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Jan 12, 2011

Last 15 Years UFO Sightings In US Get Mapped

Last 15 Years UFO Sightings In US Get Mapped

In the past 15 years, the Davenport, Wash. - based National UFO Reporting Center has collected more than 30,000 reports of UFO sightings through its hotline and Web site.

The first plots every sighting as a small yellow dot, with lighter colors representing a higher density of reports.

The second map plots the reports week by week—just click on an icon to read a description of the sighting.

Because the first map is heavily dependent on population density, the third map shows sightings per capita in every county where data were available.

Esmeralda County, Nev., leads the pack with 479 sightings for every 100,000 residents, followed by Kent County, Texas, with 427, and Roberts County, Texas, with 342. Plenty of counties outside the southwest have high report percentages as well; Clay County, Ga., for example, reports 128 UFOs for every 100,000 people. Interactive Map Here


  1. this is the most interesting thing i have seen in a long time :) wow thanks so much for posting this