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Feb 12, 2011

History Channel - Rendlesham Forest UFO Binary Code Decoded But Decipher Is Wrong Says, Jim Penniston

History Channel - Rendlesham forest UFO binary code decoded but decipher is wrong says, Jim Penniston

The Rendlesham Forest UFO case has taken on the mantle of the “British Roswell”, but in truth it is a far more significant event than Roswell. [Link]

In our previous artcile we informed our readers Brenda Butler UFO investigator back in 2010 told BBC about they have seen different Extraterrestrial beings in the forest as well. [link]

Now in latest development Sgt. Jim Penniston told history channel that when he had touched the Alien craft in Rendlesham Forest, he was somehow given a download of info in the form of binary numbers, which he had wrote down in 12 pages of his dairy.

Down below is History channel Ancient Alien series segment, in which history channel reveled the meaning of only 6 page binary message :

Hy-Brasil :

Regardless of the name or location, the island's history is consistent: It is the home of a wealthy and highly advanced civilization. Those who visited the island returned with tales of gold-roofed towers and domes, healthy cattle, and opulent citizens.

The lore of Hy-Brasil is equally fascinating. For example, it is shrouded in fog or perhaps beneath the ocean, and appears only briefly, once every seven years.

Some relevant facts and views that were omitted from the documentary.

IsaacKoi ATS user contacted Nick Ciske (decoder in above video) about his work on the "possible message" and asked him a few questions.

Isaac : Could you possibly outline how the "possible message" that appeared on your computer screen was generated?

Nick Ciske : I used the same converter I have on my site.

Isaac : The "possible message" you generated appears to be in English and I wonder if the receiver (and sender) would also have to be aware of any local/human conventions as to the translation of binary code into alpha-numerics (along the lines of the ascii convention)? If so, that would be relevant to the apparent suggestion by one of the other individuals interviewed for the documentary that binary code could be used as some sort of universal language.

Nick Ciske : Yes, you'd have to start with an English message. Binary is far from a universal language. I know I talked about that, but it may not have made the episode (I haven't seen it yet). [Isaac - that bit did not make it into the episode and the documentary gave the opposite impression by only showing the bit from the other researcher I mentioned in my question]

Isaac : In the documentary, in the frames before the display of the "possible message", your computer screen appears to show "decodes to" followed by several lines of characters. What are those lines?

Nick Ciske : That's the raw decode of the binary.

Isaac : Could one of the online tools relating to binary code (including one that you appear to have developed) have been used in reverse to translate the relevant "possible message" into the binary code?

Nick Ciske : Yes, that's exactly what my tool does, and the most plausible explanation for how the message was generated. [Isaac - This view was not shown in the documentary. Indeed, Nick's comments as shown in the documentary implied that it would be difficult for someone to generate the relevant text. Nick is shown as saying "Could someone write out 6 pages of binary? Well, probably not. They would need some help or they would have to be some sort of savant or super calculator."]

Isaac : Finally, you apparently typed up the relevant pages of binary codes. Is that typed up list of numbers available to others?

Nick Ciske : Sorry, the producers have asked me not to share it.

In terms of the binary code which was purportedly used to generate the "possible message", that code is not currently available in full yet.

And secondly it Looks like Nick is using ASCII Binary. This standard wasn't available until 1986. The Binary numbers appeared to James in 1980. So, we would expect that there is a lot that Nick couldn't decode.

As only 5 page binary code is available which is posted on Linda Mouton Howe website Earthfile.com

Down below is Rendlesham forest binary code in digital format :

Page : 1


Page : 2


Page : 3


Page : 4


Page : 5


How binary works ?

The binary number system (aka base 2) represents values using two symbols, typically 0 and 1. Computers call these bits. A bit is either off (0) or on (1). When arranged in sets of 8 bits (1 byte) 256 values can be represented (0-255).Using an ASCII chart, these values can be mapped to characters and text can be stored. It's not magic, it's just math! check your self Here

Update :

But according to Sgt. Jim Penniston, Ancient Aliens decipher is wrong :

Six pages were given to Prometheus Picture company for them to get an expert to see what they say..I have around six to eight more, the reason i can not tell exactly is the notebook is secured at a safe location. and I have not access to it but, soon will and will give an exact page count.

Prometheus Picture company also did not have all the translation nor did they show the right location on the grid... which looks to be the town hall in Woodbridge.

" I will tell you Ancient Aliens decipher is wrong Linda has it right on her web site earthfiles ,she had two separate experts on two different continents, both whom taught college at esteemed universities I am going with Lindas, because it as match by both, even though they did it separately Ancient Aliens has the grid wrong and also left out other words deciphered. " source

Another recent written statement from Jim Penniston on Rendlesham Forest Binary code :

"The binary codes, were a direct result of contact with a physical craft. A craft of unknown origin. Meaning it was a unidentified craft and where it came from is still unknown.

The communication of binary codes was accomplished, when I physically touch the craft’s glyphs, which were located on the outside skin of the craft. It activated a technology which is unknown to me, and apparently to everyone else too... The technology then communicated a series of ones and zeros to me. The communication transfer was accomplished within minutes. There was an area of about fifteen feet which surrounded the outside of the craft. This area I will call the bubble. For within the bubble, static electric pulsed upon my clothes, skin, and hair. Also an appearance of slowing of time. The air seemed dead, not transmitting any sound.

The next day, while looking at my note book... The glyphs in particular. I have had the codes running through my head since the incident the day before. I had a feeling to write them down... for I did and immediately after finishing them, the codes were gone from my mind. I was finally at rest with them. The notebook was then put away and retired to a box. For a new one for work I had available. My thoughts at the time, although profound, were actually much more simple.

I wanted it to go away, and I had no need to talk about it either. For this was not to be the case. For I was methodically and consistently interviewed and interrogated by my chain-of-command, and other agencies. Every time, I was promised that this was the last interview, and it would be absorbed into the classified annuals of data, and I would need not tell or talk about it no more. This was not the case.

I went through at least fourteen debriefings and two by non-air force personnel. I gave all information from memory, and at no time was the notebook ever brought up. The debriefs were all for the last time, I was promised. Tell all, and tell it correctly and it would be the last of questions on Rendlesham. For these were to continue, no matter what I had said. I do believe the command element, were more for obtaining knowledge. But the external interrogation, were for much more, I am afraid.

The time line of the incident and the debriefs. The time line for Rendlesham and information flow. Incidents occurred Dec 26-28, 1980. On the morning of the 29th of December, AFOSI building, meeting with two American Agents, more likely Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and/or National Security Agency (NSA), Penniston writes a four page written statement to the agents. He dates it and signs the document.

Agents then give Penniston a typed statement, which is generic, and is limited on details. For example, observation of a metallic craft, and not getting with in 50 yards of it. Penniston is instructed by the Agents that an official investigation is underway, and he is to tell all who asks, the cover story that was provided to him. He reads it several times and then agrees to do so. Penniston, Burroughs, Cabanzak, are debriefed at the Deputy Base Commanders office, Colonel Halt. Statements written and then drawings made.

Penniston, Burroughs and Cabanzak are taken into Wing Commanders Office with Base and Deputy Base Commanders present. The NSA account is briefed to the officers. The Wing Commander, thanks the Security Policemen for the report, and asks no questions. all direct witnesses are briefed to treat all discussion about Rendlesham as Top Secret. Ending all conversation on base by those directly involved. We are assured that this incident will never see the light of day. For it is classified, and names have been sanitized from reports.

Jan 1981, beginnings of physical problems from radiation begin.. Inner ear disorder develops, treated for these conditions at RAF Bentwaters. The other primary witnesses begin medical issues from the incident and the encounter from contact. No treatment for Post traumatic stress was afforded to no one after the incident.

1981 Jan - August. All primary witness are transferred from base or separated from the Air Force. With the exception of Colonel Halt and Sergeant Penniston. They remain on base till 1984.

1991 Medical issues with inner ear are now diagnosis as Meniers Disease.

1993 Retire from the USAF. When asked, the Air Force says nothing about Rendlesham is classified. All reference to the Rendlesham Forest Incident is unclassified, and we are free to talk about it. So what was up with this. They monitored me through my Air Force career, and now it’s a non event? I was thinking why, not just say it is classified, and that would forbade speaking about it in the future. I have never understood this line of thought, by the US Air Force.

1994, due to severe sleep issues, and post traumatic stress from the incident, and continuing problems from the now diagnosis of Meniers Disease. The Veterans Administration treated Meniers Disease. They would not afford post traumatic stress treatment for the incident. They said there was no evidence of anything happening at Bentwaters in 1980 which could produce this condition. So I had to seek private help for the sleep disorder and the post traumatic stress. I also sought to remember, for I had memory voids of things from that time.

1994 Sept. Hypnosis was accomplished. Talked about time travelers and the receipt of the binary code which was given from contact with the craft. Treatment continued for the PTSD. No help on the sleep issues.

1996 In a letter (email) to a colleague, I terminated a contract with a possible book, which would have told all about Rendlesham. But in my letter to this writer, I tell her, I can not proceed with the book, for she has her own agenda, and it was not in the interest of the facts being told about the Rendlesham Incident. I also told her, that the answers she also seeks will be given in 2010, some fourteen years later. Little did I understand this feeling or should I say impression which was left from contact on December 26th 1980. It seemed like a pie in the sky thought back then.

1998 Contacted by Linda Moulton Howe on book she is doing. Wants me to be a contributor... I speak of the time element and receiving binary codes at contact location. I agree with the thought of a correct version of the facts about Rendlesham. At this point, skeptics just were making things up... They had no claims that they were making ever challenged. The most ridicules one was that it was a light house. This skeptic made a 30 year career on this. Others were even more outlandish. Planets, stars, re-entry vehicles, and the list went on and on. They referred to Rendlesham as just another UFO case. It was far, far, from that. For information was transferred through a technology which is still and will be unknown for eons to come.

A couple documentaries which came out, were just on the verge of fabrication. I started to understand this documentary thing. It was a necessary evil to getting the true story out. But, I learned slowly, what I needed to control the information, to insure it was correct. Or at least as correct as possible.

I had not seen or talked to John Burroughs since a 1994 Strange But True, show which was broadcasted on London Weekend Television. Even while shooting I was always with Halt. John and I were afforded very little contact with each other. Also it was designed for us not to be in Rendlesham together during the shoot.

Over the years I did a few documentaries, never being satisfied with any of them. Then out of the blue, in fall of 2009, I was contacted by John Burroughs, after years of saying he had disappeared and was not able to locate him. John’s just simply calls me on the phone. Pleasantries are past back and forth and the conversation comes to one question from John. He said, do you know what we need to do next year? I simply said, yes, I know, we must return to Rendlesham. He said, that is exactly what we must do. For it has been a drive for him since 2007 to do this, and I said I have known this since 1996. So we do not know how to begin, but, John said we can make it happen. For if the trip is not funded, we will go on our dime.

I agreed with John wholeheartedly. John said he had just did a conference with Linda Mouton Howe, and she could help us with this he believed. Linda was considering writing a book about the Return to Rendlesham, and she was interested in us as co-authors. I was not overly exited about doing the book with Linda. But kept an open mind. After much back and forth between us all, I agreed to do a book with her as a partner. It was figured that this would be the best bet to disclose all information about the Rendlesham Forest Incident without, losing control over the content or accuracy of what really happened.

Now recall was starting to happen with John and I and we kept in contact with these things. (Exact content of information which John and I shared is confidential and will not add to this note or make a difference in writing it)

John and I met at a diner, on Illinois Interstate 39. He was visiting family in Bloomington, Illinois and I lived in Freeport, some three hours north of Bloomington. We agreed to meet. So in July 2010, John and I sit down for the first time since the incident in December 1980. We discuss many things, from the time discrepancies on our watches to mysteries and inconsistencies between his and my statements and my reports through-out the years on various documentaries.

We decide to go back to Rendlesham in December 2010. We would try to get it funded, but, if not, we were more than eager to pay for all, so we could return together for the first time. Our feelings were of total recall, and answering questions we had. It would also establish the landing site, and put to bed all the distortions that others and skeptics did through out the years.

In September, John contacts me, and said Linda believes we had possible funding for the trip. She was working that. In the meantime, John and I were turning Documentaries down, which were being scheduled in England for the thirty year anniversary. For we wanted to have it funded, but not at the expense of these type of documentaries. They would not add nothing to solving anything, they were about sensationalism and selling the documentaries. So John and I turned them down, expecting to pay for the trip ourselves... For it was our dive to return and nothing would stop us from doing that. We were prepared to start travel arrangements.

Late September, we get a call from Linda to tell us she secured funding for the trip. We would have to agree to doing a television appearance on the show Ancient Aliens Series, on the History Channel... John and I reviewed the show, and it did not look too bad. We also had conference calls with the Prometheus Picture company, Its producer, and us arranged a filming shoot for the show in Phoenix at the beginning of October 2010. In return we would have tickets and such paid for so we could return to England.

We arrive for the shoot on the 2nd of October in Phoenix, it is the first time since the incident that John and I have filmed together, speaking about what had happened. A very intense and emotional time for me and him.. For I was recalling fear, from that night as I filmed and John watched on. At one point I had to break filming to re-compose, It was just horrible.

After composure, I simply was talking about receiving the codes and I mention that I recorded them in this notebook. The original notebook I had from that night was in my hand. Well everyone one pretty much stopped and got excited. They said, you recorded them? I said yes. All eyes were on them at that point. Linda wanted some experts to see them. I agreed for her to do that... But I also gave copies of the codes to Prometheus for there expert to decipher. A week later I gave Linda her copy to send in to decipher. I only did this with Linda, after I receive a call from the producer of Prometheus a few days earlier after my return from Phoenix.

Kim (the producer) calls and says, get in front of your computer and I will down load what our expert found. We will go through them. I asked her, you mean they were not jibberish? She said no, there anything but that. So I perused the docs while talking to Kim. I was in utter shock the codes were actually information and readable.

I told her I needed time to absorb this information, and I am sending copies to Linda to have her decipher, so they may be verified. I told nothing to Linda that Prometheus had already deciphered them. I wanted a unbiased report from her experts.

Linda comes back in a week and verifies the information and decipher, it is all the same except for the hi-brazil location. Linda’s was at Woodbridge.

So that is the decipher and how it came to be.

The Prometheus Pictures said they would release a seven minute segment of our Phoenix shoot, in an Ancient Aliens the Series show on December 30th 2010. We were shown the clip on the morning of the 29th. We knew the controversy of the subject and what the codes meant. I still had eight more pages in my notebook which needed to be deciphered. This was just not given, because I thought six pages would prove it was gibberish. Little did I know the codes could be deciphered. The rest are awaiting decipher as I write this.

For John and I have went back and forth with the release of the final pages. We will release them, and let the public can do what they want with them... for I believe they can only benefit us and the other decipher will mean nothing to others. The codes were given to me in a format that they knew could be deciphered. And they also knew when they should be deciphered. So your seven, eight, nine or whatever bit, does not matter. We must quit thinking inside the box and we need to think outside of it for the answers. For yesterday is tomorrow."

Update :

At the conference Jim stated that he was going to have the paper and ink tested ,which would indicate that at that time it had not been done. - Moderator, Jim Penniston's Forum

He added : They know that this has to be done to silence skeptics which chose not to attend the seminar on the 28th Dec, 2010 when they could of challenged the eye witnesses face to face.

Jim mentioned there were 12 pages of binary code and they may be made public at some time but the reason for not making them public has nothing to do with financial gain or t.v shows book deals or the like, you will just have to trust me on this one and accept their decision not to publicise them at this time.

Some of the codes require further scrutiny.

While writing the above article, we came across a wild thought "what if the code is some how related to "Chilbolton Arecibo message binary code cropcircle formation?" .

Or its a response to original 'Arecibo message' which transmitted on November 16th 1974 in space.


We think we have to wait for few more months to see full binary code and the final outcome from this latest development in Rendlesham Forest case..


  1. I used an online binary translator combining all the pages however translation failed saying not divisble by 8 however i started removing some 0 and 1 and got a few words.


    exploration of human world?

    i bet if i mess around with it some more you can get a few more words hidden in the binary

  2. 0100010101011000010100000100110001001111010100100100000101010100010010010100111101001

    I deleted some binary to make it divisble by 8, if anyone wants to mess around by deleting some bianry or adding some use this translator.


  3. I deciphered some more using this modified binary i deleted some.



    came up with this:


    Exploration of Humanity, Earth Coordinate continious

    1. If the message discovered is coming close to what Nick discovered, then it should prove something true to the message noted. Who knows. Very curious about this.

  4. All this waiting makes me feel like we are being setup by someone or something. "They" knew that we would not be able to decider the binary for several years even if we wanted to. Now the full release may be late 2011-2012
    Maybe it's part of the great awakening some are talking about.

  5. Dear Anonymous, please see Linda Howe's website for a more accurate and detailed translation of the first five pages. Most of the code was in ASCII, and could have been decoded anytime from 1970 onward. But you have to do it by hand, because computer translators will not take into account small errors such as missing a digit somewhere, or writing a one for zero by mistake. The orignal paper code also shows "separator spaces" between the 8-bit ASCII characters, which sometimes tell you where to start or end and 8-bit character, in places where the code gets noisy.

  6. I only found out about the Rendlesham binary code last night and had it mostly decoded within an hour and could not believe the nonsense I've read about it so far.
    It has obviously been contrived by cutting and pasting the original nonsense text into a binary converter and adding a few more digits just for the fun of it - At least those aliens have a sense of humour! anyway, if anyone is interested in the "TRUTH" the coordinates do not point to some myterious island sinking and resurfacing in the ATLANTIC OCEAN but more mundanely THE CENTR OF WOODBRIDGE! i.e. 52.0942532N 1.3131269W (but only a couple miles from the landing site!)

    1. https://maps.google.no/maps?hl=no
      52.0942532 13.131269

      Im Biotechnologiepark 1
      14943 Luckenwalde, Germany

      The binarycode seems like a Message that this Company are exploiting humanity at this address. May be a warning...or a joke. :)

  7. you know what..when i was researching this ufo binary code story .... i was totally shocked...to what i saw in a certain site .....because i have dream about that page so clearly...and now that i saw that...i knew something..is definitely going here...

    im not lying ...i really have a dream about that page...well most of my dream do came true...

  8. I converted the binary to Hex and it came out:

    (there's a space after the copyright)
    I did this because I figured that, the message supposedly being from aliens, they would not use binary if they were studying our codes.

  9. There's a mention above of ASCII being created in 1986, but the first version was created in 1963, so the timing isn't an issue.

  10. as long as the value of the 8 bits is less than 26 then it thould be workable without a translater, but should it be broken into the 5 pages cause that could mess with the 8bit system or should it be one lump of binary to break up in to lots of 8 bit sections cause it could cause a diffrent outcome (il have a play tomoz and post up what i find if anything)

  11. It's not the center of Woodbridge. That would be 52.0942532N, 1.3131269E, but the code clearly has 52.0942532N, 1.3131269W, which when Googled is equivalent to 52.0942532, -1.3131269 which is closer to Banbury, in the middle of a farmer's field.

    I can't help but wonder if some of the "gibberish" between the words is formatting. Anyone tried reading the file in Word? *grin*

  12. ..so guys...its been almost a year since this blog was posted in Feb/2011. Any further updates?

  13. Why hasn't Jim Penniston made the full code public? Releasing it to the public can ensure that even if something happens to the original notebook, the message would not be lost. I don't understand what possible benefit to him or anyone does hiding the full code gives.

  14. Jim Penniston and John Burroughs will reveal all at the Rendlesham Forest 2012 Conference - weekend beginning June 16th.


  15. @Supersensical
    It is possible that, knowing too much too early can do more harm than good…
    I was always reminded “right message at the right time” is the key.

  16. @Anonymous Hi, I know nothing about codes so my question might seem silly. how do you manage to get the English words out of it? "Earth" for example?
    in Russian Earth is called "Zemlya" which literally means soil. is there sense to see if the code can be translated in other languages, maybe Latin?

  17. OK, this is one to think about, the following is binary coding from the Caldbeck UFO crash back in 1954, which was also written down after the crash from a witness.
    011011000101111101000000101010010101101011001010011010001010101101011001010011010001 010101101011001010011010001011110010001011001110111111011010000000100110000101110
    If you take the top line of numbers, they are represented in the Rendlesham and not the Arecibo.
    If you then take the bottom numbers, they are on the Arecibo and not the Rendlesham.
    After decipher you end up with:

    Converted to Decimal.

    Now convert to co ordinates:

    45°45'45.45"N 0° 0'0.00"E
    54°54'54.54"N 0° 0'0.00"E

    Once you have done that on Google Earth, you will notice the shape as an obelisk, now draw diagonal lines from

    45°45'45.45"N 0° 0'0.00"E to 54°54'54.54"N 54°54'54.54"W and
    54°54'54.54"N 0° 0'0.00"E to 45°45'45.45"N 45°45'45.45"W

    You will now notice that Caldbeck is 13 mile from the line, and Rosslyn is 13 mile from the line in the UK
    You will also notice that in Nova Scotia Kolbec and Roslin, are 1.3 mile from each other.

    This is not all, but enough for now.

    Oh yes I forgot to mention, the Rosslyn co-ordinates that are on the Arecibo and not the Rendlesham, is 13 miles from the Apprentice pillar in the chapel, which reports the double helix same as the Arecibo, strange but true.

  18. It is possible that, knowing too much too early can do more harm than good…
    I was always reminded “right message at the right time” is the key.

    OK, try the key,0100001101 in Ctrl F, now view results, how many in Rendlesham ? how may in Arecibo ? how many in Caldbeck?

  19. Then reduce the 101 from the end, then how many in each ?

  20. Is it possible that the binary code can be converted to morse code. just my 20cents..

  21. Anonymous, For someone that does not know anything about binary codes, you certainly have hit the nail on the head, when it comes to Zemyla, that is the exact word that is used, not once but three times. You must first carry out the instructions above to illuminate the obelisk, and then move to the next level, as binarys, although they are identified in bits and bytes, there is also other reading to be had, I give you ZEMYLA.

    Take the Caldbeck Code:

    Then take the binarys from the binary alphabet in capitals from Nick's Calc:


    You will now observe that the above represents the capital alphabet, but when dissecting the letters from the calbeck code, you will find that the caldbeck code has the following letters,and the number of times: A E E E L L M M M R S S S T U V V V Y Y Y Y Z Z Z

    Z Z Z
    E E E
    M M M
    L L
    Y Y Y

    The three V V V's represent 55°55'55.00"E which if you google earth co-ordinates is Zemlya.

  22. Zemlya literally means EARTH (the planet). It is writen with J, so Zemlja, becouse in this current in our language we dont have letter Y. When pronounced in correct grammar it is Zemlya, but in almost every dialect and also in everyday life speaking, the common pronounciation is Zemyla. It also means soil. Slavic languages, including Russians, inherited this word from thousands years old ancient Slovenian language, which is part of erased history of middle europe and our ancestors, who lived there long before Roman times.. But this is another story. Very few books still exists today about our history. Sloveni, Slovenci, Sloveneti, Veneti, Heneti, Vendi, Vendri, Vindi.. and many other names for our ancient fathers. OSTI JAREJ!

  23. If a machine can tranfer data into the human mind, by physical contact, why would it be limited to ligustic specifics? I would think that if I were to build something of this type it wouldn't be.

  24. Someone must try to translate to another language.
    Maybe we should try using some ancient languages or pictograms.

  25. Hellow everyone, im an engineering student and i came accross this blog and watched the ancient alliens documentry, i was just alittle confused as if the message revealed by the binary code so far is good for us or is it bad news for us humans. As i dont hold much knowledge on regards to binary codes, i just wanted to know that why hasn't anyone been able to crack/translate the code completely?i mean we have super conputers that are capable of doing the most complex calculations,so why hasnt this been done so far?

  26. Anyone ever consider using EBCDIC instead of ASCII?

    1. That was my first question .. both are binary .. EBCDIC is IBM. I immediately wondered by Ciske didn't clarify which he used to decode.

  27. I put the code in a binary translator, and got this monstrosity:

    EXPLORATIONOGHUMANITY6lÙÁ���©��É¡�©��q������±Êº zr¢INUOUSQ�Ô� S�U T�PQ �S�"CFNª©*$!§§¢$§ ª"¡§§*$§*§ª*¨©ÈlU $$Tdõ$

  28. Has any1 tried the code backwards?? just a thought...

  29. Soo, it's past June of 2012, where is the rest of the code?

  30. Any new news? All this waiting is making me wonder....

  31. Anyone have any news?

  32. The news is well past its sell by date,i wonder if theres more to the code than they`re suggesting....

  33. I ran this through my binary translator and got 54 Sweet and Sour pork balls, 27 Chicken Chop Suey and 74 Special fried rice

  34. I was thinking of the binary and not look towards earth but to the stars and I found there is a star of the 52.0942532N 1.3131269W and found on the star and found Camelopardalis :-?

  35. Does'nt ANYONE wonder what the last 8-10 pages of binary code say? he only had 6 decoded...remember he claimed he wrote down 14 or 16 pages...

  36. Where is the rest of the code?

  37. if 'they' have been studying us for over 33 years and have not helped yet, I have to ask who is stoppjng them?

    1. You mean they are very slow after all

  38. what did the rest of the pages say?? Ive googled everything and cant find any recent news on it. I want to know !

  39. what did the rest of the pages say? i need to know!

  40. Hy-Brasil?

    Go here:


  41. I agree with Lynette. How can we solve the problem with too much problem because the problem itself is a big problem because it is incomplete.

  42. i agree with some posters here. i cant help but be skeptical about this code, which was produced many decades after the incident. It looks like an amateur just put "EXPLORATION OF HUMANITY CONTINUOUS" into a an english-binary converter, and put it out as something originally received as binary, and it looks like they didnt do a good job at the english-binary conversion, sorry

  43. An article in Scientific American, "Is Space Digital?" (April 2012), discusses the holographic principle, the possibility that 2D light sheets record all the information in our universe, including the position of every particle, electron, quark and neutrino and every force that acts on them. Although physicists don’t know how the information is encoded or how that information gives rise to the world, they speculate that it is encoded digitally with something like 1's and 0's. Craig Hogan, a physicist at the University of Chicago and a director at the Fermilab Particle Astrophysics Center, is attempting to determine if the universe is composed of the 0’s and 1’s that make up bits of information.

    If our universe does record all the information in it using 1's and 0's, could it be this information that was, accidentally or intentionally, imprinted in Jim Penniston's mind? On the website www.rendleshamforestincident.com, they mention that when they go to investigate the strange lights in the forest, "As Penniston and Burroughs approached the unusual lights, they noticed abnormal sensations on their hair, skin and clothing. It seemed as though the air was electrically charged. Also, a time distortion occurred. According to the men, time seemed as though is slowed and it was difficult to move. Another odd characteristic, was everything was void of sound." A similar experience is noted in the text above. Could it be that some kind of spacetime warping/distortion occurred that unintentionally exposed Penniston to the 2D light sheets in that particular moment in spacetime? If this hypothesis happened to be the case, there would currently be no way to decode those 1s and 0s. They might be related to particle physics, but who knows.

  44. We won't decode it into latin ASCII because it's something different, my guess is Cyrillic it might be also a picture, audio or even a program

  45. Jim Penniston and John Burroughs have changed, altered and elaborated on their story since they first came out about it. Originally Penniston said the "UFO" had no landing gear. Then they say the UFOs landing gear left marks in the dirt they found the next day. Penniston never said anything about a binary code years ago - now suddenly he has changed his story again. John Burroughs never reported being held in a "trance-like state" while Penniston investigated the UFO - now he claims the exact opposite is true.

    I don't take anything Penniston or Burroughs says seriously. They lost all credibility to me.

  46. Well guys, some are wrongly inserting codes on GoogleEarth: 52.09.45,532, if in deg, min, sec, fractions of sec are in base: 360.60.60.1000 which translates (to google which works in deg) in 52.157588667, while 13.13.12,69 might well be, for the sake of conserving the same precision in both represetations 1.31.31,269 i.e. 1.5218332 on Google. Now if you just decide to change west to east you get a place very very near (hundreds of meters) to... surprise: Rendlesham! a place were a soldier might well remember coordinates... strange symmetry of the cosmic secret place with Greenwich and Rendlesham! they just landed on the wrong side of the meridian :)))

  47. Strange enough that after the last comment nobody continued the discussion and the site vanished for a while, to re-appear full of banners so nobody reads it anymore... That's the way one reacts when a big hoax is unveiled? After all these interpretations, thousands of people passing the data trough "crop field patterns" resulting (like most of data passed trugh) a rabbit or a cat :)), other decoding secret cosmic meeting places... it results the numbers were just a slight trasformation of the Rendlesham base coordinates, numbers they, as any soldier, knew well. A small shift, plus inverting east with west and showing the stuff in binary.. a big HOAX! "More significant EVENT??" close the site again or cancel the comment, so people can continue dreaming! A bit of decency, national TVs have spent millions from our money to publicize it; don't you realize the lack of self-criticism in the way these stories are received?

    OG (OF)
    8100 (81st TFW??)
    52.0942532N 1.3131269W (E)(Woodbridge Town Square, Suffolk, UK)

  49. The reason the rest of the code was not released to the public is because it is not intended for the public. I am envious that he had such an amazing encounter. Despite the health consequences I suspect it was worth it. To be contacted and provided wealth of knowledge that can help them and loved ones futures is invaluable. Frankly he is certainly not the only one who has been contacted either. But the information received is to be used for survival. Sadly with the way our World is these days this means only the survival of some, not all.

  50. 'Exploration' is 'Continuuous' for the plain/simple reason that we (as a species) ARE and will likely always BE considered more 'primitive' than whatever species who have been 'exploring' us. My advice ? After allowing all combined-knowledge of multiple ancient-civilizations to 'fall together', I feel that we should be turning our attentions to SIRIUS. Everything points towards that star, and I think we are truly living in interesting times !

  51. So, y'all know what base they are using? 2? 4? 8? 16? 32? Y'all know whether they're using Ascii or EBCDIC or something else? Binary is binary. It could represent literally anything. If it is TRULY alien, there is no way you can figure it out. MAYBE if you know the length of each sequence, you could discern a binary pattern as a glyph, but that's it. I defy you to pull up the binary for an encoded JPEG and, without knowing anything about the encoding scheme, figure out what it's about. This is either bullshit or indecipherable. Either-or. (FYI: I've been a computer pro for over 40 years. Feel free to show me where I'm wrong...)

  52. I can only come to the conclusion that if this is genuine and the fact we are now approaching the end of 2015 that the governments have the full code and are keeping it a secret, as always...