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Mar 12, 2011

UFO Sighting Videotaped Over Japan Tsunami On March 11, 2011

UFO Sighting Videotaped Over Japan Tsunami On March 11, 2011

While in a latest statement Benjamin Fulford said, Earthquake attack on Japan originated in New Mexico and Nevada and U.S. New Madrid fault line will be the next target. [Link] UFO sightings were videotaped over Japan Tsunami .

According to UFO-Blogger regular reader "This is going to sound a bit crazy but i believe there is a link between disasters and UFO's.

I have been looking at you tube as well as internet sources provided by Google and have seen and read many things.

There is video evidence on you tube that show a mysterious object either just before or just after some of the well known disasters. These links show some idea of what i mean, whether its a natural disaster or one from a man made object.

Pope John Paul-2 Death - Vatican UFO Sighting

9/11 - UFO Sighting - 911 Still UFO Image Here

Challenger Explosion - UFO Sighting

Iceland Eruption - UFO

Chile Earthquake - UFO

Tsunami - UFO Sighting

UFO sighting Over Indonesia, India, Yellowstone, USA prior to natural disasters- Are they try to warn us? Was it a coincidence?

According to some UFO experts, UFOs always hover around the epicenter of major calamities. They somehow sense these coming natural disasters. Some believe that they try and communicate with us to warn. Some even believe these UFOs simulate natural disasters in the earth.

India especially in the Himalayas, China, Indonesia were experiencing heavy UFO sightings in recent days. Remote areas of Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Andaman Island, Sri Lanka have also recently reported such sightings.

Indian Government and the military are quiet for a long time about these numerous UFO sightings.

The recent excessive UFO sightings all over the world are forecasting serious disasters in the world. Many people believe, we are in for a rough time as far as earthquakes; volcano and similar natural calamities are concerned.

It is possible that UFOs are trying to communicate to us to warn about the planetary positioning effects on the Earths tectonic plates and crust.

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  1. There's a bigger picture.

    They only warn where there's dire consequences to the local population. This wasn't as dire as say Chernobyl.

    They're monitoring the tectonic shift, as well as how we initiate safety plans.

    Remember that there's more of them out there; not observed in the visible spectrum - they're not invisible, just appearing to be out of phase.

    1. There is some suggestion that they CAUSE the disasters rather than simply appear when they happen. John A. Keel suggests there is a hidden agenda to these appearances.

  2. anonymous is right something is going on there basically trying to find out everything about us. they have been here for long periods of time and as long as humans have lived, there really haven't been that many destructive disasters that would threaten us as a species like japan yesterday. i also think its possible that they might be starting the disasters, and also that the sun has something to do with it.

  3. have you seen this youtube video from Sky News


    around 0.40 sec something wthite jumps from the left


  4. have you seen this youtube video from Sky News


    around 0.40 sec something wthite jumps from the left


    That was NHK Helicopter covering NEWS.

  5. I saw a translucent being flying over the crowd in Japan during a live broadcast on fox news. I think it was an angel of God or other demenshional being. I have seen them before in the last three months, the one in Japan was big.

  6. Replying to CoyoteFeather.

    They didn't start these sequence of natural disasters. The Sun is responsible for the tectonic stress. This entire sequence to the end of 2012 is about the Sun.

    They have a vested interest in us. The work of millennia’s won't be wasted because they failed to act, or we failed to prepare.

    With such short a time frame left, they're working to ensure their work is given every opportunity to succeed.

  7. anonymous things dont have to be UFO!
    you must check about ionosphere layer changes over natural disasters and environmental pollutants.

  8. Anonymous, are you sure time is limited? Why?

  9. I am sure, that in most of the videos, for some are untrue (fake) that the orbs of light you see as "UFO" is not a UFO. What you are whitnessing are Angles - Light - Energy - Spirit, however you want to comprehend it, but not an alien or mechanical object.
    To go further in explaining, since these are showing up during our end times, near the time of Judgement, are the 4 horseman, as the Bible describes.
    It is time to prepare, not for fight, but for faith and belief and repentance

  10. damn christians

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_Cn8ZTnKdM&feature=BF&list=PLBAC751DA9324ED5F&index=92

    Notice a UFO between 4:50 and 5:05

    A black object starts from the beach and then streaks across the screen on the live TV.

  12. you are blind. evidence is all around you, yet you look through secular glasses. fellow believers see the effects of the spiritual war in our world. UFO's are not machines and mechanisms, but angels and devils.

  13. I think the UFO's aren't the cause of any of these disasters... rather they show up at these times to minimize the negative effects of these occurrence. And they have probably helped numerous ways we don't even know of ... not to mention beings under the Earth and even the animals (who have invisible power). All these sources are working hard to help our Earth at this time, from our destroying ways. Like we cut down all the trees, and kill all the animals, pollute our oceans and have violence toward each other ...

    These "UFOs" are for sure benevolent 'helpers' rather then malevolent Hollywood movie aliens...like um lets say "Battle:L.A." or "Cowboys vs. Aliens" These movies are crap, let's face it, should be looked at as speciest films!!

  14. People should read Stephen Hawkings new book.
    Why should we think that we are the only creatures in the solar system?

    There are more chances of other creatures as well. But it is hard to accept these videos because there are chances that the videos may be morphed or may not be.

    But then, whom should you believe?

  15. This is a very old subject, but we may as well go over it for the beginners.

    If aliens are indeed showing up before, after or during natural disasters;

    - it does not prove they are causing the disasters. As solar flares can cause natural disasters such as earth quakes, which causes tidal waves and volcanic eruptions.

    - it does not prove they are warning us of the disaster. As surely they must realise that their efforts are actually not doing too good, and have to realise that making an appearence can be interpritated as many things, and is not a very good warning method at all.

    There is only two real logical explanations for their actions;

    - they are studying us (HAARP) and/or are studying the disasters (human emergency evac from earth).

    - they use the disasters to mass abduct people. Which is a subject in its own right, and which would be a reason for aliens to cause disasters.

    In regard to tectonic plates floating on lava. That theory has not been truly proven yet, its just the most likely theory. As there are scientist out there who believe that if the world was filled with hot lava, we would all be dead!

    Certain species of aliens know more about us then we do. The other advanced aliens dont need to be rocket scientist to figure us out. In fact we would be one in a million in our level of advancement they may have come across.

    The angel/god you are seeing are actually UFO's. You need to understand that to fly across space in a ship, and to surpass the speed of light, that ship has to carry a lot of fuel, which inturn has produce a lot of energy. Thus the ships are generated into entire balls of energy. These ships appear invisible to the naked eye when powered to the maximum.

    Regardless of what the Mayan culture or any other culture says about 2012, there is evidence that we are entering a point in our solar cycle which results in big solar flares. We have obviously seen some results of these solar flares (could be HAARP) recently with the recent natural disasters. If the flares do get worse, it will happen soon. So we may be running out of time.

    There is a chance certain aliens may save so many of us, but whether it be for consevation or because they need us to exist is another question.

    There are two ends of the spectum. This would be proof that there are aliens out there who can be evil. But more then likely the evil aliens would be of a advancement level similar to ours.


  16. "Speciest". Thats a new one! But a good one!...and Im supposed to be a well educated man!

    I will have to remember that one! As you are probably the first to use the term, and if the UN has indeed appointed a aliens affair type of officer. Then it may be a term that may become very well used someday soon.

  17. Theskunkmeister4/07/2011 06:08:00 PM

    UFO's at disasters: in other words, electromagnetic and plasma phenomenon that show up as tell tale singes of effects from using apparatus like HAARP.


  18. Galactic spaceships are actually seen around natural disasters because the extraterrestrials mitigate them.

    The Sendai earthquake and tsunami was a manmade event, which was intended to cause Japan to sink under the waves, but ET technology reduced the scale of the disaster.

    For more on the subject, see my website, The 2012 Scenario, http://stevebeckow.com.


    Steve Beckow

  19. I agree with Steve that UFO's are mitigating the full effect of these disasters.

    I disagree however that these were HAARP or nuclear events, for I understand that these are part of the process of our great Mother Earth cleansing herself of the negative energy which humankind has driven into her for the last 50,000 years. In the Pacific, Lemuria will once again rise in the area of the Pacific ring. In the Atlantic near Cuba, Atlantis. All will be restored as it once was prior to 2012, the shift.

  20. time travel from future generation human being r the ufos we c..future humanity is tryn 2 correct the wrongs we couldnt afford..its clear at ths tym they hvnt perfected the techno

  21. Yeah that sounds better. They are saving us, not abducting us. Thats more easier to accept, I could live happily thinking that!

  22. Thats stupid Steve!! I can see what your saying, but why sink Japan when you can just do what has been done to it? Then make a lot of money off helping them rebuild, and by taking over all their international contracts.
    I mean, wasnt America talking about how the Japanese incident would benifit America, while the rest of the world weeped for Japanese kids!?
    More than likely the US caused the incident to make money, and maybe to give their alien allies a chance for mass abduction. To keep the aliens out of their own back yard. If this were the case, to sink Japan would only benifit the aliens, not humans.
    But seriously, come on! If the aliens wanted to stop humans doing something they would succeed, not attempt (missiles being turned off by ufos)! Their technology, knowledge and experience is light years ahead of what ours is. Even if they did give us a portion of that, they would not give us, or tell us everything they have or know. That would be like giving a five year old kid a loaded ak47!!
    ...and aliens being future human time travelers!! Humans will not be around long enough, at the rate were going, to reach a post-human state!!

  23. They are seen around natural disasters because they want to see our reaction and also to monitor what we do when we are faced with a huge challenge if we come together or if we just leave each other in the dark . They are not aliens as we think of them they are inter dimensional beings here not looking for friends but for a civilization that they can use and munipulate for their own purposes. If you are thousands of light years ahead in technology and you find a planet with sustainable life and they are'nt as advanced as you are then would'nt you exploit them . As well they are the ones responsible for these events occurring , wake up and see what your damn eyes are showing you and quit speculating . They don't believe in war as we do , they use their technology to create these events as a form of weapons . Look at how they can cripple a whole society within one day . They are not benevolent nor do they care about our well being they care for our genetics as well as our resources . Quit thinking that they are here to help , because if they were here to help then they'd have already tried . They want these major centers of population wiped out so they can move in and this is the beginning , don't be fooled . I believe in science but what science has taught us is that an advanced civilization can and will wipe out the native societies living in an area of interest . Why wage an all out invasion of a race that has nuclear capabilities when you can use " natural disasters " as a means of force . Nuclear war means all life will be contaminated and that the resources you want to exploit you have now just destroyed them as well as the genetic material you are trying to obtain . Open them logical eyes which I know are telling you something is wrong and something is going down soon . And Im not talking about 2012 Im talking about the past 100 years of sightings and evidence of what is going on . Or at least research a little and see what you uncover . Just open your eyes and do some research in to the subject before you speculate and sound like some fool . Be an objective not a subjective investigator .

  24. @Anonymous i asked one question and need one answer for over 60 years commercial jets have been the same basic form,yet so many advancements have been made elsewhere.why?are we not ready as humans.was a jet engine gift?Angels Gods why would they let man do what man has done.We are not alone

  25. Author John A. Keel wrote two major books that attempted to link UFO activity and disasters. One was THE MOTHMAN PROPHECY and the other was OPERATION TROJAN HORSE. His theory is that many UFO sightings are a diversion from their main activity. He posits that they act like the movements of a magician who distracts the audience with one hand while he manipulates the magic trick with the other. Mr. Keel and his team did a lot of research on documented but unlinked phenomenon. For example, one chart shows that most UFO sightings happen on a Wednesday. Check out his stuff on youTube.