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Apr 14, 2011

FBI Files : White House Was Sent Into A Panic By Suspected Alien Cows Mutilation

In our previous reports we had reported FBI "The Vault" reveals Roswell, Majestic 12 Documents HERE and Utah UFO encounter HERE

Now FBI releases more declassified "The Vault" files, which have reveals how the White House was sent into a panic by suspected alien cows mutilation.

More than 8,000 cattle were snatched by mystery aircraft, mutilated, then dropped from the skies above the US south west in the late 1970s, special agents told their directors.

Terrified farmers in New Mexico, Nebraska and Colorado feared they would be ripped apart by extraterrestrials in flying saucers.

Details of the probe are spelled out in internal memos released by the FBI on its website vault.fbi.gov

The cattle killers took sick TROPHIES including tongues, lower lips, sex organs, eyes and ears. In some cases the doomed animal was drained entirely of its BLOOD.

One investigator set out his theory: "These animals are picked up by aircraft, mutilated elsewhere and returned and dropped from aircraft.

"Identical mutilations have been taking place all over the south west. Whoever is responsible is well organised with boundless technology, financing and secrecy."

In January 1979, then US Attorney General Griffin Bell wrote to spooked senator Harrison Schmitt, saying: "The materials sent to me indicate one of the strangest phenomenon in my memory."

Mr Schmitt represented New Mexico - where, from 1976 to 1978 there were numerous mysterious incidents at a ranch in Dulce.

One chilling police report detailed a feared alien sacrifice there: "This 11-month-old bull was dropped by some type of aircraft north of Mr Manuel Gomez's ranch house. The sex organs had been removed with a sharp and precise instrument. The bone had also been removed.

"The bull sustained visible bruises around the brisket seeming to indicate that a strap was used to lift and lower the animal from the aircraft... flesh underneath the hide was pinkish in colour.

"A probable explanation for the pinkish blood is a control type of radiation used to kill the animal... both the liver and the heart were mushy. Both organs had the texture and consistency of peanut butter."

The bull had been seen alive the previous day but during the night a low-flying craft had been heard near where the remains were found.

FBI agents were sent to remote farms across rural America to probe the killings.

A police report of another incident at the Dulce farm, dated June 13, 1976, told how an odd craft visited another animal mutilation.

"A suspected aircraft of some type had landed twice, leaving three pod-marks in a triangular shape. The diameter of each pod was 14inches."

An FBI document dated January, 1979, said: "The Department of Justice advised that their criminal division has been aware of the phenomenon of animals being mutilated in a manner that would indicate such acts were performed by persons as part of a ritual or ceremony."

Kenneth Rommel, who led the FBI's Animal Mutilation Project probe, wrote a bombshell memo on March 5, 1980, on one alien swoop.

It stated: "In July 1978 a UFO was reportedly sighted by a resident of Taos, New Mexico, hovering over a pick-up truck. The following morning powder flakes were reportedly recovered from the truck roof."

Locals told the FBI the flakes came from COW HIDES, he added.

Source : http://vault.fbi.gov/unexplained-phenomenon

Down below is History Channel "Cow Mutilation" documentary dealing with the fact that the victims, mostly cows, are mutilated in strange ways, with the same body parts removed each time.


  1. I don't know... i had heard, at some point, on some television show for sure, that the frequency with which almost all cow mutilations resulting in the consistent removal of similar body parts is due to the idea that the removal of those "softer" body parts, such as eyes and genitals, had been carried out by scavenging insects that would leave what appeared to be a fine incision around removed parts. I hardly ever trust the opinions of those I see on the TV. But when it comes human response to a thing like this it is certainly apparent to me that the FBI officers who wrote those memos were responding to an initial fear of an unexplained phenomenon. They wrote those memos in clear fear of what to them was apparently sadistic mutilation but what could have been nothing more than fast acting scavenging flies. But with new information like occurrences of Unidentified Craft flying near these areas, visiting already dead cattle, and dropping flakes of cow hide over a section of small farm town, you are left wondering what in the heck is going on in this son of gun world.

  2. This is NOT alien abductions but rather secret government testing on animals to test fir infection of bioweapons and radiation exposure. alien UFOS do not hoist up animals and drop them from large heights that is the work of helicopters.

  3. The evidence for the authenticity of animal mutilations and their connection with the UFO phenomenon is beyond dispute at this point. Do the research! I dare you! The idea that 'pest' and 'scavengers' are responsible is totally ill-informed (I've read these reports thoroughly). It's credibility is as lacking as the 'satanic-cult' hypothesis, which is laughable at best, and based on purely out a reluctance to accept occurrences that are truly incompatible with widely held belief systems. The FBI and local law enforcement have GIVEN UP trying to solve this phenomenon, while the statistics continue to pile up. Much research has now been done on the forensics of mutilations sites by both these AND reliable civilian science organizations - the presence of pure hemoglobin on and around bloodless wounds, that many vets have been quoted as describing as 'laser-like incisions' will not be easy to explain with conventional ideas (predators, insects). It's time to wake up people. The information is available. Turn off the TV, do a little research, be critical, be a skeptic, but open your mind to things that might not immediately cohere with what you already believe. Sometimes, the truth is painful at first. Sometimes, it's downright scary.

  4. We're no better than any sadistic alien. We do the same to our animals.

  5. I'm old enough to remember some of these events. Even humans are mutilated, but those stories are suppressed for obvious reasons. The few stories that actually emerge, e.g. Guarapiranga in 1988, are immediately smothered in disinformation with cover stories so implausible that one has to laugh. These con artists of deception always concoct a cover story based on one small aspect of an event and totally ignore the rest of the story, i.e. the facts. Remember these words when reading UFO Blogger... Read the original article for the facts and then compare those facts with many of the idiotic comments and you'll clearly see the pattern of deception.

  6. I have grown up in remote areas hunting and living off the land for the majority of my life up till now, and I have seen many many different fauna species great and small in all manner of decomposition while in the process of being scavanged by all types of fauna species. By that experience, I have to say that insects eating parts of cows to result in wounds which look like surgical cuts, is impossible!....and so very silly!

    In order to accomplish this the insects would need to work in precise union, and have a plan! In reality all the insects would eat at different rates, and add getting pushed out of place by other insects, the result would be a rough wound.

    The history of the world is filled with a phenominom known as "weird" or "strange" rain. This type of rain does not rain down water, but fauna species such as fish, spiders, alligators, snakes, and many many other types of fauna species. This type of rain does not only produce fauna species, but also blood, meat, and different types of gellatinous goo (not frozen excrement from jets). One recorded incident involved the goo bearing human DNA if memory serves me correctly.

    I once remember reading about a fella who claimed he worked at a US military base or something. If memory serves me correctly, he said humans and a certain type of grey aliens were working together on projects or something. Anyway these greys had struck deals with an american president to abduct humans and cows for study and for food.

    Apparently these greys cant consume food like humans via the mouth, they have to absorb it through the skin, much like a plant. So they swim in these big tubs in this gellatinous goo, made from human and fauna species lips, genitals, rectums, and certain other body parts. The fellow claimed that the greys could only eat a certain type of fluid which only the lips, genitals, and such only produced.

    The fellows talk was not about weird rain, but I made a connection in my head as I had heard of the meat, blood and human dna gellatinous goo incidents previously.

    I dont think that the fauna rain is due to alien abductions, but have always thought the gellatinous goo, meat and blood rains do....and this fellows explanation is the most logical explanation for cow and human abductions.

    I dont know how much anyone else knows about cow abductions and surgical mutilations. But it should be known that it also happens to,humans. Its just covered up, but I believe a few cases can be found on the net.

    On another (related) subject, when I learned about aliens being present during natural disasters, in the back of my mind I couldnt help but think....well Im sure you get the idea.


  7. For those of you in the US who may not be aware, this phenomenon is not isolated to the US.... identical mutilations in identical circumstances happen all over the world, and particularly over here in the UK, where it is still happening regularly to this day. A lot of detailed research has been carried out in the UK by the Animal Pathology Field Unit... http://www.apfu.org/.... and they have now proven beyond doubt that whatever is doing this is an intelligent agency and the specific mutilation phenomemnon is definitely not related to human sacrificial ceremonies of any type, or to natural predation. Similar attacks have also been recorded on wild animals across Europe. Visit the APFU website for further enlightening data on this.

  8. They should scan all there cows for any bugs or tracking devices that they think they have found and see what they find??

  9. In response to the proposal that all of this is the work of secret government agencies, I offer the following consideration......

    This may be a plausible explanation if this phenomena was limited to only one country, but it isn't. The same mutilations are known to be happening in many countries across the world, and quite possibly it will ultimately be realised that it is happening in all countries. For this to be occurring as a result of 'government' intervention would therefore require governments of wildly differing political persuasions across all continents to be working in close co-ordination with each other, and mean that national rivals and even enemies, were acting in unified agreement.... something which I suggest is virtually impossible in our currently politically fragmented world. Can you see the French for example (who openly published the COMETA report which stated that some UFOs were most likely to be of ET origin)agreeing with the USA to participate in such a 'secret' program ... this would never happen! This consideration alone rules out secret government activity. I agree however that many governments are likely to be acting independently to play down this problem within their own terratories, as they are frightened by it, cannot influence it, and more importantly have no power to stop it happening.

  10. If you are old enough to remember "anonymous", then you may be old enough to remember a thing called "confirmation bias"! In a nutshell, its human nature for people to favour information which suits their perceptions or theories, regardless of whether that information is the truth or not!
    So even if ufo blogger did get their info word for word from another source, how can you guarantee the person who originally collected it was totally un-biased when they did collect it?! Thats right you cant! Now you know why mommy told you not to believe everything you read, back when the dino's ruled the planet!
    If disinformation is going to happen to any incident, it would happen before it even gets to ufo blogger!
    What am I doing here then if I think ufo blogger gets dud info?? Well for one thing I know that a lot of the info ufo blooger acquires has some truth to it, and some of it is dodgey, and I love trying to figure the truth from the lies; I like to have interlectual conversations on a subject I love with like minded people; I like to read the comments as it teaches me things. Even if that is only getting to know other like minded peoples perception and giving others the oppertunity to see my perceptions; I also use ufo blogger for my personal research into the "Bigger Picture" of the alien/human future.
    You sound like a burnt out old person who cant find anything smart to say, so you down others for your lackings! I see my membership with ufo blogger as being part of a team, and we are a diverse team, with each of us having different strengths and weakness's, but together we are a strong team who are all united by the need for disclosure.
    You make it sound as though what we write in the comments section of ufo blogger, is what decides the general publics perception!!
    ....and another thing, picking away at the small things is how big things get exposed!! Dont you know anything about investigating!!
    Everyone has a right to their say! So suffer in your jocks!!

  11. "old enough anonymous". I feel I have to point out a few more things to you in regard to the members of ufo blogger and their comments.
    When I talk about members of the ufo blogger comment team having different strengths and weakness's, Im obviously refering to their individual level of knowledge of all that relates to alien/ufo's, and their abilities to accept the generally umacceptable.
    The ufo blogger site is a good site for most, but for a certain minority it is somewhat tame. As the ufo blogger site caters only for people of little knowledge of aliens, and is not past trying to prove aliens exist.
    Most of us are here to get governments to disclose all they know of aliens, especially the US, so as to finally accept that aliens do exist. These guys generally sit around, read the articles and get dazzled by them.
    Others have totally accepted that aliens exist, and are more worried about what the aliens are up to. Generally these guys will take in the evidence from a article, and come up with theories for a bigger picture. Sometimes they will relate information from ufo blogger to other sites.
    Guys can be sceptical on both sides of the fence about certain information which ufo blogger post's, but the evidence from the comments suggest's there is no uncertainty that all agree aliens do exist, or have to exist.
    So where you get the idea that we have disinformation agents in our ranks is beyond me!...and a pattern of deception??
    Another thing you say people take small aspects of a incident and ignore the facts, yet you encourage others to look at the smaller aspects of comments to see the bigger deception?!?!...isnt that contradicting yourself?!?! As your saying to look at the finer print or smaller pieces when reading the articles is not a good method/idea, yet you say to use the method when reading the comments is a good method/idea!!
    Your a sad little person who is in dire need of a good education! When god was handing out brains you must have thought he was handing out milkshakes, and asked for a thick one right!?

  12. The Guarapanga incident took place in 1994, not 1988. Details of the case was reveiled in 1998 by researchers Zapata Carcia and Dr Ruben Goes.

  13. humans are so funny, whoever is doing these abductions to animals aliens or goverment proyects are not doing more horrible things than what humans do to animals, 8000 cattle picked up and experimented on that's bad, i love animals, but how many millions or even billions of animals of all kinds are killed every year just to satisfy the disgusting human crave for animal meat..?

  14. The original poster is correct as the Guarapiranga case took place in 1988 ... ;)

  15. So, we're going to have a war of words, eh, anonymous joker? ;) Frankly, from your infantile and unsubstantiated comments, you simply prove my original point about intentional disinformation being spread like a disease within the section for comments. ;)

    Again, readers, search the original article for the facts. Write those facts down if you must. Then, read the comments for idiotic scenarios based on one small aspect of the original article which totally ignores and distorts the facts contained in the original article. In this specific instance, simply review some of the numerous newspaper articles from the period of the 1970s and prove it for yourself that the source material for this article is generally accurate. The anonymous joker critical of my remarks just make the case to be very cautious of the comments. Finally, reviewing sources for original articles does NOT even need mentioning, but anonymous joker insists it does. ;)

  16. I see that someone beat me to correcting the poster about the incorrect date of 1994 for the Guarapiranga case. In fact, a gruesome autopsy report dated in December of 1988 exists for the Guarapiranga case ... ;) I'm not here as an anonymous joker spewing disinformation and distorting FACTS as personal bias. ;) Remember, reader, facts are basically the who, what, when, and where of an event. Write these FACTS down and laugh at the anonymous jokers who attempt to equate those facts with bias. ;)

  17. Im sorry if I previously hurt your feelings "Joker", but you started it. First things first, you seem a little insecure in you new comments, as you keep refering back to the other readers looking for comfirmation...and what is this "Joker" thing??..Bat Man had a big impact on you eh? Or is that another sign of your insecurity?
    Correct me if I am wrong "Joker", but has the human behavior known as "confirmation bias" not been scientifically proven and all scientist around the world have measures to ensure the behavior does not affect their work?!...has it not been scientifically proven that its human nature to lie up to 200 times a day? If it has not, then all you tell me is true, I put my total 100% faith in all you say, and all that ufo blogger post's is 100% true....and I am truly sorry. If they have been scientifically proven to exist, then once again you cannot prove your all you read on the internet is indeed true, and there is a chance your "substansiated info" is totally wrong.
    You could compare it to the new trend where people use the internet to diagnose their own health problems, and bypass doctors. It has proven to be dangerous as there is a 50% chance the internet info is incorrect.
    In regard to the comments you see as people spreading disinformation, I see them as people who are trying to come up with theories as to the bigger picture of whats going on.
    I see these comments as an effort to better understand things. Surely you have theories? Why not share them? If I dont like your theory I will skip to the next comment, but I wont down your theory and act like a idiot. Obviously I will look the info up but.
    ...and readers, leaders are made by thinking outside the box, the guys who break the rules, policies and protocols will be the ones to write the new rules, policies and protocols. This guys comments seems to be designed to keep us in uniform and thinking inside the box. Readers I have a thirst for info and I want to hear your theories, to find what I have not seen or considered before, I dont care how idiotic it sounds. As the World being round sounded idiotic at one point, as steel floating on water did.
    "Joker", its people like you who hold the rest of us back.

  18. In Re: Guarapanga 1988. Judging by style of writing, you have corrected yourself. ;)

  19. I just had another thought "Joker", well its more a memory rather. But it does illustrate what confirmation bias is. As if you did know what Im talking about, you would be pointing out that Im right, and pointing out you had not previously looked at the situation as I do.
    If I could tell you about my professional work, and how much "confirmation bias" has to do with my work, and how many people rely on my work, and told you of the type of people who scruitinize my work, you would understand how well I know about the subject. But call me paranoid as I dont wish to mention it here. Basically, if you knew what I know, you would never read a news paper or watch a documentry in the same way.
    But first, you have to understand this situation you and I are in, as you dont seem to really have a handle on things.
    Now, you were accusing people of spreading disinformation via comments, and dont I see their comments as being so malicious. As when I look over the comments I see people bringing more evidence to the table from other sources, I see people challanging some of the evidence with personal views or with other information, and I see people coming up with theories for possible future outcomes and scenarios for what actually happened at incidents. This sort of counter weights your comments of the "facts" we read here are at ufo blogger being the "truth", even if you dont realise it.
    Since that argument we have now moved on. As now Im challanging the info at the source, and my question remains the same, can you prove that all these articles are 100% true, as thats what you are pushing at the other readers.
    Now that story. I have a freind who had a fairly stressed dog who was hell bent on protecting his property. One day a council guy comes around, he rattles the gate as is policy to check for dogs, then walks into the yard and gets bitten to the bone by the dog.
    The guy goes to the local newspaper guys, who visit my freind, and they have a lovely chat about the incident.
    The freind tells how there is a "vicious dog in yard" sign right next to the gate latch, then he points out the policy of rattling gates is stupid as there is such things as deaf dogs, as his dog is.
    The next day the news paper prints the story and does not mention mention two important facts. Which is the ineffectiveness of the gate rattling policy and the sign next to the latch. The clip portaited my freind as a person who could not control his savage beast!
    Its amazing how just leaving two little things out of the clip just totally changed the story....and how only information which potrayed my freind as the bad guys was printed.
    Basically, news papers and news shows only have each other as their measure to keep. them from printing bias info. But one news crew on its own out there, is sure to use bias info.
    Now we are sort of in the same boat here with the news crews. We are all present, and we all know that many of us will research what claims we hear in the comments. Its sort of a policy which keeps us honest to a certain exstent.
    But you and I cant find info on the net or anywhere else for someones personal theory or experience. Me and you are not obligated to believe personal theories or experiences of people leaving comments, as we are not obligated to believe the info ufo blogger post's.
    So now, catch up and PROVE THE INFO AT UFO BLOGGER IS 100% REAL, or stop pushing people to believe what you believe, and give people the oppertunity to put forward their theories, experiences, or whatever else they want to without your interuptions!
    ....and in regard to a "war of words", well then address me and only me, stop trying to get others to back you, and lets give these guys a show, cause their holding their breaths in anticipation! But I have to tell you, I have eaten a packet of bullets, and Im firing! Or shut up and go about your buisness!

  20. Hey "Joker". I have just been doing a bit of reading about the case you seem to have a lot of knowledge on, even way back to when it happened. This is obviously the "Guarapanga" abduction and mutilation case of 1988. So I have devised a test, and have a few questions to see if you are as clean cut and on the ball as you act.
    1) Tell me, is it true that the most recognized ufologist in Brazil, Claudeir Covo, later in 1993 found out the incident didnt actually happen at the Guarapanga reservoir? But at a reservoir named Billings.
    I must agree and say that his theory of scavenging animals is a bit silly.
    3) But tell me, is it true that the area is known for scavenging animals such as rats and vultures?
    4) Would it be stupid of us to assume that these scavenging animals might frequent these reservoirs?
    5) Now let me ask you, where were the scavenging animals while the body lay in its place over a few days? As there are no scavenger marks in the pics.
    6) Would it be fair to say, if the initial investigation got the sites name wrong, then it would be fair to say that this is evidence of a cover up at the source?
    How you answer these questions, decides if really know anything about Guarapanga, and may prove you are spreading disinformation on this site in a sense, just by mentioning the name "Guarapanga".
    I do not mean to humiliate you in front of many, but you insist on going down this path with me! But if its any consolation, I have to thank you for the interlectual conversation, and I hope that when we are finished with this, we can comment on other post's together and again challange each others ideas, theories or personal experience if they conflict again.

  21. Unfortunately, you're the only anonymous joker posting in this comment section. ;) It's simply more infantile blah, blah, blah from you. Unfortunately for you, I was right about the date of the Guarapiranga incident, and you were wrong... so let it go. NOBODY believes a damn thing you say because you're basically a con artist. Again, you equate FACTS with bias and take small portions of events, e.g. scavengers seen flying OVER the carcass at Guarapiranga, and intentionally construe that observation to mean that scavengers actually landed on the carcass and caused the wounds on the body, i.e. the precise punctures of the carcass had to be caused by predators... LoL ... Again, you PROVE my original contention that you're intentionally distorting the comments of other investigators. Unfortunately for you, the autopsy report in Portuguese, the carcass, and scene surrounding the carcass totally DISPROVE your foolish contention that scavengers were the cause of the incident at Guarapiranga... There's simply no way of ignoring an autopsy report... You're a piece of silly work. As long as the readers write down ALL of the facts surrounding a case, they'll be protected from anonymous joking con artists like you.

  22. Well I have grown tired of you. But make no mistake about it. I have proven you to not only be rude, but also to be closed minded, unethical and unprofessional. I have also proven you to be what you accuse me of being.....and my attempts to open your eyes to other possibilities, attempts to give you insight into human behavior have been infantile.
    Basically my attempts to give you oppertunities for your personal growth has been useless, and you have missed another oppertunity for person development!
    But once as again, Im sorry for causing you any stress, and hope you happiness. But you should look into furthering your education.

  23. Oh, blah, blah, blah ... and include whining along with your other unsavory traits... You haven't PROVED anything except your disgusting behavior. Originally, I simply stated obvious truths about disinformation being spewed in the comments section and you are living proof. The Guarapiranga case is a good test case, because it conned you into using a debunking document rife with SPECULATION and some blatant errors. Like many debunkers, you use the guilt by association trick, i.e. if an object, e.g. a scavenger, is present, then it MUST have participated in the event which is naturally ridiculous because the precise punctures and bruises on the MUTILATED CARCASS are not even remotely the result of predation. The mutilated body IS nearly identical to cattle mutilations, however. The autopsy report simply reinforces the evidence found in photographs of the carcass. Case closed and plenty of proof exists for the otherworldly mutilation of the body REGARDLESS of some ancillary discrepancies in the case. Are the discrepancies important? Yes, but NOT to the point of distorting the overall event in some sort of smokescreen based on ignoring the vast majority of evidence. I have no problem with skepticism until skeptics start ignoring and dismissing with prejudice important facts associated with a case. In fact, your tactics are similar to other debunkers who frequently cite common objects, e.g. venus, and the SOLE reason to dismiss a case. This insane debunking with prejudice MUST stop!
    It's interesting that the elder G. Jones in the UFO Hunter documentary, Alien Harvest, logically reasoned that if these entities were mutilating his cows, then it's likely they would start mutilating humans as well. Hence, he was selling his herd of cows. This man at least has the mental capacity to get the message and this message is frequently covered-up by those debunkers with an agenda because certain powers WANT the masses to think these entities are benign, but they're generally the opposite of benign....

  24. I think I have to point something out to you about the Guarapiranga case and my belief, I ALSO BELIEVE ALIENS WERE RESPONSIBLE YOU IDIOT!! So STOP trying to prove to me aliens DID DO IT!
    I did not go into the details of the case when I checked it out, as it doesnt get me excited! Hell I lost interist in the abduction and mutilation thing long ago, after I made up my mind that aliens were responsible! I dont know about you, but checking out another case is just no use to me!
    The reason I decided to go you was due to your comments of people spreading disinformation! You STILL havnt realised that!?
    But I have to pull you up though about this "unsavory traits" and "disgusting behavior" comments though! As I have been a bit dodgey with you since we started, but your bad behavior deserved more bad behavior! Also, at least Im honest enough to admit it!
    How we started this was by you being critical of peoples comments, then you had the cheek and accuse me of being critical of yours! I offered you a challange, but you did not even have the stomach or decency to reply to me directly, you tried to get to get others to then back you to go against me; you disrespect me by refering to me as a joker; you posts the 1988 date posing as two seperate people; you keep on acting childish by replying with "blah blah blah"; you say that the investigation method of going off small pieces of evidence of a incident, and coming up with theories based on small pieces of evidence is stupid; you judge people and accuse them of spreading disinformation, when if you look at their comments the way I do it does not look like that; even though it may not have been intentional, you spread disinformation about the Guarapiranga case by refering to the case as "Guarapiranga", as that would imply the incident took place at the Guarapiranga reservoir. Are you trying to tell me these are savory traits, and this is not discusting behavior!?!?
    Now like I said befor; I have proven you to be a damn fool, and you just dont realise when your beaten, or when to stop do ya!? So stop this foolish behavior befor you continue to make yourself look stupid in front of all these nice people, and you cause yourself a damn heart attack!!
    F#@KEN HELL!!

  25. Forgot to say. Thats a damn good point about the discrepencies and allowing those discrenpencies to clowd the overall picture though, and I can see how it could be a problem in certain cases. But not all.
    Still I have to say though, once discrepencies are found it sort of takes a good deal of the incidents integrity away.
    I mean you have to admit, that is a pretty big mistake getting the name of the site wrong, especially when considering what was found at the site. I mean you also have to be asking yourself about the scavengers...and remember I believe aliens did it as well.
    Oh and another thing, if you do notice others doing this, why not challange them and put forward your case?? They could be dieing to have someone go over the subject with them, and you have to be dieing to put them in their place. Plus, people like you and me cant just go down the street talking to just anyone about this subject, so this is a pretty good oppertunity to talk to like minded people about a subject which obviously you enjoy.

  26. I am sure that his is not an alien abduction, probably a jewish abduction. Those perverts will do anyting to people and nature, they are satanic and the vatican also uses this kind of practice. All of these demons are involved in this and they say it is the aliens so that we have fear of them. If we have lived around demons for thousands of years i think we will never be afraid when the aliens land here to help the earth.

  27. what if aliens are real and they are going to control over us.

  28. They test they,er new weapons ,then need regular people to see what results they come up with ...it was said that to get the human race to pull together they need an outside force to come and scare the pants off the people ,so we pull together and fight for queen and country ...The said government are corrupt ..this world would sustain its self if you did,nt have the greedy thieves at the top of the pyramid (yes the government is the biggest pyramid scam ever)When are we gonna wake and take this world back off the greedy ?
    they steel what they want ,
    kill the poor in money .
    but rich in spirit,
    look hard into the past you can see most of the bad things they have tried to cover up there is a pattern?

  29. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/response/searching-et-no-evidence-yet

    Is this transparent government? Evidence that the White House and Phil Larson has lied to us.