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May 21, 2011

Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer And Worldwide Bee Deaths

In senate hearing Interphone Witnesses had testified about research into mobile phone / cell phone use and its potential impact on human health, as well as the potential side effects such as brain cancer and salivary gland tumors.

Scientific evidences on how mobile phones affect health

Accoridng to Prof. Girish Kumar I have been working in the area of antennas for nearly three decades. During this period, I have written more than 150 papers in national and international journals and conferences and also written a book entitled “Broadband Microstrip Antennas” published by Artech House, USA in 2003.

I have probably designed, fabricated and tested more than 1000 antennas. In 2001, when I was writing my book, I used to spend around 80 to 90 hours per week in the Antenna Lab at IIT Bombay, I started having strange health problem that my fingers would swell and I would feel hot even when AC was ON though my student’s would feel very cold. Initially, doctors gave me medicine for skin treatment and later on, I was referred to Neurologist and after several weeks of medicine, there was still no relief.

Meanwhile, I also consulted Homeopathy doctor, who after one month of doing experiment on me with his various medicines, told me that he has tried every possible thing and he can not do anything to cure me. Just around that time, I measured the radiation level in my office and lab, and found it to be very high. There were so many computers around me and there was radiation from all the computers and laptops.

Also, we were always doing experiments with microwave circuits and antennas (occupational hazard). So, without realizing, my body was absorbing electromagnetic radiation from all these sources. The solution was simple: we re-arranged all the computers, partly isolated my office from the antenna lab, and I partially recovered in about 3-4 months of time.

Around that time, mobile phones had started coming to India on a mass scale, and cell towers started appearing on top of the residential buildings. I knew that sooner or later, people will start having problems due to microwave radiation.It took me nearly 6 years to develop “Radiation Shield”, which absorbs microwave radiation in the frequency range of 800 to 4000 MHz.

It is small, light weight, portable and low cost solution to ever increasing radiation pollution emitted from cell phone towers,cell phones,Wi-Fi,WLAN,3G,WiMax, microwave oven leakage, computers, lap-tops, wireless phone, etc.

In 2008, we carried out radiation measurement in the academic area of IIT Bombay, where several cell operators had installed transmitting towers, and found the radiation level to be very high. Thereafter, followed series of emails to ourlearned faculty members at IIT Bombay, and to my surprise, many of them did not know about harmful effects of microwave radiation on human body.

They had so many questions that I had to do lot of research, collected hundreds of papers,saw several hundreds of websites, studied biological effects, and so on. Finally, I decided to ask my daughter,Neha Kumar,who has done B.Tech.in Bio-Technology from Anna Univ.,Chennai to prepare down below report.

I sincerely hope that people will find this report useful and they will take immediate precaution to safeguard themselves and their families from undesired microwave radiation.

Iphone and Blackberry mobile phones cause Cancer

A report from 60 Minutes Australia about the risk that mobile phones cause brain tumors!

Iphone and Blackberry are the worst.. get a low SAR phone or a Rf3 Headset .. don't die 10 years from now..Use a hands free to be on the safe side!

Cell Phones Cause Worldwide Bee Deaths

Dr. Daniel Favre, a former biologist with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland, carefully placed a mobile phone underneath a beehive and then monitored the reaction of the workers.

According to him the bees were able to tell when the handsets were making and receiving calls. They responded by making the high pitched squeaks that usually signal the start of swarming.

"This study shows that the presence of an active mobile phone disturbs bees -- and has a dramatic effect," Favre told the Daily Mail.

Favre believes this to be evidence of something other scientists have suggested: Signals from mobile phones are contributing to the decline of honeybees. Favre thinks more research could help confirm the link between cell signals and "colony collapse disorder" -- the sudden disappearance of entire colonies over winter -- which has halved the bee population, according to some estimates.

Last June, researchers from Chandigarh's Punjab University in India came to a similar conclusion, recording a decrease in the population of a hive fitted with a mobile phone and a decrease in the egg output of the queen in that hive.

Even the size of the problem is hard to determine.A recent three-year study analyzed the geographic distribution and genetic diversity of eight species of bumble bees in the U.S., relying on historical records and repeated surveys of about 400 sites, to ascertain precisely how many bees have vanished. The researchers compiled a database of more than 73,000 museum records and compared them with current sampling based on intensive national surveys of more than 16,000 specimens.

The national analysis found that the relative abundances of four of the eight species analyzed have declined by as much as 96 percent and that their surveyed geographic ranges have shrunk by 23 to 87 percent. Some of these contractions have occurred in the last two decades.

"We have 50 species of bumble bees in North America. We've studied eight of them and four of these are significantly in trouble," said University of Illinois entomology professor Sydney Cameron, who led the study. "They could potentially recover; some of them might. But we only studied eight. This could be the tip of the iceberg," she said. Fox News


  1. I think we are doomed

    look at this past weekend the whole world heard about that crazy 89 year old end of world prediction, what ever happened to putting old crazy people in homes when they go crazy!

    imagine if this much effort was put in making people aware of the problems the earth environment is facing. No more bees that would me much much less food around for the 7 billion people on the planet and if Einstein is right were really screwed.

    lets see some facts.

    90% of the sharks population is gone, everyone suddnely wants shark fin soup.

    climate change getting worse and worse ice caps are melting .

    fresh water is getting polluted all over the world.

    the list goes on and on and lots of those things are very real.

    Yet everyone is worried about 2012 dooms day this and that and ignoring the fact that were killing the world with our own waste and leaving it for our kids to worry about.

    Now that's scary