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Apr 21, 2011

Secret Memo Reveals Kennedy Demanded UFO Files Before His Death

An uncovered letter written by John F Kennedy to the head of the CIA, which is released under the Freedom of Information Act reveals that the president demanded to be shown highly confidential documents about UFOs 10 days before his assassination.

The secret memo is one of two letters written by JFK asking for information about the paranormal on November 12 1963, which have been released by the CIA for the first time.

Author William Lester said the CIA released the documents to him under the Freedom of Information Act after he made a request while researching his new book 'A Celebration of Freedom: JFK and the New Frontier.'

First document:

In one of the secret documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, JFK writes to the director asking for the UFO files.
Second document :

In the second memo, sent to the NASA administrator, the president expresses a desire for cooperation with the former Soviet Union on mutual outer space activities.

The previously classified documents were released under the Freedom of Information Act to teacher William Lester as part of research for a new book about JFK.

He said that JFK’s interest in UFOs could have been fuelled by concerns about relations with the former Soviet Union.

Down below is 2009 detailed analysis of both official and leaked documents provides a compelling case that President Kennedy's efforts to declassify UFO files was a direct factor in his assassination.

Dr Michael Salla's presentation at the 7th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference on November 7, 2009. Dr Salla reveals that there were three critical periods concerning President Kennedy's efforts to gain access to classified UFO files. 

The first began in February 1961 with Kennedy's Executive Order to place psychological warfare programs under the control of his national security team.

The second period then began and involved Kennedy using his authority as Commander in Chief to learn what he could about UFOs and extraterrestrial life, while being denied access to UFO files by MJ-12 and the counterintelligence (CI) branch of the CIA. 

The third and most critical period began on September 20, 1963 when President Kennedy gave a speech at the UN General Assembly calling for joint space and lunar missions with the USSR.

We thing the latest documents, released to Mr Lester by the CIA, add weight to the suggestion that the president could have been shot to stop him discovering the truth about UFOs.


  1. I Scott C. Waring was first to publish this JFK document on page 46 of my book, UFO Sightings of 2006-2009.

    News Sources around the world are saying William Lester was first to publish in a book the JFK memo that is exciting UFO researchers everywhere, but that is not true. I was the first to publish its information in my book called, “UFO Sightings of 2006-2009. I published it last year in 2010.

    I actually wrote an entire chapter in my UFO book about this document. The chapter is called, “Chapter Five: Apollo 20 Alien Technology Retrieval Mission.” I wrote this chapter back in 2007 and published it in book form in 2010, yet the writer William Lester is trying to take credit for being the first to publish the JFK document in a book.

    The document info is on page 46 and it clearly states word for word the same thing written on the JFK memo.

  2. yeah right you lier, I Lester H.R. Biggelbee published these jfk documents on pg 46 of MY BOOK "Sightings of UFO's 2006-09"/ I too wrote an entire chaper in my know, the book you ripped off!

  3. What a tosser. Scott if you have infringement of copyright issues, find another place for your personal support forum. At one time I might have bought your book, but now that I know youre just a conceited asshole... I wont.

  4. It is hard to believe that JFK had to ask for UFO files when Truman and Eisenhower were well aware of "alien" visitations!? JFK was a war hero who had to know something about this phenomena since he was an officer in the Pacific campaign. I was told some information and saw numerous floating UFOs in 1969 - 1970 in Southeast Asia - and I was just a NCO. My neighbor served two years on a ship (Fletcher) in the Pacific during WWII and saw countless UFOs which his captain called bogies. Most of these aircraft would fly into or out of the ocean, and this happened years before the "Roswell" incident.
    F. Carlton McLean, Jr. 11/28/2012

  5. Thank you for sharing this info! It would be most helpful if you would type the contence of the letters below each one. The copies are impossible to read online.