case you were receiving an important message and received a response to anguished questions which only you know.
    Maybe i am wrong but i see in your vision a double descent
    a)by height because it moves from your level near ceiling to the floor.
    b)by animal species and their kingdom.
    -The first vision is an Eagle - King of the skies, He lives in heaven.
    - The second animal is earthy but less than human - it belongs to wolf family, it likes blood.
    - The third is the personification of the poisonous snakes - it crawls on the ground, nestled beneath.
    Of course my approach is of western culture and has nothing to do with Asian or Indian interpretations and collective symbolism.

  6. Just now before finding this i was guided to an image of Horus holding the hand of a being as he is being lifted from his body into the spiritual plane (his magic body or Khu)

    I got shivers all up my spine (kundalini) as i read that the light orb turned into a hawk which is horus in egyptology.

    These orbs are more than mere aliens or egyptian gods or anything like that.

    While they may be ALL of those things!

    These orbs are US. I cant explain it but that orb was you brother! Your unconscious mind is more fast and more deeply connected to the multiverse than our egos are. We are waking up to who we are. We are the creator. So before we start sayin what it IS we need to integrate the knowledge that it is US. we must talk about the light orbs the way we would talk about our hands our our feet. They are a part of us.

    I have many other things to say on this topic but only if people are interested...I will do my best to check this blog post from time to time.

    Quick background on myself:

    If you met me during the day at my job you would only see what I am if you are it too ya know? (I was about to say something along the lines of, "if you saw me at work you would think i am a regular guy" but that isnt the case...I constantly have lightworkers coming out of the the woodworking like i have a beacon going off or something)

    ok back to my background...

    I have been in contact with ETs since childhood. I am an ET in one way or another. I am STILL in the dark in the sense that i havent completely told my ego what I am doing here to keep things running smoothly i assume.

    Most of my ET experiences are over Lakes. They dance for me... or so it seems.

    I have seen them 5 times in my life as well as countless other non lake experiences.

    Just now before finding this i was guided to an image of Horus holding the hand of a being as he is being lifted from his body into the spiritual plane (his magic body or Khu) I have had that happen to me.

    I got shivers all up my spine (kundalini) as i read that the light orb turned into a hawk which is horus in egyptology.

    Its all a part of waking up.
    No need to rush or fuss.
    Just releye on us :)

  7. I too have had experiences similar except that no one else in my house sees them except for me. Im very religous and a threat for satan as his task is to mislead people from the truth about Jesus or Yeshua as I call him. I believe we are under occult attack on a day to day basis and if we are true followere of the one true God we should not get carried away or mislead. If it comes from God then through prayer and dedication to Yeshua we will be shown the truth. Believe me I have learned a lot in the last year and it didnt come from tv, radio or newspapers who are all mind controllers. Id love to share more with you but id need all day. Be very careful people.

  8. I also had an experience of a floating blue orb. I was going to pick up my son at a high school football game and was walking down the front stairs of my house. About the 3rd stair from the bottom, a blue orb appeared, which was perfectly round and a beautiful translucent blue in color with white streaks running through it. There was no heat or sound. I was really flabbergasted by it, but did not feel "threatened" at all. I reached out to touch it and it just disappeared. I told my wife and neighbors about it when i got home, but they laughed at me and didn't believe me. I almost didn't believe it myself, but I did put smoke detectors throughout the house the next week, because I thought it may be some electrical problem. The night was clear and the stars were out. The power lines came in to the opposite side of the house and the septic tank was in the back of the house, so I ruled out those possibilities. My wife and neighbor commented on how long I had been gone, but I thought I had not been long at all. I never really thought too much about it until recently when i did a google search on a floating blue orb out of curiousity and found your post. Strange, but true, I swear...still not sure what to think of it. I do know it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, perfectly round too.

  9. I too have seen the same exact thing and I am not the same. It was beautiful and loveing towards me.

  10. Several years ago I was traveling alone on an airplane home from a work event. we were very high up, and as I watched the sky and clouds with reverence out of my window, I saw a was a glowing orb that seemed to stay in the same spot, it physically existed among the clouds, it was definitely not some type of light reflection from the glass or metal or anything. I couldn't believe me eyes, I wondered if anyone else was seeing it, but I didnt even want to look away or talk, because it was just a profound feeling. I watched it until the plane moved ahead to far and it was out of my sight, then I wondered if I was crazy. To be honest, I kind of forgot about it as years went by, but with recent awakenings and spiritual findings, it suddenly occured to me that this was real and I need to remember it always. thanks to all who have shared their stories. hopefully more will see the light...literally and figuratively.

    1. Me and my gf seen the same thing in dayton ohio but we were on the ground it came out of the sky and got to about 150 feet from us it danced in sky like nothing we have ever seem before

  11. Hallo
    I had this experience too.
    In the night I woke up and I saw this grapefruit size blue orb hovering about 30cm, above my head. I didn't felt scared. Then it turn to the bedroom door and pass right trough it and back, then passed the door for another time and then it didn't came back, it was gone.
    This happens in 2010, Luxembourg.

  12. Fascinating story!!

    I too have witnessed a miraculous blue orb.. which in my observation looked like nothing you see on these paranormal sites about ghost and what not. But unlike other people I have witnesses that were present that made me know what I saw was truely there.

    The story goes like this

    It was mid march of this year (2012). I was in a friends room, hanging out with the friend who owns the house and an other friend who was also present. Now this might be hard to understand so ill do my best to fully explain what happened..

    It was night time, I wasn't under the influence nor was I tired or preparing for bed, I was wide awake!!.

    My friends room was set up so his couch was against his bed so you would have your legs up on his bed like it was a foot rest... and across from the bed was the tv. I was in the far right side of the couch (nearest to the window). The window was wide open since it was hot that day but we had the blinds down covering the open window.. Only from where Im sitting can I see out the window.

    as my two friends are watching the tv playing a game called gears of war, (i was the odd man out so i wasn't playing). In the corner of my eye I noticed a blue aura from outside the window.. I immidetly was thrown from gazing at the tv to looking directly out the window (still peaking through the visible open slit due to the blind). This aura was getting brighter, and now that a few seconds past I started to hear a humming noise. Similiar to one of those Green Power boxes you see on the side of the street.

    All my attention was directed at the phenomenon. I couldn't believe what i was seeing... It truely was life altering to see.. but after 15-30 seconds of watching this blue orb hover closer to the point it was in the frame of the window ( it just couldn't go further due to the blind) It sat still humming in the window close enough for me to touch it if I had dared too. But as I gazed on the ball of light, which like you said seemed organic and not mechanical by any means. It Flashed bright in my face, like that of a cameras flash.. I was sure it just took a photo.. but the second.. and i mean second after it flashed the orb shrunk at immense speeds that it went from being a 2 foot orb to being completely invisible in 2 seconds. And the second it disappeared so did the humming..

    I sat there flabbergasted, jaw dropped and still staring through that slit out the window. When all of a sudden my friend who atm I couldn't even focus on was saying my name... it was about the third or fouth time he said my name that I looked away from the window and directed my sight towards him. ( he was sitting on my left on the couch, The other friend at the foot of the bed) He said to me, Sean what the fu** did you just see a blue light? Apparently the orb was so bright it was partially lighting up the room. I told him, "Yeah I just saw something you guys aren't going to believe me.. Something just took a photo of me and disappeared" You can tell he was like what did this guy smoke. But one thing that reassured me what I saw was true.. was the fact he also claimed to have heard the humming sound. before I even described Its sound.

    I've tried to find answers on this and all I found were ghost stories and bad photos of dust on a cameras lens that I was sure I was the only one to witness something of this degree... that was until I stumbled upon this post...

    This moment scared me in ways I can't describe...

    1. Scary Yes! I also accounted the blue orb when I was lying inbed asleep! It was daytime and I had not slept much the night before. So I went for a sleep at around 10 am. I remember having a series of nightmares the ones where you jump from scene to scene. One of those dreams where you are trying hard to wake up. I remember the dream was about a prescense in my actual bedroom surrounded by by 3 black cats. I was stood up in the room in my dream and I was trying to get these black cats out and notice a ball come through the window. The next dream I was in a medieval street and a guy was looking at me and saying theres something behind you and he was so scared and shocked. I honestly thought that at that time something hit me over the head real hard and I even recall the noise. THis was all in the nightmare of course! So I woke up on my side facing the wardrobe. And turned over and opened my eyes. I opened my left eye first then I raised up using my elbow and opened the other eye. What I saw was the most scary and confusing thing in my entire life! THere watching me was a real lifeform. Small as 5o pence uk coin bright blue glowing perfectly Cyan in colour. This thing had little tentacle like things that looked like they were moving in mid air like a sea creature. All around it. It had been watching me when I was dreaming. It saw me look at it and it went smaller and then to it's right and then to it's left then smaller and white and flew silently through the wall next to my bed. I could hardly breathe. But I managed to sit up and half breath the words "Do not show yourself to me." And I have never slept in that room sinse. I am a rational person but I really do not know what that was. I might add that the only place in my room at that time to actually get a perfect look at my face was where it was at. Scary but true.

  13. I have seen a blue orb as a man was explaining something to a group that I was in for a meeting at my Job, apparently I was the only one that saw this.
    I was kind of perplexed by this happening because I was wide awake-
    after the meeting a couple of days later I asked this individual about it and I explained to him how this blue orb looked like.... a little ball with swirls of white, his answer to me was that world is not what it seems.

  14. Me and my gf were just in a house fire so red cross put us in a hotel for 30 days off miller lane in dayton ohio while we were at the hotel we took the dogs out and see one of them lights come out of the sky and moved erotically across the sky left to right right to left down and up up and down the whole time it was dancing in the sky it was moving closer to us it got to about 150 feet away from us it was so close now we was in shock we couldn't comprehend what we were looking at it was the size of a basketball and I remind u it came from the sky we dont know what it was but it was a brilliant bluish white orb never ever seen anything like it

  15. Hi, I just read thru this and I recently had something similar happen to me. Actually I happened yesterday morning, in Van Nuys Ca at my companys office/garage. It was about 5 am and desolate, not a person out. I drive for work and I like to do a little meditation for protection before I head out on the road. As I was into maybe four or five deep breaths, I looked up because I felt as tho something was there. WELL. Something was indeed there. It was this same blue orb youve been talking.about, only I think I frightened it, or it didnt expect me to notice it, I dunno. But i watched it fly away and.become a star. I checked again this morning and that star isnt in the sky. It seemed to have vast intelligence as it must have been reading my thoughts while I meditated, asking for protection. I am a lil confused and in awe of what I saw... hoping it comes back.

  16. I'm in tears reading this. For the past three years I've been searching for anything I could find to help explain what I saw. Just as written the blue white glowing light but this was me driving up to my house and seeing a man like winged white creature holding or laying in the tree in my backyard. I closed my eyes repeatedly and it was still there. I called my dad and tried to tell him what I was looking at and was so frustrated that he'd think I was crazy so I turned away and when I did I heard a loud squwack and I turned back to see a huge eagle headed bird looking at me and his wings flapped and bluish white lights were radiating off of it and I knew it wanted me to know it was real. It squwacked at me to turn back. I've had other things happen strangely. Dreams. Other strange occurrences and the feeling something huge would happen to me at anytime. As if I was waiting for it. I belief that happened in March of last year. But I have longed to find anyone that could tell me what that was and why I saw it. Why me. I know it's important and I wonder if I already know. Thank you. I've never been so overcome with feelings. One couldn't understand unless they've been through it. Thank you so much.