Chicago UFO 2011 - UFO sighting Videotaped Over Chicago, USA

According to media report an unusual lights were reported by some residents on Chicago's South Side on April 2, 2011. They say something in the sky looked like UFOs were flying over Chicago.

Nicole Dragozetich was driving down 35th Street and Western at approximately 8 p.m. Saturday when she noticed at least a dozen people stopped in their tracks, staring at the sky. She used her cell phone to shoot video of what everyone was watching.

Dragozetich says several lights were flying together, traveling in a straight line at first, and then making patterns. The lights were orange, and they were blinking together at the same time.

ABC7 meteorologist Mark Bishop says no strange occurrences have been reported by the National Weather Service.

Other videos from different angles :

While I was driving on Rockwell going towards to 35th Street in the Southside of Chicago, I noticed a variety of people outside looking at the sky. I did not think much of it until I saw more people outside going towards 35th street. Once I turned a left on 35th street, I look towards my left and I saw these lights so I stopped and recorded what I saw.

On april 2, 2011 between 8:10-8:25 about 20 lights from the east were in the sky making a circle n then in a line in form of a formations disappear after and this were the last lights that were caught’

Update: Similar UFOs were filmed Friday night, April 1st, over the skies of Miami. (Video below)

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