Feb 22, 2011

UFO-Blogger Earthquake Due to "Solar Flare" Prediction Came True New Zealand Christchurch, Hit By Earthquake

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Last week we informed our readers solar flare storm will hit earth by Friday 18, 2011, which could possible cause earthquake as well. HERE

Now, A strong 6.3-magnitude earthquake rocked the southern New Zealand city of Christchurch on Tuesday, seriously injuring people and damaging buildings throughout the city.

We had many time written about the danger of "Massive Solar Flare Storm and Spacequake" here on earth.

Our previous article about Spacequake which had caused Northern Light and 6.4 Earthquake on August 4, 2010 explained in detail how Sun Solar Flare trigger earthquake here on earth. [Link]
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  1. Pole shift. Planet x is pulling on several planets right know.
    The Indonesian plate is rolling. Look at Indonesia, flooding with light rain. Same with Australia. The water is just rolling all over that place like a bowl.
    If that's nonsense the explain all the volcanic activity we are about to experience.

  2. @Cleft:
    How can you explain something that hasn't happened yet?

  3. It will happen, just watch. Look at the frequency of all the natural disasters that have been springing up since the early 2000's. Uncharacteristic floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, sinkholes, multiple volcanic erruptions that happen around the world. The magnetic north pole is already off by 30-some degrees. Times of change are coming.

  4. 'Solar flare' is a lie, they spread that bullshit in order to prevent people from thinking about the true fact - that they made those earthquakes by means of their terrible Haarp project. Fact.