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May 7, 2011

9/11 Planes Never Hit Twin Towers: September Clues

Previously we had reported HERE Television is - and has always been - a Weapon of Mass Distraction.

In latest Obama hold a conference to announce the death of Osama Bin Laden, who has never been wanted by FBI or declared responsible for 9/11 attacks.

Moreover Osama Bin Laden been dead for years. Benazir Bhutto said so in an interview before she was killed. Even many US high-ranking military officers are on record that he was killed several years ago. Also presidents of at least 2 foreign countries and was a known CIA asset up until 9/11. read it all

Whenever a major news event is reported by the mainstream media, it will invariably be illustrated with photographs or videos in order to convey to the public some visual impressions of the event. Undeniably, the imagery connected with any given news story enhances our emotional relation to it. The way we relate to news imagery has an almost hypnotic effect on our psyche: we have come to consider the visuals of any given news story as proof of that news story's authenticity. This is truly a 'weak spot' of our brains' readiness for critical-thinking. Thus follows, unfortunately, that to challenge the authenticity of a catastrophic event shown on Live TV is way beyond what most people are willing to contemplate. However, the time has come for everyone to call television by its most appropriate, military-sounding name: "Weapon of Mass Distraction".

The 9/11 psyop relied foremostly on that 'weak spot' of ours. We all fell for the images we saw on TV at the time -- understandably so, as the sheer horror of the proposed imagery generated a wall of outrage and fear -- thick enough to discourage any critical review of it. In hindsight, we can only wonder why so few questioned the absurd TV coverage proposed by all the major networks.


The 9/11 TV imagery (of the crucial morning events) was just a computer-animated, pre-fabricated movie. It featured for the most part what were meant to be "chopper shots" of the smoking towers - and very little else. The sum total of "Action Shots" ("Planecrash" and "Tower collapses") amounted to little over 30secs of the entire morning's TV broadcasts ! Needless to say, much as the rest of the animation movie, none of these "Action Shots" depicted any sort of reality. Now, it may be difficult for many to understand why the 9/11 plotters needed to fake even the tower collapses; yet this was undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of the entire operation - and needs to be fully understood in its plain logic: The unprecedented WTC demolition job was far too risky an affair to be shown on LIVE TV - (or to let any amateur cameraman capture it on film). The 9/11 conspirators had no intention whatsoever to offer such a "pyrotechnical" spectacle to world scrutiny - just imagine how unspeakably foolish this would have been. Thus, in all probability, the oldest trick in the manuals of covert military ops was used: smokescreens. More recent technology deactivated temporarily all cameras within sight of the area. In reality, the towers were most likely enveloped in thick smoke (military obscurants) as they collapsed - and no real footage exists of that brief event. Thankfully - for all normal people of this world - the 9/11 planners hired a poorly skilled animation crew : in their efforts to simulate reality, their crass 'artistry' and countless mistakes provide ample and repeatable proof of the trickery - forever engraved in the TV archives.


The 9/11 TV broadcasts were designed to 'sell' a fictitious terror attack to the world-- by replacing the real-life events of the day (the WTC demolitions) with fake imagery. The official story was quite surreal - as were the TV images of the day and the preposterous tale of 19 kids roundly outfoxing the US Air Defense. It is essential to judge with one's own eyes the broadcasts actually aired by ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CNN.


All the other videos (endlessly replayed on TV) were released only later. They have all been extensively analyzed by scores of video analysts; each and every video snippet of "amateur imagery" has been methodically dissected and compared - and empirically proved to be nothing else than computer-generated fabrications.


In order for the 9/11 TV-deception to succeed, full visual control of the Manhattan area had to be in place. The existence of EMP/HERF technology is undisputable: only the hypothesis of it being used on 9/11 remains unverifiable. It is, however, a reasonable postulation supported by a series of electronic blackouts which occurred in NYC that morning. In any event, the logic of using EMP/HERF holds water and effectively explains the ruse with disarming simplicity: NO private photography of the real-life events was allowed: thus, the imagery aired by the TV networks feared no comparison and was passed off as reality.

Down below documentary "September Clues" did frame-by-frame analysis of all 911 footage, and come to conclusion the planes NEVER EXISTED, they were simple 2d cutouts over-imposed over live footage, there was a number of inconsistencies and mistakes due to this, there is even some footage where they literally FORGOT to include the planes, there is footage of the gashes clearly being made by demolition charges in the shape of a plane without a plane ever hitting it.

Once you see this video, you can never ever believe that there were planes in 911.

Whats about the airplanes victims and witnesses?

Victims: Back in 2009 "September Clues" had brought the series of remarkable discoveries in the collection of victim stories. What began as an insightful look at the CNN.com 9/11 Victim Memorial, the original source of the death reports, turned into realization after realization that the entire body of victims - from the airplanes, to the Pentagon, to the World Trade Center - had all been created at the same time by an "identity generating" software program which creates 'digital' people with (oft improbable) fictitious names.

Anyone armed with a little patience and a discerning attitude should be able to realize that the "CNN Victim Memorial" is a preposterous list of counterfeit identities. As a result, the full extent of the 9/11 simulation - heroes, victims and villains - is revealed as the absurd, fabricated drama that it is.

Fake 9/11 witness:

From FOX News Channel, Rick Leventhal interviews a "witness" to the events of 9/11. He is proclaimed to be a "Freelancer for FOX" named Mark Walsh, but he is better known as "The Harley Guy"

Watch the very moment the "official" cover-up story was first seeded into the media

Former 9/11 Commissioner admits missile hit the Pentagon

William Cooper predicted 9/11

Most of you who have been following the 'official' government cover-up of 9/11 are well aware of Mr. Cooper's contributions to the truth movement.

Those of you less familiar with his work might want to dig a little deeper, Cooper not only warned of a coming planned attack on US soil, he went so far as to name the scapegoat.(Bin Laden)

This recording is one of Cooper's last radio talk shows, done in June, 2001.He was shot and killed in front of his home in November of the same year.


  1. This seems to be the most logical explanation for all the inconsistancies. Plus it is a fact that what the eyes see and the ears hear, will be what the mind beleives.

    One cant denie that certain shots of the planes hitting the building look very fake to the untrained eye. Especially one certain shot that shows one of the planes wing dissapear just befor impact. But instead of the planes being holograms, as many of us assumed, the planes were added to the film later.

    A holographic simulator used by the military is not hard to imagine. As if mainstream scientist have produced a wordwide simulator to see how diseases spread, how major traffic jams occur, and to see how money flows. Then we would have to assume the military has had the technology for longer. It would be safe for us to obviously think the same with the current holographic technology which is/will become availible to the public.

    It is also a very logical scenario when you consider the JFK assasination. This is definately how the bad guys would improve on their skills.


  2. I believe this theory, & the micro nukes theory is disinfo meant to undermine legitimate 9/11 truth by associating it with fantastic theories that are easily refuted.
    These theories also make ridicule much easier.
    I urge people to proceed with caution.
    We already have the presence of thermite, molten metal & explosion & freefall collapse of steel & concrete buildings.
    Be careful with these theories.
    Disinfo works by infiltration & corruption from within.
    Truth & love.

  3. If I was on a fbi salarie of 2k a year I would be sick at this battle for good and evil, And going against it would imeadiately render me jobless then your mind would go crazy,to crazy for normal weak human then the wife would leave you and you would be homless and no one who shead a tear for 9/11 would even look twice at you and your rediculous quest for truth and justice, so if another college came up to me asking similiar questions and concidering action against the hand that feeds me I say just do your job or I'll slit your throat right here right now, and I would say it so evil that he would have a seziure even thinking about opening his mouth to survilians.but i'm not a fbi ageint. This go's both way's We are dealing with the most vitious manipulative vindictive evil preditor to walk the earth normal people are subcontiously programed now, they don't even relise that they're eat us alive, You think the illumanati are bad, Havn't you taken a really good look modern humans, civilization,humans they are like cats they are not innocent they know damn well whats going on because I did and let me tell you I could play innocent just to get the upper hand and when I won the tears stopped and a evil laugh came over me, I am well awake now and I would face the devil, the rest of you have along way to go before you are strong enough not to get swaid by good or evil there is only one way and thats ours good to be bad and bad to be good

  4. How would you like it if your uncle was on the first plane to hit the first tower and be told that his flight never existed?

    1. GOOD FOR YOU. I'd like all the people who post these articles and the people who comment that they believe them to have to look survivors and the families of the victims in the eye and spout this crap. I"m sorry for your loss by the way.

  5. Ok, so EXPLAIN why HUNDREDS, maybe even THOUSANDS of people who said they SAW AND HEARD A PLANE!!!! Ya think the media had time to tell them to say 'I heard and saw a plane'? What about all those home videos? And the PLANE - SHAPED HOLE IN ONE OF THE TOWERS?

    Besides that, a plane is covered with LAYERS of alunimum and the Twin Towers' outside pillars were not very strong. And what about the PLANE DEBRIS, huh?

  6. I was there, I saw it happen. Hundreds of thousands of us saw it with our own eyes. Anyone who says we didn't see what we saw, heard, felt and smelled on that day are simply stupid idiots.

  7. Please explain how the twin towers was removed so quickly then to fabricate it being blown up. An explain how people on the planes that hit the TT never died, but disapeared instead!

  8. Who is this anonymous nobhead who says the outside support columns on the twin towers were not strong? As a mechanical and structural engineer I can tell you that they were built 9 times stronger than they had to be. This was so they could take 4 direct impacts forom airliners and not collapse. How do people think jet fuel melted the steal? It is IMPOSSIBLE that those planes brought down the 2 stringest towers ever built. One video that proves these collapses were demo jobs because one of the steal supports is seen in a still picture to be cut at at slanted angle lime this / the only way to get a precision cut like this through steele is with a shaped thermite charge. Who makes thermite and nano thermite? The us military. What residue was found in dust samples collected by Dr Steve Jones and Niels Harrit the leading experts? Thermite. Why was it present at the site?? Because thermite was used to demolish all 3 buildings that day. Who placed it there? Well in the days leading up to 9/11 why were 3 trucks arriving every morning at 3 and leaving at 5 between august 23 and september 2? They were rigging the buildings whike everyone including the janitorial staff were off site. Last but not least to bring these 200.000 tons of steel frame down you would need access to the eleveator shafts. Well coincidence I doubt but earlier that year both towers had apparent 'upgrades' of the shafts done. Doubful more likely it they were rigged to hell. There are so many questiins unanswered and you the American public are so simple in the head that you believe what your mainstream news channels show and say to you. No 19 Saudis could pull this off. The most definitive prrof is this. The F.B.I 2 days after the attack released pictures of the 19 men they say definitively attacked the twin towers. So how come 4 of the men are still alive to this very day? 2 working as pilots for saudi airways one in an oil refinery and one in hiding scared. Yet there oicures still remain on the website of the F.B.I. This act on .9/11 isby far the biggest act of self terrorism ever commited by a nation. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. When judgement day arrives and questions are fired at you there will be "no sir we must testify together" shit you will be all alone begging for the chair. You all shoukd have been in WTC 7 when Larry was ordered to 'pull it' I could write so much more that gives an idea as to how much more evidence I could use to piss all over the fact this is not a terrorist attack!

  9. So what about New Yorkers that saw the planes hit the towers, were they all taking acid that was put in the water? I can't believe you people;