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Apr 3, 2011

Chicago UFO 2011 - UFO sighting Videotaped Over Chicago, USA

According to media report an unusual lights were reported by some residents on Chicago's South Side on April 2, 2011. They say something in the sky looked like UFOs were flying over Chicago.

Nicole Dragozetich was driving down 35th Street and Western at approximately 8 p.m. Saturday when she noticed at least a dozen people stopped in their tracks, staring at the sky. She used her cell phone to shoot video of what everyone was watching.

Dragozetich says several lights were flying together, traveling in a straight line at first, and then making patterns. The lights were orange, and they were blinking together at the same time.

ABC7 meteorologist Mark Bishop says no strange occurrences have been reported by the National Weather Service.

Other videos from different angles :

While I was driving on Rockwell going towards to 35th Street in the Southside of Chicago, I noticed a variety of people outside looking at the sky. I did not think much of it until I saw more people outside going towards 35th street. Once I turned a left on 35th street, I look towards my left and I saw these lights so I stopped and recorded what I saw.

On april 2, 2011 between 8:10-8:25 about 20 lights from the east were in the sky making a circle n then in a line in form of a formations disappear after and this were the last lights that were caught’

Update: Similar UFOs were filmed Friday night, April 1st, over the skies of Miami. (Video below)


  1. 2011, the year of the unveiling. How exciting, huh?

  2. kind of Reminds me of the Phonix lights in 1997

  3. The skeptics are getting there ass kicked today !

    Great job UFO BLOGGER!!!!

  4. This is what we have been waiting for. Well done on a good job!

  5. My wife and I saw these orange lights last night as well (we live in the Southwestern suburbs of Chicago). I caught one of them on video for about 20 seconds. Trust me, I know planes, these were not planes. They were about the size of a small car and three of the ones we saw rose up from behind a tree line, each one about 10-minutes apart from the next, trailed white spraks as it rose up from behind the tree line. They "popped" like an electrical pop, not a firework and once they got up about 200 feet, they stop shedding the white sparks and flew off into the sky. In total, we saw about seven of them over the course of about 45 minutes.
    This morning, she and I walked over to the spot we thought these things "took off from" and I found a mutilated coyote. Something weird went on out here last night...

  6. Drifting movement, no acceleration... I'm guessing Thai lanterns. Nothing fancy. Move along, people.

    (I'm a believer, tho. Just sayin')

  7. Sadly, no. I believe in UFOs, but this is pretty obviously not true. Here is the link to a victim's group that released Chinese lanterns as a memorial to their dead children:

    The lanterns were released at exactly the same time and location as the sighting in question.

    If you don't know about lanterns, check this out on Youtube:

    Too much of a coincidence to be actual UFOs, in my opinion.

  8. Have you noticed how the news reporters are taking this report seriously , and aren't saying things like " oh , yeah , those were probably just ballons. " or " I wonder what those people were drinking " I've noticed that a lot lately with reports of ufos . The fact that the media is taking reports of Ufos seriously and are no longer ridiculing or laughing at those that say they saw UFOS must all be part of the disclosure
    we are currently going through.

  9. I live a few blocks away from were this happened. I really had the same reaction at first but after a second look you can clearly tell they were chinese lanterns being released from a local park on the south side. I could see the flickering of the flames. Ton's of video's on web of same event give it day or two and we'll find out who released the lanterns

  10. Hi People,

    It was announced that the lights were sky lanterns, lit to honor child abuse victims:
    Renee Hutchinson, who started the Baby James Foundation, explained the lights were actually sky lanterns released in memory of abuse victims.

    "You light the bottom of them and they heat up, and as they heat up, they fill up like hot air balloons and they go into the sky," Hutchinson said.

    Hutchinson said police officers even stopped by to see what was going on.

    She says this has been an unusual way to get attention for her cause.

  11. So apparently the Lights according to local news, were chinese lanterns being released as a memorial service for victims of child abuse.

  12. During the morning hours of March 28th, 2011, there was a sighting of lights that traveled over Miami, Hialeah, Miami Lakes towards and over Pembroke Pines in a northbound direction that subsequently led to another type of object sighting. I am omitting PARTICULAR DETAILS of this sighting in order to separate fraudulent reports from attention seekers as oppose to those who may have witnessed this VERY REAL SIGHTING. ONLY THOSE WHO MAY HAVE WITNESSED THIS PHENOMENA WILL BE ABLE TO DESCRIBE THE PARTICULAR DETAILS. If you believe you may have witnessed something unusual on the above date please e-mail your particular description of what you may have observed including shape, size, color and time of sighting to ALL INFORMATION RECEIVED WILL REMAIN STRICLY CONFIDENTIAL UNLESS YOU GIVE THE AUTHORIZATION TO DISCLOSE. Thank you for your cooperation.

  13. i think its so true, coz chinese lanterns wont move like that, its like wooosh! in the end. it flew out! chinese lanterns moves slowly right?
    well these objects seem likely a lantern,but if you watch it closely,they dont move like that,so yeah! i think they're is a life on outer space,MAYBE. imagine,they were billions of billions of GALAXIES,then no life exist?! (of course,earth has living things)a galaxy may have dozens of planets or more. think about it guys.. we're not just the living things in this UNIVERSE......

  14. There was a much more convincing sighting in Feb or Mar of this year near O'Hare airport caught on video by 2 different people that received NO attention from the media at all. These latest "sightings" have been shown to be lanterns - but where is the media on the better sighting? I can't recall the site it was on, but do not think it made the Blgger

  15. I saw these lights and i live about 60 miles from Chicago.. But those lights are not what scared me last night. At about 12:45 am my friends and I were hanging out outside looking up at the sky. We noticed one strange light off in the distance, that looked to close to be a star and seemed to changing colors white to red. This light did not move. After some time one of my friends noticed something different, 3 bright lights coming straight over us. It was flying extremely low, and when it was about 200 yeards away in the sky, it turned its lights off and slowly flew over us. We could still see it and vaguely hear it. It was very quiet and sounded almost like a fan. My friends and I saw the outline, which looked sort of triagular. right after we saw this i decided to go back to my house. Lucky me the ufo was headed the same direction. When i got home, the ufo appeared off in the distance, no longer making any movements. I could see it from time to time move slightly in one direction, but for the most part it would just stay there. Preeettttyy creeepy, especially since it was my first ever encounter of such magnitude

  16. Just saw one of these in North Central Illinois. It was many colored lights & did amazing patterns. Never seen anything like it!

  17. We are seeing these in droves over Romeoville and Joliet

  18. @Savvy, this is the confederation of the 12 planets making themselves visible. the earth is shifting dimensions, teh confederation is here to help those willing earth beings..