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Jun 22, 2011

Giant UFO Escapes Russian Missiles Attack Over Khabarovsk, Russia

According to Russian television a huge UFO of about 650 feet in diameter bigger than the commercial plane was seen on May 16, 2011 above khabarovsk, the second important city at the eastern end of the country.

The UFO was so threatening that it was attacked by military men. People of Khabarovsk said it was scary to see a huge craft that spin and descended overflew their city.

Military considered its presence in the sky to be hostile and immediately decided to shoot missiles and artillery against the UFO missiles even reached the UFO but suddenly UFO changed  its direction and propelled out into space and disappeared. Witnesses tried to record the UFO event that lasted 2 hours, but inexplicably the object wasn't caught on tape.


  1. Damn it's stupid to shoot missiles and its naive to think that UFO's are hostile, it's probably all becuz those movies what ppl make, about aliens who wanna take over earth and etc.

  2. A meteor? That is so stupid! Yeah a meteor that maneuvers and goes back into space. Uh-huh, you expect us to believe that? Do they really think we're that stupid? Swamp water? Swarm of insects? Puh-leeease!

  3. So this ufo was over the town for 2 hours and not one person caught it on camera, in this day and age where nearly everyone owns a digi cam or video camera in the form of a mobile phone, I don't think so!!

  4. Im guessing it was either a real ufo or possibly even a US craft posing as a UFO and being shot at, knowing that it could get away...trying to put fear into the masses.

  5. Check this out

    it looks like real... who knows

  6. Yeah....this is probily just some media coverup or disinformation to make us "fear" the new species to the human makes me sick to know that us as humans can't manage to be civil and actually welcome a new intelligence with open arms instead of loaded guns. How sad.....I fear for the true good hearted citizen.

  7. Indeed how stupid of them visitors from other planets will never make contact if we keep fireing missiles at them if we dident swarm them with fighter jets and fire missiles at them they would of probly of made contact by now but they proble see us as saviges thats are still afraid of the unknown and its rather sad there tech and info could open us up to a new age a better age ware we arent a bunch of diffrent countres but a united planet without war, fear and discrimination... a utopia x

  8. LOL who's the genius in the russian defence that called for missiles against a swarm of insects or swamp gas???

    Good cover guys

  9. swarm of insects! that a new one!lol. excuses that people come up with are getting better by the day!!

  10. thats so like authorities like these idiots, that only no one thing, and thats to kill or shoot at any unknown things that may well be friendly,and im sure if they had bad intenssions they could of droped a missile or bomb of there own and got away with great eaz just like they did. so what are these idiots trying to do? trying to piss them off ? if these travelers have the tech to travel like they do, and out manouver missiles and jets i would think it would be common sense to respect them a little more than that.but i guesse thats why we cant be space travelers like them we are just not ready for it ,im sure no other species wants our dumb ignorant barbaric asses trying to concoure other planets ,if we still havent realised how wrong we treat our oun species and planet we may who is the real invader.and if it was us in those ufo's looking down at us we would probably say " put them out of thier misery all they do is destroy".call me crazy but we dont belong here iether, well not all of us ,some of us have a heart and would be willing to use it for the future of mankind but unfortunately bombs and missiles rule our poor planet.peace is the key and im sure we all know this, i just wish its not to late for us to come good and be able to fix our wounded home.maybe then will contact be made official by our galactic niebours. maybe only some of us.

  11. I see few people really "plugged in" here what's very funny and sympathic BUT:

    Hahaha guys, if "they" ever come in good will (I doubt) we'll know that LOOONG before we see their crafts or whatever. Otherwise, if "they" come in attack mode we'll be neutralized selectively (intelligence) LOOONG before we could become aware of their presence.

    Forget about "collection" of samples, DNA and so on locally (movies). Ability to travel such a distances means ability to gather any such information LOOONG before arriving at destination ("swimming" into our Solar system). LOOONG before arriving into our Solar system "they'd" know our atmosphere much better then we do today..

    Otherwise said- do not imagine Francisco Pizarro Conquistadors vs. Inka but Wehrmacht against Ardipithecus Ramidus.

    AND it was revolving "again".. Hahaha., why revolving?! MythBusters HEEELP! Why would any craft need to revolve or waste energy on revolving? (stupid human question)

    PS. This was short but great escape from my boring terrestrial thinking, THANK YOU!

    We're "alone" and we always were, that's why we still exist.